THE SHOOTING RANGE #250: Updated HE Rounds / War Thunder

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In this episode:
● Pages : The Baby Steps of the German Tigers
● Special: Blast Overpressure
Beasts: The Swift French Tank

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  1. ADD A-6 AND EA-6B

  2. That One Youtuber That Plays roblox and comments

    question: how do you get to the shooting range map?

  3. I was wondering why I was getting killed by arty every match in my tank distroyer

  4. Hey War Thunder… I was thinking if the game can hace more low graphics or more optimization because it’s obviusly i have a potato PC but i think this Game need more optimization so maybe more people can play with more performance. What You think? It’s just a idea.

  5. why some premium vehicles are the exact copy of the one in the tech tree, like mi24p germany which i realized after i bought , and also why some premium vehicle has very very high repair cost makes them almost unplayable which i also realized after i bought the plane (harrier gr1 and saab105) because mode was on arcade and price i checked was diffrent , i think its better to reduce SL% gain percentage and also reduce repair cost, also with f2g super corsair ,
    thank you

  6. Leon Wichrowski

    when the polish tech tree?

  7. Guys why Dont u bring more different and realistic game modes or missions that we can do in multiplayer ( for example one Team deffent one Team attacks, or ground vs air or stuff like that ) game has soo much potential but its getting borring because you guys miss sooo much oportunitys… only thing that comes are more and more planes, tanks or ships but people want to play realistic szenarios, pls, game is in the last time so borring to me.

  8. Hey where is the new office tenant can you do a comp it for the kids so then players can go in first person inside of the tank in the The gunrunner end the driver driver

  9. The Ugly Dumpling

    what does an oscillating turret do for a tank?

  10. Q: will tanks ever be able to use their headlights? If so, would it really help WW2 vehicles in night battles to be added?

  11. Q: will we get normal lights such as spotlights, nav lights, landing lights etc.?

  12. Why did Gaijin take out the Maus Tank? Was it just too overpowered?

  13. Just some Panzerkampfwagen VI With Internet access.

    I got a double kill with one stormpjas shell, please fix your game

  14. Q: will there be boost to sl gain after higher tiers are reached? If you get to tier V, you don’t make as much as would really be needed to get a positive average for that day’s worth of gaming. As a f2p player, I think I speak for a large part of the community in saying, something needs to be done about sl gain, and I am not the first to complain or draw light to this topic.

  15. Q:If a plane that fired a radar homing missile gets destroyed before the missile actually hits will it keep tracking the target?

  16. i like the light mocking of wehraboos

  17. Internal Dimensions

    Q: Will you guys be adding Modern Day Aircraft into the game? Or will they not be included due to the fact that they would be too good.

  18. The loam Runner

    Can u tell me the trick to play with p-40

  19. Will you consider adding planned ships that were never laid down, like the Design Z Minotaur-class cruisers? Currently japan and USA have the top cruisers and some nations like Britain and Germany could do with some more unique and interesting ships, but most of these were never even laid down.

  20. Michal Janovský

    how great that P2W AVRE can now oneshot me by NOT HITTING ME even tho im in HEAVY TANK …
    also its HESH now penetrates ANYTHING no matter where it hits you .. how great and functional mechanic again

  21. Q: Why was Volokolamsk removed from the game?

  22. Q: Could you show us tips and tricks on hitting moving targets with the Stormer HVM? Thanks. 🙂

  23. Hi Bruce, can you tell me if the weight of bullets such as in the Gunpods in the A4E affect the performance of the aircraft and if you empty them all you gain agility?

  24. When is the t.flight hotas one being fixed to work with Xbox series X?

  25. when they will make a round that will penetrate stalinium

  26. Ignas Šimukonis

    Q: a weird question but will you ever consider adding the Bismarck or Yamato. I know it will take a lot of time.

  27. Those french things are ugly af

  28. Can the type 75 destroy a plane with the proximity shell?

  29. Can you explane me how to hit planes with main gun.

  30. GG Graden Gamer

    Q: is there a chance you will add world war 1 tanks into the game?

  31. brümmbär Orkun

    Panzer 4 s crew loading manuel faster than this so called autoloaders char.

  32. when are you getting a new server hamester?

  33. Why airplanes gas exhaust has different colors in random battles and single missions?

  34. Q: Why are Golden eagle prices so wierd why aren’t they just normal

  35. i don’t want do be that guy but : Blast Overpressure is a bad idea
    i know it sounds great, but tank like the leopard 2a6 ( id angled can have 300-1000 mm of amour) can be killed by a Russian he shell
    and if you are hiding behind a rock if something is poking out you can be killed by the shock wave alone

  36. please give the us tech tree a big derp gun
    something like the m53/m55 would be nice
    i love playing he vehicles but theres only the t29 to speak of

  37. i don’t like this update

  38. Q: Why is there no strategic bombers after rank 4?

  39. Would actually play the Char 25 if it wasn’t for the ridiculous repair cost..

  40. after Fire effect changed, My Game crash A LOT

  41. is it just me or is every single mod I download just dosen’t work and I just see a small part of the map or sea on its side

  42. Hay gaijin, in 251 can you tell us how to aim in Garner view, because I have no idea how that work

  43. hello bruce got a question for you mate the Chinese Type 59 and Type 69 are pretty much license built T-54s why do they not get access to the rear smoke barrels or butt smoke as i call it the mounting points are there yet they are not available is there a reason for this??

  44. Q:Are there plans to redesign the smoke to make them more realistic?

  45. Q: what happened to binding the aircraft throttle to the mouse wheel?

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