THE SHOOTING RANGE #137: Ballistic Update / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

• Pages of History: how Mussolini dropped bombs on Gibraltar, and what came out of it;
• Tactics & Strategy: a new method of penetration calculation — how does it work?
• Metal Beasts: the first Soviet supersonic jet!



  1. Can you address the issue of ground units having to deal with the strong influence of aircraft in their own game mode? Unlike warships, a tank has little to no defense against getting bombed or strafed.

  2. I have a few ideas for a future plane triathlon :
    – everything about maneuverability (turn rate, climb rate, max speed maybe at different altitudes…)
    – fire power
    – ground strike capability

  3. The SCREWED Software

    Can someone tell me what’s the sherman 12:00? that blue colour looks dope

  4. That_Guy_In_The_Corner

    oh boy, time to get raped by the soviets

  5. Will there be more 10.0 French tanks like the Leclerc EMAT S2 series, Leclerc EMAT S1 series, AMX 30 AuF1, and others ?

  6. Is it possible to use a tank as an artillery?

  7. Can u do a video on the Mitsubishi t-2k

  8. And how come the abrams stock round has more pen then the upgraded round

  9. Why does the BMP—9 carry a wood log

  10. When will you get rid of the outdated looking afterburner effect for jets? And when will we have proper bailing out/ejection animations?

  11. GroßDeutsches Reich

    I cant believe you’ve done this

  12. @War Thunder. Official channel.
    Why have French tanks so much cost on repair? And Russian tank are now after new ballistic update so OP…

  13. We already have the “tank polygon” user mission that lets us test out alot of vehicles, but will you improve the testrange to something more similar? It would be good to have a more useful testing range with lots of different vehicles.

  14. Svenska Köttbullar

    I feelthis Adrian Dumbrava guy, i played cs go on my laptop. Got man and hit it in the lower right corner and managed to destroy thr disc with all my games on it. So i cant play war thunder anymore….

  15. hey are you going to ad korean tanks such as the k1, k1a1 and the k2 black panther and the t80u as a prmium tank? we would like to seeit fight aganist the t72 #wakanda forever hope to see the korean teck tree

  16. Will there ever be a tank/plane specific challenges (again) to get some sort of rewards or boost research.

  17. Make a bom…

  18. New Tanks, Planes and Game Mechanics are nice, but could we get some new radio messages? Not gonna lie, they’re a little outdated.

    “Attack the D Point!”

  19. Will the Vulcan Bomber come to the service soon?

  20. Will next update present new British vehicles?

  21. Fantastic commentary and a true graphical interpretation of the game mechanics, I would dearly love to play this game but I feel I need a chaperone/wingman to help(I am no greenhorn as I used to fly the Falcon F16 C in the ’90s with auxiliary fuel tanks in the FAT COW configuration and later the f18 Hornet (The Super Hornet was a black ops project and I was never privy to there role lol) With a complementary ordinance of Aphid AA and ASRAMS, just to confirm a kill.
    I used to streek to the target then go subsonic and Engage in close combat as this surprise engagement gave me the upper hand and enabled me to minimise my radar and heat signature to the enemy to a minimum.
    Incidentally my
    Anyway, I own a Hotas X and an Extreme 3d Pro Joystick but without a Sheppard lol I have avoided playing this game and I would really appreciate a helping hand to enter this arena and perhaps show my true colours or for my American Cousins, colors:)
    PS please don`t hesitate to contact me if you could help as I said I am no novice to the Flight envelope of aircraft but I do need guidance to interact with this game!
    Chocks away and tally ho!
    I used to pickle my targets and indeed accomplish over 90% of my missions were fulfilled BUT that was over 25 yrs ago. perhaps 30!
    my cousin informed me a while ago that the Tornado GR4? was being Mothballed I never flew the tornado but as a school kid I watched them fly and they will forever be in my heart and I would like to fly them in this simulation.

  22. Tankhunter_20 101

    Oof finally something stalin can fly correctly

  23. You should decrease the amount of rep you need in order to earn planes, also snip off repair prices of the b29 and other bombers.

