The Sherman GYRO-STABILIZER is Amazing (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

The Sherman GYRO-STABILIZER Amazing (War Thunder)



  1. *Enjoy the bloodbath o7*

    • Phly, war thunder has been freezing more recently. I have continued playing games even after we have won and failed to load into the menu. Sometimes it randomly freezes while playing.

    • Challenge Request:
      German little and large challenge. Take out the Fw200C-1 in Tank RB and get three ground kills. Or if that isn’t entertaining enough, take out the Ju87D-5 with x12 MGs and get three combined air/ground kills with guns only. Have fun. Attempt #142.

    • I just use my flying Sherman at a 4.7 , and it’s been 2 years since you played it phly a update video would be nice , I still think 4.7 in air realistic battles is too high ,it gets slapped around even though it’s my favorite aircraft strongly dislike its climb. ………………Oh it’s the xa-38 “Grizzly”

    • Isn’t the italian 20 mm racecar stabilized?

    • Play the J-7II plz it is fast boi mig 21

  2. has anyone else noticed that war thunder has phlipped the panzer 4 f2 from 3.3 to 3.7 about six times in the last few weeks.

  3. Wish you went live on YouTube.

  4. Hey phly can you bring ut the mig21smt.

  5. There is nothing more satisfying than killing a puma with a kv-2 it’s wonderful especially with the new sounds

  6. Hey phly.. random question but have you ever heard of the “bosss” clan on war thunder?
    I hope you can reply soon

  7. Phlydaily do you remember your *world of tanks* videos?

  8. You wanna talk about a fun STAB? Try the T-25

  9. War Thunder WorldWide

    Phly:I love Killing puma’s

  10. I feel that the Sherman at that tier is a little op, it can oneshot many things

  11. r-3 T20 FA-HS has a stabilizer

  12. RC Stuff & Cool Projects

    I feel like I’m the type of tank that Phly would kill

  13. The m24 also has a low speed stabiliser Phly!

  14. *What is this “slow” you speak of?*

  15. Isaiah Schoenfeld

    Just don’t burn yourself out phoppy

  16. While driving with CC1 (first, slowest cruise control setting) your sherman will accelerate to a speed that will never exceed the threshold for the stabilizer. Note that this to my knowledge only works on radial engine shermans, as twin engine shermans will go too fast for it to work, for those you need to switch to manual shifting and stay in first gear.

    This also works with the M6A1, the Jumbo and the M4A1(76). It’s a feature that is often overlooked but can really make a ton of difference. M4A1(76) is one of the most fun tanks imo with that thing.

  17. Phly T-72B you need to bias blast some people

  18. When did m4a2 go done too 3.7 last I checked it was 4.0

  19. “God they(Pumas) are so ridiculous”
    Ya? Probably not as ridiculous as Hellcats

  20. 8:34 “Risk it for the biscuit” that’s what dollar plays says

  21. Stay phlytastic

  22. Airam M Suarez Garcia

    Phly, make a video of the kv1, any model, please do it for soviet mother russia

  23. I’d rather take out 7 t34s

  24. The r3t20 is also stabilized at this br

  25. Excellent video as usual. But would like to see the challenger 2 represented correctly in war thunder.n one encounter within an urban area, a Challenger 2 came under attack from irregular forces with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. The driver’s sight was damaged and while attempting to back away under the commander’s directions, the other sights were damaged and the tank threw its tracks entering a ditch. It was hit by 14 rocket propelled grenades from close range and a MILAN anti-tank missile.[34] The crew survived, safe within the tank until it was recovered for repairs, the worst damage being to the sighting system. It was back in operation six hours later. One Challenger 2 operating near Basra survived being hit by 70 RPGs in another incident.[

  26. Phly I got a challenge , take out a tank with an ir spotlight into a night battle, you have to have your ir spotlight on the whole game

    Wie kannst du nur so kleine süße Pumas umbringen

  28. Phly: “stug could be dangerous. His weak point is small from here” commander in tank: Ill hold your beer. Phly: tilts back chugging beer and nails the weak point of stug.

  29. the cromwell got a stab too

  30. Twitch Beppingson

    I think the crusader mk III has a short range stabiliser, 6pounder stabilised at 2.7 is neat

  31. boi put some grass on

  32. You should play the m1a2 there’s too much greifing at top tier

  33. Toby the third 569

    phly sees puma *look at him little snake he is*
    L I T T LE S N A K E

  34. this is literally the funniest shit ever lol

  35. Sherman 75s can fire on the move in first cruise control gear.

  36. Shermans are easily the best tanks of their BRs. Semi stabilizer is a massive advantage that lets you control every engagement.

  37. The M4 Sherman and its many varients were the best tank of ww2 you cant prove me wrong.

  38. 9:38
    when the rate of infection by corona finally starts to flatten.

  39. William Harper III

    Double uploads erryday!!!!!

  40. I hate Shermans

  41. Phly, while my timezone doesn’t permit it, I know that recording and editing videos is very taxing and tedious, so why not have some one-off streams instead of double uploads? Maybe not just play WT, but some streams try new games you’ve been thinking about and see how everyone reacts on stream. Could be fun, and if it doesn’t do well, whatever? It’s just a stream during quarantine.

  42. Sure the gyro for the 75mm Shermans are great and all Phly but using the gyro stabilizer on a 76 Jumbo s l a p s uh I mean
    c l a p s.

  43. Bro, 17 ground kills?! 1/4 of those kills were cross map shots with a short barreled 75!

  44. Phly, you should try the A27M Cromwell I, it has the stabilizer. It’s kinda fast and the reload rate is good too. And the last, it’s 3.7 same as Sherman 😀

  45. I hate shermans. No matter what, close, far angled, no angle, I always bounce off. Even with the 88 flak truck

  46. Phly, try out the pe2 with rs132 rockets. Set them to 900m and force some heads up, no one expects to be rocketed by a pe2

  47. SAV, Swedish Automatic Violator

  48. phlopwhop channel…god you make me laugh phly!!

  49. This was such a great game

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