THE SHIELD OF SWEDEN (War Thunder Pvlvv fm/42)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Quinton Honeycutt

    Phly. You gotta check out the F4E in ground battles. It comes with a new ballistics computer to help aim with rockets and guns

  2. Sweden could have join the axis and together they might win lmao

  3. As a Swede, I can verify that we serve our reindeer meatballs using the pvlvv m/42

  4. 7:45 “Dad how did grandpa die?”
    “Well son your grandpa was going in on a strafing run….when he pulled off to get air he was ONE TAPPED out of the plane”

  5. Take the pvkv 2 into top tier. It’s my new favorite money maker. Pvkv 2 is easy to get God mode with. Attempt #1

  6. Marius Schumacher

    Thats cool but have you ever Valentine I ?

  7. Still no way to reload magazines without shooting

  8. Oh flyday, thanks for the heads up flydaily 😉

  9. you had me at top gear memes

  10. Phlydaily also sometimes known as selloutdaily XD

  11. Well, now we know where MAD MAX Bofors truck stole its front plate from
    That’s some level 100 wastelander, makeshift IKEA jury rigging right there Phly

  12. Pls video on ah1F

  13. You know I hate to say it but the game’s not really that fun anymore I’m just try to get the vehicles that I want but past tier 3 it’s just taking so long, that and I don’t know how PC works but on Console you can’t just buy the amount you want you have to buy fixed amounts of golden eagles and even then I still don’t have the money to buy premium with the discount and I’ve been playing for over a year I just want the game to be fun for me again

  14. Play the panzer 2 I dare you 😉

  15. Holy Shit that thing shoots 360 rounds/min which means 6 rounds/second

    Edit 1:To pen a B1 with 40+ pen, shoot the neck of the turret, although I do not know whether 42 pen will work
    Source: killed a B1 with Ke-Ni

    Edit 2: Please play the T-60. It has 32 pen only but it shoots faster than a machine gun

  16. Play the Ju 288 C if you haven’t already it can drop two 1800 kg bombs. (one bomb is like 1/4 of the size of the plane.

  17. Phly you need to play out the amx 30 super. You haven’t played it on the channel

  18. Phly the French song you asked about is “the girl from Ipanema”

  19. Captain Sweden and the Flak soldier

  20. Phly daily soundpack cameo

  21. Prbbly some of the Sweden tanks is built out of Meat balls

  22. Ah yes, the pansarvärnluftvärnsvagn fm/42

  23. Why does your name change so much?

  24. Awww it’s adorable!
    Adorably deadly 😀


  26. whenever I see the gun shield I just imagine the gunner shouting:
    “MY FACE IS MY SHIELD!!!” xD hahahaha

  27. I hope fly does the strv 74 AKA the slender tank, 15 degrees of gun depression is spicy.

  28. I swear these new Swedish vehicles are too powerful. War thunder really munching on Swedish meatballs rn.

  29. Its here again on the episode of phlydaily bullying new warthunder player

  30. _my face is my shield_

  31. Am I the only one who calls the pvlvv the pavlovv?

  32. 10:29 Wait whaaaaat? you can TURN OFF THE ENGINE???

  33. I wonder how a 20mm in the head looks like 😂😂

  34. Sweden is a combo of France and italy

  35. How do you turn the engine off while in a tank and why you should do this?

  36. This is propably the worst AA (not vehicle, AA that’s designated as an SPAA) ingame
    It has 108 rounds, and bad elevation

  37. That thing is so op

  38. When is Sweden being fully released? Everything is in beta and not researchable

  39. The strv m/31 has like 60 mm angel in its rear pls try it out plus it drives like 19km/h backwards 😀

  40. Swedish meatball dispenser?
    Just call it ‘IKEA food court’ then 🙂

  41. Show us the a-4b in ground rb!!!!

  42. spam to pewdiepie to play this game

  43. nobody:
    a Swedish commander when they hit: E

  44. I hate that they designated Pvlvv as SPAA, but on the other side, it is economically very good. Some people may complain it’s useless as SPAA, it’s actually Tank Destroyer, and Gaijin may like to help players if they fail with fm/43-44, so this thing gonna be their “helping hand” 😀

  45. You should play more DCS.

  46. Please play DCS

  47. I love How that pvlv is a destroyer in world of tanks but not as op at all as it is in warthunder

  48. Me: this is briliant Pvlvv fm/42
    Also me: but I like this AS 42

  49. Maybe make second video of some other game? Like BFV or something

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