THE SHOOTING RANGE #265: Round Study — Super Pershing / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:27 — Metal Beasts: The Grandfather of Chinese Tanks
04:08 — Pages of History: The Tank That Wouldn’t Go Away
08:02 — Round Study: Pershing Endurance Test
11:33 — Hotline



  1. Can you make the nations flags decorations free??

  2. I got banned for negative golden eagles. Do guys have any idea how to fix it?

  3. [Q] how do i get modded vehicle?

  4. Supra Parshing

    Question: When will War Thunder get BT-42?

  5. Q: Why the Bf-109 H variants are not in the game?

  6. Q: When you will fix your game?

  7. can you do a video about HE shells?

  8. Luckily I got rid of the T26E1 after this video and I put a better heavy.

  9. didnt do hesh

  10. Would it be posible to have armor weakaning in realistic mode (if a shell gets “absorbed” by the enemy armor plate, in a small radius around the hit spot, the armor to be weaker and to posibly double/triple tapp in the same spot to go throu it, as such hits would leave craks or other damage)?

  11. Does water affect the penetration value of a shell?

  12. Polish thank in war thunder

  13. Da cookie monster

    Hey gaijin. I understand the reason why you increased the br of the J21 as they have very good canons for their br. What I don’t understand is the increase of br for the j22b as at a br of 3.7 it will be out preformed by every aircraft at that br, the spitfire can out turn it, the 109 can out climb it, the Soviet fighter aircraft can out gun it, and they are all faster than it. I think that there are better ways to balance aircraft. For example, nerfing air target rounds or changing engine preformance. I hope that you read and understood my and the j22b’s situation. Thanks in advance.

    • Da cookie monster

      And if the polite way didn’t work for you, the war thunder player base way will.
      Seriously tho, if you want to use statistics to balance aircraft use the kd of the players that play that vehicle. If their kd is already high and the get alot of kills while playing any vehicle then there is no need to nerf it because the player is just good at the game.

  14. I wish you implement a historical mode, where vehicles fight against each other, that did in reality. With a Tiger b with its mobility it is the pest to compare with tanks that got service after ´45 equipt with HEAT . Germany suffers a lot in those situations. historical correct ac,rb and sim, that would make many player very happy i guess Gaijin 🙂

  15. But this is only if the Pershing doesn’t fight back. I have it and it can survive a lot of punishment

  16. Can u guys already pls fix ur game,ur game isnt realistic anymore,even realistic game mode isnt realistic,ive seen so many hackers,deal with ur game already,its bad now

  17. Will the game have more training game mode like having the player in a team to of ai machines to fight against another team of ai? A good training method for new players.

  18. Pestilence Paradise

    Any major updates soon?

  19. The “pipes” on top of the super P are not actually the vertical gun drive. They are giant springs that help support the weight of the gun. It does assist the vertical drive but i dont think it should lose complete vertical control if it gets damaged.

  20. Title should be: one shot, rob someone’s whole savings

  21. 13:14 We’re currently busy milking as much cash as we can with minimal effort, so go ask someone else

  22. i love how the alwaay show the soviet bias round with its absurd non historical and unrealistic angle performance

  23. Lower the T26E1-1s rep cost pls, or just do away with them all together, it’s ruining to game

  24. The narrator sounds sick, he usually sounds hyped when he does his vids…

  25. Question why do some Russian vehicles have logs attached to them

  26. Are all airplanes turning wheels don’t have turning animation? is there a setting for it?

  27. Will you make a video about the aprils fools events?

  28. As every russian tank, if bump is anywhere on the map it will somehow find a way to screw you over

  29. War thunder, please add a option to report spawn campers

  30. when are there going to be more swedish aircraft?

  31. 4 minute air arcade battles at 4.0 OMG 🤦‍♂️🤡 you have 1 dogfight before the battles over if you take 1 minute to climb you have 3 minutes to fight lmfao what a bunch of bs 🤣 4 minute battle? WOWWWWW

  32. Q:will you update piston engines flyby sound and add whistle to that just like BF109 has etc?

  33. Zachattack_The_Comunist

    would it be possible to see arcade maps in RB air

  34. I got featured
    time to play WT again

  35. Yugoslavian tech tree when???

  36. Do you guys have any plans to add Swedish helicopters?

  37. Fkc.GAYjin

  38. Q: Why does my game graphics become bad when i just sit in the hanger on ps4

  39. In your opinion, what is the optimal keyboard layout for War Thunder?

  40. Valentino Lucky D

    are you guys had plan to add southeast asia vehicle ???

  41. I love these pieces of history, they’re pretty interesting.

  42. Q.Are we going to reserch maus in the future (sorry my English is bad)

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