THE SHOOTING RANGE #253: Discarding Sabots / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

● Pages of History: Surviving North of the Arctic Circle;
● Round Study: 105-mm Discarding Sabot Rounds;
● Metal beasts: The Most Versatile Focke-Wulf.



  1. I am very happy to see the FW 190 F8.
    So I have to ask do we get other f variants that could carry torpedoes? It would be pretty good in naval battles.

  2. Q: Can you do a tutorial on air sb?

  3. Q: which starfighter is best starfighter?

  4. you guys need to add the a10-warthog it would be soooo fun to fly with

  5. Q how do you drive the archer tank destroyer

  6. day 70 of asking war thunder to add the AC-130 into the game where you can have multiple players flying it

  7. Dear Gaijin, please put a face to Zakhar Sorokin… And any other pages of history people if theirs’s photos available. These people deserve recognition of their sacrifice to their country.. from all countries.

  8. monke hates blacks

    when is next world war on war thunder ?!?!+1+1+1??!+


  9. Hey everyone after three long frustrating years of war thunder I finally did it….. I deleted it!

  10. Gianin.

    Can you please wath Spookston “How to fix WarThunder series?

    He covers the most iritating and brokeng features that are in the game and many players are leaving WarThunder also me because of it.

  11. Wtf happened to the aerial pointer controls for console?!? Been the same for years and now it isn’t even playable at all. Ruins the game

  12. Operator Operating Operationally

    8:10 “He was a person who never gave up, never let his spirit down”

    Is it just me or the scriptwriter pulled a lowkey Rickroll on us?

  13. Q : What is the best way to use aim-7?

  14. Canadian WaffenWaffle

    q: how do you manipulate the suspension found on the MBT/KPZ 70 and the xm803?

  15. was just able to blitz the edge to enemy spawn, when i got there shot didnt register(pulled trigger on a green reticle)…. started by supporting flank and things went miraculously perfect, team won all battles, i took the flank met one tank before i hit the spawn, messed up the track and engine 3 sec later teammate cleaned up, 10-15 secs later i was in the spawn, vehicle spawned in took shot and didnt register.. the map was karelia i believe it was the north spawn… i believe it was the west flank. in terms of balance just asking to consider adding more… debris/rocks to slow me down but also let my shot register if i do get through fairly quickly. the flank vehicle was spaded US M24chaffee. not sure if that experience is intended or not. i was hung up on rock in the beginning and it could have just been one of those weird matches that occasionally happens it was on AB . didnt catch the vehicle may have been the one of the russian bt7m or a bis battle pass variant??? got caught on the on the why it didnt register not what it was…interwebs is doing well, hardwired…. not sure if i should hit spawn that quick or the enemy just got rocked or if its a variance of balance?

  16. Can you tell me why the a10 warthog isn’t in warthunder I want to know

  17. tank triathlon witn crusader 3 and panzer 3 m pleeeaaasseee

  18. Will we get the M60 sherman?

  19. -icantfindaname-

    i like cheese

  20. Can you fix the yamoto’s death mission no matter how many times i do it the torpedoes seem to make contact with the ships but they don’t …..Blow up. Gaijin please fix this glitch
    Also why is it like the divide and conquer mission have Infinite enemy aircraft? Because there was 9 enemy aircraft left and then It jumped back to 15 enemy aircraft can you explain and fix the pls AND I was playing a match with BR 1.0 but then there are spitfires? can you explain this aswell and add a report player button so for example someone is only killing you rather the any one else It’s harassing me so i want to kick him out of the match since he’s harassing me, please Gaijin I hate this so much and it makes me no longer happy and i start to no longer play the game

  21. When BT-42?

  22. Is this free in laptop

  23. Gaijin obviously considers some players stupid! If you had a Falcon OP in 7.7BR
    WHY THEN IT IS STILL ZSU-57-2 in BR 7.0 ???
    Gaijin! Please don’t do any more nonsense !!!

  24. Will u add an Spanish tech tree????

  25. Would it be possible to raise the SP cost of helicopters in simulator battles? Currently it doesn’t matter who wins the battle on the ground because the Ka-50 and Ka-52 spam will always result in a Russian victory at top tier.

  26. Q: why do the my bf110s anti-tank rockets explode before they hit the ground, if i’ve got turned off auto exploding?

  27. Are there any plans to intruduce Submarines like the German Typ IX or American Gato-Class to the Naval Forces in the game sometimes in the future?

  28. Thomas SlavSuperstar

    Is there going to be a Polish sub tech tree any time soon?

  29. Q: Will the Maus be brought back anytime in the foreseeable future? I just barely missed out on it last time.

  30. Aleksei Ivanovich

    The best story telling i ever heard

  31. The cheese master

    Swedish fleet in future update?

  32. Q: what was the first airplane to have a airbrake?

  33. How about fixing the Hull aiming, ore give the players money back for the STRV 103-0.

  34. When can we get stock missiles on top toer jets?

  35. Hi I think it could be awsome if you added fuel dump for more speed when needed.
    I love the game and the historic details keep up the good work.
    Thanks micheln8

  36. what is the fastest moving object that is not a vehicle

  37. Hey Bruce! I was wondering if you guys will ever get to updating the placeholder cockpits on some planes and Helis?

  38. gajin can you increase all tanks armor in arcade battles i have troubles driving my T-34

  39. Why does the mosquito FB have such a small payload? It could carry 4000lbs

  40. 13:26 you can hear the confusion trying to read that comment

  41. Q: can we get Bruce to say sus?

  42. How does scouting work in arcade battles

  43. wait… is this the same narrator from biomutant?

  44. Q: When will the suckoy su-27 and mig-25 in game?

  45. Q: when will you add the b-52/A-10 thunderbolt II

  46. Are there any plans to include parasite planes or scout planes (like the sr71?)

  47. Could you add a section on our profiles that has a list of all the awards in the game and how many times we have gotten those awards?

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