THE SHOOTING RANGE #161: Challenge! 100+ frags / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official .

In this :

• Pages of : the Soviet tank transmissions and their unique construction;
• Challenge: how many enemies can you destroy with a single shot?
• Metal Beasts: a tank with a very heavy gun



  1. Add replaying/camera mode to the Xbox console version please, so we can rewatch games.

  2. #pleaseconsider Decompress the br, dont remove the Maus please

  3. Don’t remove MAUS!!! there are lot’s of people that want to Research it…

  4. I was wondering… how far can the fastest tank in the game fly…. ???

    Great video… keep up the good work… and #pleaseconsider the Maus…

  5. #pleaseconsider Please guys please we are ok with longer queue times if we can have better experiences with vehicles decompress the BR’s

  6. Lack of boom? The F-32 cannon destroys anything if you pen it regardless of wich ApHe shell you use

  7. Hunter Is the name.

    Question. Will you guys put in the Leopard 2A7 MBT??

  8. Good video

  9. fix spawn camping

  10. What about Canada??

  11. Will they be added?

  12. Why some bombs don’t explode in the moment they touch the ground?

  13. Lately there is a new toxic behavior in the Ground Forces – especialy with faster tanks in the later game / upper tiers. I wonder, is the dev team taking a look at possible ways how to prevent / turn players from doing this ? Players being camped on the spawn can’t do anything on most maps, since maps aren’t exactly great and usually promote this playstyle. Most games you are loosing insane ammount of credits and this toxic behavior might be the reason why top tier games are not exactly the fan favorite (atleast if you look on the ques).

  14. Dat Guy Named Sushi

    How do you suggest tanks (fcm pak 40) for the designs at Gaijin?

  15. #pleaseconsider why ships gunners are better than planes gunners

  16. your local communist

    #pleaseconsider eating shredded cheese in an abrams

  17. will china be add to the game for the rest of the world and #pleaseconsider Decompressing BRs

  18. #pleaseconsider decompressing BRs, allowing all vehicles to be enjoyable to play in their matchmaker

  19. Gaijin
    Mate, Please fix the battle ratings. Decompress them, and decompress them a lot. Not just up to 12.0, a lot more

  20. if you wanted to check how many tanks you can destroy in one shot, you should have used fastest APFSDS

  21. Bulletproof Games

    Please consider de-compression at this stage it is the one thing we want. Add all the fancy IFVs you want later, but first de-compress the battle ratings.

  22. Teagan Fitzgerald

    [Challenge] shooting a bomb out of a planes bomb bay

  23. Tank at 2:44?

  24. how were tanks carried to war?

  25. How can you have tanks with heat fight tanks with conventional rounds just space the BR for there cannot be heat fighting heavy armored targets we need an armor meta Mid tier has lots of heavy tanks but why make them all verse tanks with heat or apds How can you call it a heavy tank well I cannot say that The maus is just a heavy tank meaning its slow on the battlefield thats how gaijin makes it not armored really. Just space the br from tanks that use Heat or an APDS OR APFSDS put those tanks on a another level for there can be an armor meta. Than heavy tanks can play like heavy tanks. And for gaijin to compare the MAUS to the IS-7 is rubbish. IS-7 is barely a heavy tank at its rank but it makes up in speed and 300mm of pen for a 122mm than can reload in 15seconds better than the other variants The IS-7 can protect its self from lighter targets with its MG spam something the maus does not have so its a slap in the face to say the MAUS is like the IS-7. Maus is rare not because you want it to gaijin Idk why you say if its low tier its OP and High tier its underpowered when thats already the issue rn becaus of HEAT and ATGM the poor heavy tank has to face There should just be a meta where light armored vehicles would have to flank to kill a heavy tank Same issue with the soviets too sure they have nice angles but thye have to verse heat and Atgm I do not see a meta there only meta is war thunder is being the fastest being lighter having a fast firing stablized high pen guns.

  26. So they want to get rid of the maus for no reason when all they have to do is space the br and whats up with the economy fixing thats not economy fixing you just changed the prices of the vehicles I like how I can kill a heavy tank at mid tier and get more of an award than me killing a medium tank at top tier. Arn’t we suppose to get more for a kill father we go into the game Ik we do but its a little bit World Of tanks does not even have this problem atleast they have an armor meta

  27. In the development of War Thunder this new tank: Object 685, you see a shell canister flying out after shooting, will there be an animation for other tanks too? like the french AMX line?

  28. Stefan Mijailović

    Will we have some Balkan nations

  29. Please guys at Gaijin delete planes from tank rb. Everyone hates when they get bombed or rocketed by a plane when they are in a light tank. Please just once listen to your players and delete it. Please

  30. hey shooting range… is the CF-100 even on the DEVs Radar? we have been waiting around 5 years and us canadians would like some more love.

  31. 13:33 gaijin its funny when u speak french XD rien ne va plus ???

  32. Lets compromise, take the Maus but in return you give us the *STURMTIGER*

  33. I think it will be great to split WW2 era vehicles from Modern Warfare ones. This way you get a better organized Tech Tree and more realistic gameplay. There should be a solution to find the right place for the weakest Modern Vehicles that normally you can find in Ranks 3-4.

  34. jumbo back to 4.7?

  35. Hello Bruce, Could you tell me on behalf of Gaijin if we will see more premium spaa coming to the game?

  36. Soviet bias blyat

  37. Will a Polish tech tree be added?

  38. I think people have not play a time when thing call Que Thunder Decompressing make it go back to that state. so low% of people really want 10mins 30mins 45mins of wait time to get into a match. just so have their so call balanced.

  39. I love how the artillery question wasn’t even remotely answered…

  40. Ahhh you still use the old menu music in these videos but not in the game. Please bring it back!

  41. Please add new jets so they arent over half a century behind choppers and tanks.

  42. Dear gaijin, could you please make it possible for us to transfer console accounts to pc and the other way around.

  43. John Rhett Laureles

    Ill sub if you make a vidio with a dive bomer destroying an aircraft on the air using bombs. Not Rockets but bombs.

  44. 99% #pleaseconsider & #savethemaus
    1% other comments

  45. Why is the R3 T20 FA-HS even in the game? At such a low BR with a very modern gun and design to it. No place putting a 80’s vehicle against 40’s tanks. I get that it only has a 20mm Orlekion but its Rate of Fire is insane, especially with a 2 plane stabilizer against IL-2’s.

  46. Are JDAM bombs going to be added in the future?

  47. Can all BT tanks shift to the road wheels?

    I mean christie suspention can it use it?

  48. Will we ever get the bomber variants of the mosquito????

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