THE SHOOTING RANGE #140: New Abrams / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

• Pages of History: American Shermans in Northern Tunisia!
• Tactics & Strategy: how should on bigger ships?
• Metal Beasts: a that shoots literal uranium at its targets!

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  1. Are you going to add some French heavy tank monsters like the FCM F1

  2. Can the 88mm flak get anti air rounds

  3. Attempt #4 (i think): Can we please get a small graphical update to the jet exhaust effects? The present ones look like every jet is on full afterburner, which is very inaccurate. Thanks!

  4. WHY is the coax mg ammo modeled as the main the breach?

  5. I’m quite sure that there will be F-22 and K-2 Black Panther in future

  6. Freeboos: uGHhHh aBrAmS sUcKkKssZ eVrYonE loLpEn iT aT iTs rAnK.
    AMX-40 player: first time?

  7. Guy And That one Guy

    Could we get a proper Soviet flag decal to put on our vehicles?

  8. Vincent Lalancette

    After speaking about amphibious vehicles, what about hydro planes? (Btw I love the latest visuals on the water takeoff)

  9. you should allow some helicopters that can have gunners to have gunners and you can make it the same mechanic as the bomber gunners
    also you should add the f-4 phantom and ah 64 delta apache and the uh 60 black hawk of the American tec tree for helicopters and planes

  10. Can u just give it da the T158 track shoe pls?(there were some M1A1 dat had da T157 track shoes)

  11. Do you guys plan on adding a ‘kill cam’ for plane or naval battles?

  12. In the future will you add the T-90 or M1A2 SEP V3

  13. The Dark Wolf Sif

    Where the hell are those economic changes? That little 400mb “update” you released seemed to make the grind worse.

  14. Will there be SEAD aircraft like the A-6 Intruder to counter Radar locks?

  15. Fix high tier repair cost! Russia has the cheapest MBT to repair. Make it fair for all.. geez

  16. Will you guys ever add napalm?

  17. I want change my crew skills and the planes in wrong crew . From Brazil ( a lot friends want do the sabe)

  18. Very well armoured? In real life, yeah. In game, HELL NO.

    My uncle, who was in service with the M1A1, wonders if this is accurate.

    He questions why he; and the rest of the Abrams tanks survived all those HEATFS and SABOT that hit his tank at point blank range, and even some friendly fire during desert storm; because of this video.

    Surely, 600mm of penetration should go through the frontal armor of an Abrams… God must have granted every single American Abrams with His Divine protection.

    …. seriously though. Don’t implement the M1A1. You don’t have the correct data, obviously.

    And for christ sake, since when does wood count as 15mm of Steel Protection for those Soviet Trucks??? And why isnt the gunners cupola models into some soviet tanks? And why do soviet tanks have force fields around their engine grates? They should have LESS because theres just thin pieces of metal. It shouldn’t count as 30mm of Armor.

    Fix the game. Then work on new vehicles.

    P.S. I love this game and I rock at it, but the bias makes me angry.
    Why does US only get HE rockets, until tier 5? (Late tier 4 also) when they get only AP? Because US had HEAT rockets xD

  19. Hay war thunder i found a tank while looking at blitzkrieg it looks like it belongs to italy during worl war 2 its on a youtubers background for a video named “World War II documentary about lightning war Blitzkrieg von Deutschland”. It has 8 wheels 4 wheels each side a 360 degree turrent rotation which i can tell from how its placed and the turrents position is in the middle of the tank in the picture its the 3rd row there seems to be 5 in the picture. Also look at the image on google not youtube becuase well you cant looking in to detail on a background and for over reasons. It doesn’t look like the centauro or its twin the ROMOR in the war thunder tech tree. I hope this image may possibly give yous another italian vehicle to and to the italian tech tree but if it isnt well i thought id better ask to see what yous think of it.
    Yous maybe be able to find more info on it then i can.
    I cant wait to see even more vehicles added to war thunders tech trees thx for an amazing game.

  20. Pravda? Is that you??

  21. James Bigglesworth

    I think the Scottish Koala was alluding to the fact that the HO229 was made of the best stealth materials at the time, wood, have you taken this into account when you gave it it’s stealth signature.

  22. You guys made the m1a1 under powered compared to IRL

  23. Thanks, now I know where to shoot the M1A1 Abrams. Definetly a normal comment.

  24. PLS GAIJIN gib us m60a3 tank and german leopard 1a3-a5 series!

  25. where is TUSK mod for Abrams ??

  26. I like this video about ships, but the ship battle is still out of balance, everyone wants to use Brooklyn and it makes matchmaking so long, I always wait for 10 – 45 minutes when I wait with a light cruiser

  27. Now you must change the intro abrams from M1IP to M1A1 😀

  28. Any chance of track wideners being added for some tanks? Not really sure how prevalent they were outside of the US, but it’d be an interesting mechanic to add to sandy and snowy maps.

  29. “Armoured fuel tanks to prevent fire in the fighting compartment”… Except they don’t work, on this tank, or any tank that has them, like the Challenger 1/2 and Leopard 2. Any fire that gets set in them still damages the tank and leads to ammo cook off, or a dead crew, which just removes the advantages of having them in the first place. I regularly get set on fire by HE splashes from the T series tanks spamming their HE round in my Challengers, not to mention the fact that they are filled with diesel, which is much harder to ignite in the first place.

    It is a bit of an oversight to not have this feature working in the game, and even mention it in this video. It is also strange that it has not been changed in such a long time, since I am aware it has been reported numerous times since the release of the modern era tanks. Could it be that the only tanks to not have this feature are the Russian MBTs? And that having Western tanks largely immune to fuel tank fires/explosions would be unfair for the Russian tanks?

  30. Will we ever see German Spitfires’?

  31. Please scrap BR and use years of service, lower years getting first pick vs higher

  32. Gib free Abrams

  33. PanzerJager V Jagdpanther

    Economy changes when Bruce?

  34. What about single missions for tanks? Or a single player campaign for each nation for the tanks?

  35. I see on a vid that you can destroy a maus with 12 mil

  36. can ya show the manufacturer of the tank engines?

  37. Story time!

    How did Bruce get his job?

    Attempt #2

  38. Ibrohim Pattanakullert

    Where the M1A2C abrams

  39. I am looking forward to your space forces april event 😉

  40. Any plans to change the unlock system? Make it more linear so you can unlock the vehicles you actually want instead of having to spend XP and credits on vehicles you’ll never play just to move up a Rank. There are so many vehicles that I want from across the nations and types (I.e Tanks, Planes, Heli’s) but the current progression system makes it almost unfeasible. The current system worked better when the Tech trees were sparser but now it’s fleshing out, it’s a little ridiculous. I’m sure working on this would be appreciated. Many thanks, NM.

  41. What about the Squadron vehicles? In the devblog it said 1.87 and in the same blog it said later updates. Now it is not here in 1.87 when will it come?

  42. when is Merkava being added haha!

  43. JADEN RHYS SIM JUN Student

    oy I have been asking this many times. can you tell me is the world war mode in the game yet?

  44. Detachble fuel tank on plane?

    P.s napalm?

  45. Any chance for an Australian leopard, basically a leopard A1A1 with a 2K turret

  46. Are you guys going to bring Japanese and Italian ships into war thunder

  47. Subtitles plz.

  48. Please name the new British pilot Bruce pointing at you Bruce

  49. Would the SMK ever get the penetration value update for the BR-350A (MD-5 Fuse)?

  50. Eurocopter and apache? Please

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