  24. Napalm?

  25. CommanderDarjeeling

    What are the chances of adding the B-52 or AC-130 Gunship to the game?

  26. MuskyTheDivot The First

    I love me good old flashy red letters that state “bad internet connection” im still good at playing i mostly ignore these words

  27. When are you guys gonna low the repair cost for the p51D30, its making me sad.

  28. With more modern planes like the new Mitsubishi T-2, we will see more modern looking airports and aircraft carriers, just to add to that modern realism?

  29. What about T-14 armata

  30. Is the wold war mode in the game?

  31. How long will it take to get every vehicle in the game I’m just entering rank 3 on American tanks?

  32. Oklahoma Airsoft By Callsign Zilla

    Turn time. Armament. Speed. Armour. And takeoff length. Bombay load if needed

  33. Can anyone check to see if T-34-85s can still pen a Jumbo’s 150mm UFP with 130mm of penetration?

  34. Varun Singh Chauhan

    British 500lb bombs are barely better than 250lb …

  35. Unfortunately this update ruined the game. My tiger 1 got pened through the 200mm next to the turret by an m6 at around 1400m away. I can’t pen enemies I should pen, and when I angle my plate to round 45° 75mm Sherman’s go right through, while I can’t pen their sides, please use the old penetration calculations. Also why are the Centurion and strv81 at a br where they play with tiger 1? Or in the strv case why doesn’t it play at 7.7 or 8.3? It ruins the experience and is even worse than the t25, t29, t30 and t34 of the americans fighting tigers when they were introduced between 1946 and 1955

  36. Will you ever make launcher for Ultra Low Setting only? Hate when got hit thru several layers of bushes or walls… Lot of players abuses this option

  37. Adam Brzeziński

    Hi Gaijin, will we see AA-1 Alkali missiles for MiG-19?

  38. Can u make it for tablet and mobile I miss playing war thunder

  39. ScottishKoala is a fun poster. I’m subscribed.

  40. Love what you’re doing with naval battles and all the work the devs are putting in, but can we expect a navy for Japan or Italy? They were both massive naval powers at the beginning and certainly have more than enough ships to fill out a tech tree (and premiums).

  41. Basically you nerfed pen of all Rank 6 except Russian tanks.

  42. bet you wont read this what on earth is happing to the british tech tree?

  43. hello bruce. would it be possible to bring in or at least mention some Swiss Air Force aircrafts? like the C 3603.

  44. It’s nuts, the once glass Canon Panzer IV F1 is now invurnable to the front with my 37cm and don’t get me started on the Italien Peashoter

  45. Why French tanks are so slow to be done? On the 1.87 update each countries will have a recent tank while France is really low, I’m in the French army and I can affirm that the amx10 rc is better and faster than it is in the game, the amx 56 (leclerc) was created in the same time than the m1 Abrams and all otan tanks so why once again let the French on the side?

    It’s like playing with the amx30b2 and brenus its a really good tank but not adapted to their BR, with a brenus you have no chance except camping so why the developers don’t adjust the br to 8.7 or 8.0 to fight against its equal?

  46. Angry Media Smily

    if you wanna play real MIG19 go and get it in DCS World not like a stupid arcade game like war thunder

  47. Auf 4000 Metern Entfernung konnte es 200mm Panzerung durchschlagen!
    Waffenträger 8,8cm Pak 43!

    it could penetrate 200 mm of armor at 4,000 meters.

    when I joined the game in 2013 because of WWII fighting and I was pissed at WoT for so many antics and lies, I really liked the WT’s balance at the time, it was realistic and fair, and then they got so many new tanks that it’s a mess, I see things that have never been or existed in the WWII, you need to review this, every tank / plane with your time of service entrance, not only the penetrations, the BRs of all nations need to be replaced with their time of entry into combat!

  48. Put Enduring Confrontation in Air Rb

  49. So like yall niggas gonna give japan a navy or shnah?

    Also can anyone explain why the shells on the rack behind the tiger 2 turret can’t be empty?

  50. Messerschmitt Bölkow

    What about the advantages of rolled steel?
    Ah I see the problem: soviet turrets suffer.

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