THE SHOOTING RANGE #145: Gun stabilizers / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official .

In this episode:

● Pages of History: stir in the streets of Minsk;
● Tactics and Strategy: how do gun stabilizers work?
● Metal Beasts: we look at the top Soviet !

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  1. cool Potato_kid dude


    Attempt #99999999999999999999999999999999999999

  2. Why you have separate Axis and Ailles at Air RB 8.0 up? I play german and I want to play with my friend’s russia!!!

  3. Too bad the poor French hardly have any.

  4. Will console ever get some of the features that are missing such as custom skins/decals and custom gun sights?

  5. Martin Cruickshank

    Hej Gajin,

    will you take a break?

  6. will there ever be german t-80 like the migs and the german mi-24 hind

  7. Gaijin ?. can you pls add the heavy Gustav?. thats gonna be funny ;D

  8. Thibaut FLAMINI

    Hello! It’s May the first and we can see any anouncement of the Victory marathon. Did it disappeared with the Night King?

  9. Giajin y is the premium american p47 removed from the ps4 store i was going to buy it but its not their anymore

  10. Please add a tutorial for Helicopters. I’m decent with planes but can’t do sh!t with helicopter.
    Also, please fix the BR. If one of my tanks gets reassessed, then suddenly I face off against enemies that my other tanks can’t handle (Obj. 906).
    Similarly, I was unlocking the T72 and now I have to unlock first 2xt54,the t62 and another tank first…

  11. Hey Gaijin, Could you possibly add more stability to war thunder on xbone x, we get a lot of low frame rate

  12. Comrade…Are you even planning to make a War Thunder Mobile version of the Game?))

  13. Would a radar be able to capture a tank that somehow got airborne?

  14. Guys make a video about which is the best tank

  15. محمد عبدالمنعم

    ammo types full guide …when i use ap and not using apcr for example

  16. Add bigger ships

  17. Hey, are there plans to add the avro cf-105 arrow?

  18. Warsparrow Gaming

    Will the F-86 sabers and p-80s have a radar gunsight. They had these in real life.

  19. Can you answer Hotline from russian server too

  20. Pumpkin Emperor

    -Means of production-

  21. thermal camera?

  22. Struggle Gaming

    Is it wrong I’m enjoying the bedtime story as I go to bed…

  23. Vladislaus Dracul

    What’s the name of that Partisan of Minsk?

  24. Are there plans to add BMP-3 ?


    hey retarted drunk russian devs.just wanted to tell you that your game is unbalanced and full of hackers…. so yea instead of wasting the money you make from selling stuff in stupid prices in vodkas you try to fix your game…motherfuckers

  26. David Fadaee Outan

    Hey Gaijin, has there been any development on the Dutch ww2 planes you’ve been promising to add since episode 2 of the shooting range?
    Attempt 3

  27. Hey there, just wondering, would you put current world flags as paintings for our vehicles in the game? I’m feeling patriotic.

  28. Will you make more episodes of legends? Big fan of the last two

  29. Hey Bruce, why are there no British 6.0 or 6.3 tanks? (Other than the Black Prince which is a premium)

  30. Will the sukhoi 27 or su 27 ever be in the game,or is it just in your projects?

    Attempt #2

  31. War Thunder makes me so sad. So sad that Germans didn’t kill more russians during WW2. No people deserve death more than russians, gaijun proves it.

  32. MobileGaming DE

    7:43, yeah… no german soldier would torture himself by watching WarThunder…

  33. Will M1 abrams have night vision or infrared camera?

  34. Are you guys planning on adding electronic warfare ? Like F-105 wild weasel ? . To jam with radar ?

  35. Ghorghe Radu Mihai

    Could you please read and say this in the next shooting range?

  36. Konichiwa! Any thoughts on including technical (Land Cruisers and Jeeps) inspired by modern conflicts with some Gaijin flavor? Cheers and Arigato

  37. As a soldier myself, I really enjoy here stories from ww2. Especially those from Russian soldiers. They have an element that know other army had, they weren’t allowed to think for themselves.

  38. Abdul Azzeem Shamsudin

    Have you ever thought of adding the P.1000 Ratte??

  39. Got an idea on new map: Dukla, location – Slovakia, vehicles – german and russian.

  40. Mantas Kalnietis

    I know lithuania was very minor during the second world war, but would it be possible to ever see the ANBO 3 light bomber in the game?

  41. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Will you ever get a member of the super Sabre society to fly the f-100 in game. It’s a group of f-100 veterans in the usa

  42. Can we have a rank 3 tank destroyer triatlon

  43. Dis might be a bit wicked,

    Can u add aircraft carriers???

  44. Can you tell stories on the german or Japanese side, but if there are can you tell me which episodes,thanks

  45. Any plans on adding some ww1 taks or planes in the future??

  46. For hotline:could you ad test drives for the Red viechles plz I want to test out the top tier tanks and planes but i can only see modifications and only look at them.

  47. Jackson Ridgeway

    You guys should add more french tanks

  48. I see war thunder is still in denial that its not loseing olayers cause of their over grindy stupid events.

  49. you have to add a sonic boom and the feature, that other people also can hear the stuka siren, i mean that was the sense of the jericho trumpet…

  50. Yasuaki Yoshimura

    thanks for answering my Question gaijin! I really enjoy playing war thunder.

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