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Video edited by – WEBE show him some love!


  1. I love the tf2 sounds haha

  2. 15:50 get down mr President

  3. Filip Wojciechowski

    Phly can i become your second Polish friend pls??

  4. Watching phly really makes you realize how bad you are

  5. Phly’s potty mouth go brrrt.

  6. Was it high? Was it low? where it went? Nobodies knows.

  7. falsch click bait… pathetic

  8. 0:12 No one noticed that the Soviet spies have infiltrated the ranks of the Army and Marines.

  9. Guys, u know what Gaijin need to do now minor fall, major lift.!

  10. i like phlys viedeos

  11. Germany Truly suffers

  12. Finley Bevan-Davies

    you should play the LVT (A)(1) again

  13. gErmAnY sUfFeRs

  14. i really like the editing on this video

  15. Don’t you do the American voices on the YouTube channel Squire

  16. In real life panther and tiger always break down and the 76 sherman was able to pen tiger at pretty much any range and the panther at close range in turret or whit apcr

  17. Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille

    Me scared of jumbo

    Me still scared of jumbo

  18. PHLY !

    The Germans need a reconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #27

  19. I really like the tf2 voicelines for the different countries tanks

  20. For the love of everything in life please PHLY stop ruining your videos with the aweful tank crew voices…… its so baaaaaaaad. Just listening to your thoughts is as you would say THERAPUDIC. But besides in my opinion the worst addition of voices ive ever seen great video as always.

  21. Phly, Can I ask you what is your graphics card?

  22. A Challenger 2 - 2F

    M4A3 (76): Gets uptiered to 6.7
    Tiger II (H): ‘I’ve got you now shvine.’
    M18 behind the Tiger: ‘You’re mine BOI!’

  23. still wating for T-50 😁

  24. love the music and voice stuff

  25. Call me Kostlivec_K

    That discord sound is perfect 😀

  26. Shout out to Piandina

  27. You should play MPK pr.12412 in USSR Coastal fleet

  28. noob question but how do you move camera without moving tank turret?

  29. Γιώργος Γιαννακόπουλος

    I insta clicked because the title triggered me, I got angry from 0 to 100 in 1 second😂😂😂

  30. He got me and I dont even have my discord sounds on SMH

  31. Wehrbs: you think that sherman is better than tiger?
    Me: i do, and im tired of pretending its not

  32. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Holy good god… add some gamma, bro lol

  33. SimpleCloneTrooper

    Your walking a thin line Phly

  34. Hey phly you should give su7 a try in air rb now that its 9.3.

  35. You forgot Sherman’s optics have no zoom.

  36. Phly they upped the T25 to 6.3

  37. The muzzle break added the .7 br 😛

  38. phly has a rather big butt 1.0 km

  39. 1:09 different hulls I guess. Little difference IRL but with Gaijubins physics and logic everything is possible

  40. Im downloading this game again after stoping playing it on oct 2019 lol.

  41. Absolutely loving the angry voices from your opponents!

  42. 3:00 your wife pegs you doesn’t she…

  43. Where do the little talking sound bites come from?

  44. Phly, play Centurion Mk.3 and show those pesky Jerries the superiority of APDS and fully stabilized gun.

  45. Phly play the Sherman firefly plz

  46. Play the Tiger 1

  47. The m26 will be his next American played tank I gotta a feeling

  48. “Why is this one at 5.7?” The armor shape Phly. The armor shape and quality. the 5.7 is welded while the 5.0 is cast. The cast armor is just outright weaker and easier to pen thanks to how awfully it is shaped. It is shaped to be penetrated.

  49. I love the sound effects

  50. day 1: you have never played the he100d-1 plz play

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