THE SHOOTING RANGE #158: The best MBT? / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

• Pages of History: Shoichi Sugita, the legendary ace pilot from Japan;
• Tank Triathlon: a fight between the best MBTs of all nations;
• Metal Beasts: a deck-based attack aircraft with a very peculiar propeller.



  1. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    When will the mini-panther that’s already in the game files be added to the tech tree?

  2. Pls add BVP M-80 as premium yugoslavia tank

  3. Would you guys are up to make a climbing the ranks with the Soviet tanks line?

  4. Will you ever add new gen fighters (sukhoi su 35 for the Russians, f16 for American ect.)

    • F16 – 4th generation multirole fighter
      SU35 – 4th (enhanced) generation air dominance multirole fighter

      F16 – Designed in the 1970’s and has received 4 developments.
      SU35 – Complete redesign of the SU27 (1970’s) and first flown in 1995. Has thrust vectoring and is one of the few “super-maneuverable” aircraft in operation today.

      You sure you want that match up?

      I would suggest the following;

      F22 – without stealth buffers in the game.
      SU35 – Similar manoeuvrability.

  5. So when will you be adding the AC-130s?

  6. რომეო ხაზალია

    Will we see Japanese Type 10 MBT in near future?!

  7. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Can you make bombs inside aircraft bomb bays Explode after an aircraft has crashed? Some times it could eliminate other vehicles if an aircraft crashes into it.

  8. the secret Apprentice 999 99

    Why exactly did you move the tiger 1 down to 5.3 for ?

  9. Why is the ariete armor still broken?

  10. Leo 2A5 is the best tank…

    Then, WarThunder got hold of it…

    I have over 200 games in the Leo 2A5…

    My conclusion…

    It gets shot in the track – Its gun breach is knocked out
    It gets shot in the rear under the engine – Its gun breach is knocked out
    It has a round bounce off its armour – Its gun breach is knocked out
    An allied tank beside it gets hit – Its gun breach is knocked out
    An allied tank beside you shoots at an enemy tank – Its gun breach is knocked out
    You spawn in the match and drive forward – Its gun breach is knocked out

    Honestly… The tank has excellent armour, mobility and a great gun…

    But for fuck’s sake WarThunder… Can you at least ATTEMPT to be a little bit realistic?
    The breach is not easily knocked out in a modern generation MBT…
    If it is, the tank is usually knocked out with it…

    Also… APFSDS…
    If it penetrates ANY armoured vehicle, the crew are wiped out due to the interior being superheated by the energy created by the impact…
    I am so sick of seeing Bradleys and BMP’s getting hit by DM series APFSDS ammunition, yet, they are only crippled and are still able to turn their turret and kill you with an ATGM while you are reloading…

    What a joke!

  11. Make bombers spawn at 6000 m

  12. Why was the kv-2 nerfed so much

  13. Will you add Pz 1 C and VK 100.01P?

  14. Next on THE SHOOTING RANGE: The worst developers for a game!

  15. Please add EE-T1 Osório

  16. When is the French char 2C super heavy being added, I mean the Maus is in the game, and it has much less known than the char 2C

  17. The Best MBT comes with Best Repair cost.

  18. Full respect to Japanese warrior

  19. А наш голос похаризматичнее звучит)

  20. give me my pen back

    Germany says: hi

  21. Eğelence Saltanatı

    Any ideas or advices for making the most profitted in-game purchase?

  22. Fix the broken air RB spotting system

  23. Matt van den Schoor

    How dan you chance team colors

  24. The 2a5 is a highly balanced tank
    And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

  25. I have a question, el TAM aka tanke mediano argentino, whats it really good at?

  26. hmmmmmmm i think the Type 90 is #2

  27. hovhannes nercessian

    When is the right flap on the hunter f6 goin to be modeled?

  28. Are we ever going to get cross platform account? Where I can take PC progress into an xbox or playstation and vice versa?

  29. Trần Thanh Tùng

    Leo 2A5 have a thick face with infinity armor

  30. Imagine gameplay war thunder on mobile android

  31. The rugby World Cup is coming up soon so it would be cool to add some vehicle skins sporting the colours of different rugby teams

  32. Protem-HVG Driver Owen

    havent watched the whole vid but im bettin on Leo cuz i always loved it

  33. Oh lord the Butchery of quite simple Japanese Names.

  34. Will you add “peaceful” events ? Like rescuing people from a sinking civilian ship, delivering supplies… Many vehicles in game are in civilian use too (Catalina, some helicopters). It could be interesting. Arma 3 received a lot of support when it released Laws of war DLC, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  35. Challengers are completely jokes and thanks to Gaijin !
    Please do not play British things because of some certain political elements !

  36. Have you guys ever thought of a damage model update? Like in IL2 Battle of Stalingrad, it’s a beautiful sight watching your plane get shot up. I would love to see this in War Thunder, it’d made dying in Air RB more enjoyable. And maybe for tanks? That’d also be pretty cool

  37. Hi Bruce i know that you and the development team are very busy, but i wonder if there is any chance adding a Swedish tech tree into the game?

    Some examples of tanks are the: Strv L-60, Strv m/39, Strv m/31. And for the premiums:T-37A( A russian light tank with amphibious capabilities ), SdKfz 140( A Czech light tank ).

    Some examples of planes are the: FFVS J 22, J 3, J 21( SAAB 21 ), Tp 12 and SAAB 17. And for the premiums: B 3( A german civilian airliner which was remade as a bomber by the swedes ), S 16( An Italian/Swedish made Reconnaissance aircraft which could also be used as a light bomber, Torpedo bomber and a Light transport aircraft ).

    Try #4

  38. why dont hull mounted mg’s work on tanks like the sherman

  39. What about bob semple


  41. Why is the ABRAMS ur face????

  42. *HANS*

    get zie Leopard

  43. Add the Brazilian Osorio tank

  44. This is the shooting range where is the shooting range your not showing us.

  45. “Best MBT is leopard” “greatly balanced” “no weak points worth mentioning”

  46. Ambient Light Of Darknesss

    Sougita is the definition of anime plot armor.

  47. Add k2 black panther mbt pleaseee

  48. oh c’mon cut the bullshit we all knew that the 2A5 was the best from day 1

  49. Viktor Kitanovski

    I have a question for you. Can you add the yugoslavian M-84 tank to the Soviet premium tech tree. Also there is a lot of information for the tank and a lot of produced tanks of that variant. Thank you so much. Love the game

  50. will you be adding the CF105?

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