THE SHOOTING RANGE #147: World War / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

• World War 101;
• Tactics & Strategy: explaining all World War game modes;
• Pages of History: the first Battle for Vitebsk, one of the biggest battles of WW2.

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  1. can the players get together and develop their own game to compete with gaijoob

  2. Is there vice commander ?

  3. Now, THAT’S a great disappointment…

  4. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    There are 3 types of teams Attackers and Defenders and the last one is when you die Spectators

  5. Will you add new versions of the B5N2?

  6. Aditya Pradipta

    do you read comments in The Shooting Range from names that difficult to pronounce? can you read mine correctly? I’ll buy you GEs if you could

  7. Can you check out my myths in previous episode of Shooting Range? I’m this guy, who gave an idea about “Mythbusters” and wrote 7 myths + this one below I guess.
    Can you kill yourself with your own shell? I mean your shell ricochets so much, that it eventually hits you.

  8. Oh! So it’s like ww2 online!

  9. Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | /

    Nice having a new gamemode and all but, When are the broken AF bombers going to be fixed?

  10. you guys spent 5 years on this ?

  11. Dear Gaijin,
    I play the game for almost 5 years now and.. I flipping love it. BUT this new modern stuff is cool and all but what I and many other players want is that you make a full 180 and give us a WWI update with MK.V, A7V and stuff there are a lot of prototypes out there to work with.

    Yours sincerely
    fanboi Nr. 4202

  12. Hello Gaijin, thx for WWM it need some refinement, but it was most of the time fun so far.

    Will we be able to get the same RP and SL like in RB battles, so we can also in WWM climb the tech tree?

    Get rid of the markers, instead give the early light tanks the ability to spot enemy tanks, like in RB, there are more than enough light tanks in each team.

    Can we have these Betas on the weekend. There are many squad players that have family and work, so it would be easier for us to fight at the weekends together.

    Can we get a system where War Thunder use or suggest the best possible crew for a vehicle for each battle line up, so we don’t have to build our lineup every time.

    WWM need more area on some maps to allow some tactics a size between RB and SB maps would be nice and easy to implement.

    SPAA against Aircraft should start more scattered at the ground, so you can’t bomb several SPAA with one little bomb, also the time limit needed to be expanded .

    The spawn points must be refined for WWM to match each army equally.
    It would be nice if we chose one scenario and get in the next available battle automatically and not have to switch manual battles all the time.
    Repair areas on the map would be nice for ground vehicles, like the ones for the aircraft. In real life most tanks where just disabled but not destroyed and repaired within a few hours / days.
    For me so far for me WWM could be the best thing in WT for the last 2,5 years, making the game interesting again.
    My personal dream would be if we would have something very similar to the dynamic campaign in Falcon BMS where i can chose one vehicle and a mission on a very big map where other teams also fulfill their missions, one big map with ongoing battles.

  13. Did you guys lower the prices in all the vehicles in the game yet?

  14. IronSoldier 1177

    I can’t wait

  15. 5 Years for a joke…..

  16. Konnichiwa! Any thoughts on including technical vehicles, 4×4 trucks, inspired by cold war/modern conflicts? Arigato.

  17. Gaijin why not a 64 or more player map with tank,helicopters,ships and planes together….

  18. Hey I have a “can you” question…
    Why can’t we get xp and sl in our own battles and can you Change it Please just to half xp and sl in created battles

  19. SirSoggyWaffles lll

    Where is the Bob Semple?

  20. Is world war mode available on console?

  21. Add realistic vehicle statistics. Then we will see who wins.

  22. They should’ve modeled it after Red Orchestra campaign mode.

  23. I just uninstall the game, bye

  24. Is it all possible that you guys can more specific on what and when things are available for Xbox players so we don’t have to look for hours on forums to get an answer that may be untrue or a guess?

  25. Gaijin will u make pov of members of tank inside

  26. Remove Unreal Markers from WWM Gaijin Please!

  27. Is there any sort of freeplay mode/session where I could just fly around with friends?

    • custom battles. top left (more left of battle) i think there is a battles tab. press that and custom battle

  28. I really hope you guys make World War III, featuring modern vehicles! 🙂

  29. a few questions: did you model the increase in drag around mach 1.0?
    why is the t2 repair cost 25k whilst mig19s is 4.8k
    will i be featured?
    can we have a video on the evolution of war thunder special events?

  30. watch ash’s video itll explain world war mode and watching it it looks so dumb just put a bunch of ai and it is very weird ui

  31. “We never stop building and expanding the game.” What about repairing?

  32. Aditya Pradipta

    Climbing the ranks on ships please?

  33. Can you get war thunder on nintendo switch?

  34. steakinbacon love the bacon

    Will there be more jet bombers for Germany in the future?

  35. Why does the ammo rack of the Vickers MBT starts from to the top to the bottom, unlike other British tanks?

  36. Hello Gaijin, will be artilleries (like Panzerhaubitze 2000) in the game?

  37. It took you 5 years

  38. Adam Brzeziński

    Hello Gaijin, could you remove sparks?

  39. Underbird [former X8X8]

    I can operate various vehicles without having to spend years of grinding? Sign me up!

  40. 25k repair cost on the Leopard 2A5 and no SAM for Germany, Germany ACTUALLY suffers.

  41. What about adding world war 1 planes and tanks?

  42. metalmoltres121 Moltres

    Just an idea:
    They should change it so at the start of a match you go on the main map and pin pint a route or a strategy to follow and set up different routes from different spawn poitns to show different attack plans and you can in the middle of a game change the route and the route you pick is the route a team of like 23 tanks go nd then the other 22 follow a different route from the spawn to engage the enemy. You get one tanks from each squad to control when they split up to different paths. So you switch between them. If one dies your controlled tank will be changed. You just follow your group to battle and engage it more a strategic way. They will engage by them selves when the enemy is in range just like cpu tanks would in multiplayer games work.

  43. metalmoltres121 Moltres

    What about adding Dunkirk into it

  44. When is world war mode coming to xbox one and ps4?

  45. Hey Gaijin. Do you have any plans on adding challenger 2 upgrade packs like the streetfighter package?

  46. I know that Czechoslovakia did not have much of its own mass-produced vehicles or aircraft, but I would like you to add Czechoslovakia as another nation in the game.

  47. don’
    t you think that world war mode is a bit unfair

  48. Do you have plan on updating the b-17 and making the bombers better because I bought the game for the b-17 but it’s a turn off

  49. War gaming’s punching the air rn ??

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