The Sherman Family / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The M4 Sherman was the most widely used medium by the US in WW2, bearing the proud name William Tecumseh Sherman — a politician and a general most known for his “scorched earth” policies, on which he relied during the war against the States.

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  1. bring the Israeli M51 with 105mm cannon

  2. Ya inflate the American tree with 7 different Sherman’s with 4 of them being literally the exact same except a single difference the 4 75mm and the 3 76mm almost no difference but let’s make the grind longer by adding different variants and not giving Italy any of the vehicles that would give them a comparable chance at 10.0 you know like any IFVs and no AA with missiles or cannons but yup

  3. “Powerful 75mm gun” “Difficult to kill” “Suitable for the push-through role”

    As someone who has played nearly every variation of the American Shermans, this is so far from the truth…

  4. 1:01 that jumbo just made a Tiger H1 engine rev sound

  5. steakinbacon love the bacon

    I love how people say the 10.5cm tiger was only a blueprint but that’s not entirely true. The gun itself existed but the Germans weren’t able to build a turret that would accept it. What I’m saying is the 10.5cm tiger almost existed but the war ended before one was ever completed



  8. Please don’t remove the MAUS, there was one prototype built, and also can you add the German captured Sherman again please

  9. The Last Commander

    I dont care about the shermans. We care about the Maus!

  10. WT tell a storry about the shermans so it looks like a good tank yea it was a good tank but in the wrong war XD the gun wasnt poerful ist was a short 7,5cm gut with HE shells
    what did a gunner say we need to get 600 yardsclose to get a german tank at the flanks to knok him out but thay can shoot us from 2000yards in the front! the Vo(is the speed of a shot or bullet, when leaving the muzzle of the barrel of a weapon) the Vo at german tanks was 2-3 times faster as the gunshells Vo from the sherman;)
    and a Sherman tank vs a Panther ore a Tiger was just breakfast for a Panter ore Tiger I and even more so for a Tiger II! 🙂

    to the WT crwa pls take the time and look that docu i send you;)
    M4 Sherman Tank – Crew tell how shocking it was
    or how the cews say the sherman was engineering disaster->

    thats the true auf the sherman tank and nothing else!

  11. # FIX THE GAME

  12. I haven’t played War Thunder for 4 months
    And holy hell when I opened it there is another update which is taking forever

  13. Infinity Galaxy 501


  14. #savethemaus

  15. please don’t just save the maus


  16. Pls make a video that shows the difrense betwen if you hawe full ammo and no ammo

  17. Make a video abt ur removing off the germans and why just them

  18. #savethemaus Remove the Object 120 and the T26E1-1, remove the T95 and the RU 251. We want our Maus goddammit!

  19. #savethemaus
    Pls I haven’t gotten that far yet and I want to use it some day!

  20. Fix the dam game

  21. BMP1to 8.0

  22. #FixTheGame #SaveTheMaus

  23. I would recommend adding one Polish weapon to the game as well, after all they had a part in World War II that broke out in its territory.

  24. #FixGameIn1.91

  25. Solstice-lightfire boi


  26. Truly universal tank distributed left and right


  27. my favorite sherman is the Skink

  28. Wasn’t the best round mentioned in the shells video the T-34-85’s one?

  29. They forgot the Canadian variant


  31. #Fixthegamein1.91

  32. Sherman Tulip

  33. Most of the shermans are clones! Lets up br by .3 Lol. (American tech tree mostly )

  34. Grey Eisenwolf's YT channel

    Manga Adaptation
    Anime Adaptation
    Netflix Adaptation
    French, British, Italian, USSR
    boy, that’s alot for alot of Shermans

  35. #fixthegamein1.91

  36. I personally prefer my stabdard American Jumbo

  37. Talking about the Sherman Family, how about a M4A3 (75) with the turret of the M4 (with the covered up turret weakspot) as a 4.0-4.3 tank? Or how about a Sherman with the aditional 63mm of hull armor on top of the 63mm hull as a 4.0-4.3 Tank?
    Why 4.0-4.3? Well because the us have exactly 0 Tech tree vehicles at those BR’s.

  38. #SauveleMaus

  39. M4A1 HVSS. Love the look of the hybrid hull with the 76mm turret and HVSS susspension. Would love to see it in the game. As well as a hybrid firefly! And maybe even a german captured Firefly or 76!

  40. Save the maus

  41. Fix your game

  42. Anderson Carvalho


  43. HEY!!! My last name is Sherman


  44. The only Sherman that I really like is the M4A3E2 Jombo for arcade mode. As well as the Cobra King for arcade mode. FYI, If you ever see a jumbo in arcade mode, take it out immediately! A single jumbo can turn the tide of the game just by bouncing and pushing your team to your spawn.

  45. Maus is like the big daddy of whole Warthunder Community.

  46. Add panther series plz

  47. Super Space Man 34

    Why not ShermanA3E8 “Fury”? I’d like to see that in the game st some point. 😀

  48. 4:21 no not really, you just have to aim for the sides (depends if your facing it frontally) and It should just die

  49. Man I really wanted the M4 748(a). Too bad nobody can get it anymore.

  50. Andrei Poplauschi

    Don’t you dare remove the Maus!

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