THE SHOOTING RANGE #280: Precision-Guided Arsenal / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:27 — Metal Beasts: The River Hunter
03:30 — Pages of History: The Multi-Turreted Soviet Beast
07:20 — Tactics & Strategy: Precision-Guided Weapons
12:45 — Hotline



  1. for some reson i cant kill a light tang with a heat shell in 2 direct hits can you please try and fix it

  2. game teams are garbage, all the players are prima donnas never help, and steal your kills, when I play I play with this mindset. the blue players are enemies as the red players
    there is no cooperation at all, and they don´t give a fig if you get killed as long as they are safe behind you or they push you towards the enemy.

  3. smudger Productions CZE

    Q: will the BTs ever be able to go on their road wheels without tracks? would be nice to be a pre-spawn option

  4. strike eagle gaming

    Q: can we get rocket barrage for an option to replace arty?

  5. Can you estimate when the unlock able tech tree for israel? Just cant wait the M51 super sherman.

  6. Q: How to cancel or stop repair in the middle of battle

  7. FIX HULL T-90A

  8. Σωτήρης Περβανάς

    in adats.under the rockets, there are 8 little things like torpedoes. can anyone tell me what these are?

  9. I have a question. How do i play the F.C.20 Bis in Air RB

  10. Q: when will better bomber cockpits be added

  11. Q: for the next update, will you guys add the F4S or F14A?

  12. Q: will the lancaster ever get it’s 10ton grand slam bomb

  13. Pay-to-win.

  14. On console for guided bombs the camera pans way to fast

  15. why the rockets on j35D are ussles??? 9.7 and only 10G but mig21 SPS-k 30G .. joke

  16. why the ducj you guys mess this beautyful game

  17. Hey Gaijin! Can you please make a metal beasts about the Mig 21 SPS-K in the german techtree. Thanks!


    Q. Can you use a stuka for boom and zoom?

  19. Question: i can’ use the TV guided missiles on console PS/Xbox how are the controls ? like for the german f4 atgm’s.

  20. Q: will we be seeing the introduction of water vapor effects for high rank aircraft pulling high g’s?

  21. how do you use tv guided missiles/bombs maybe a tutorial about setting setup would be good

  22. Q: Could you possibly consider letting us change the smoke color of smoke screens for the tanks that have these abilities? Just a cool little addition.

  23. when i died o n c e with the is-2 my sl was like from 115k to 110k and that just made my mood worse lol

  24. Win one battle with super hard grinding:
    Lose one battle with super hard grinding:
    Thanks Gaijin
    Edit: no hate to Gaijin, War Thunder is my most favorite game. I just want to let Gaijin know some of the game’s problem that need to be fixed

  25. when will you fix thr cancel que problem, because this is my third time I got put in a match even thoe I press cancel and I still ending up in the match.
    gaijin pls fix it

  26. How to make my own costom user skin?

  27. And what about idiotic MM in naval battles? And what about aiming over hills in the naval battles? And what about shooting through rocks and buildings in the naval battles?

  28. Q : day 1 – Can Gaijin put the 4x 7.5 of the Bloch MB157 as it was desgined originally by the egineers ? Playing with only two sparkspanos and 120 shells is just pure suffering !

  29. how do i know when the guided tv bomb is ready to trop

  30. can you give me advise to win head now dogfights?

  31. in your guys recent update japan is way to more specifically the zeros. They are way to fast they, shouldn’t be able to go as fast as American plans and I was doing testing with them and their controls don’t lock up like they should when they dive above 260-270mph in real life their controls would lock up when they went that fast or would either crash into the ground or they wouldn’t be able to turn as sharply. will you guys them fix them?

  32. My experience with guided munitions on console: The optics completely glitch out when trying to aim the “Walleye” for the Americans. I believe it has to do with pointer aim. Whenever i enter the optics, the plane suddenly starts to pitch up, as the pointer gets disabled. Is there any way to fix this?

  33. can we get velocity charts for aircraft rounds

  34. Q : how do we have the tricolor acrobatics smoke? I found only bicolour acrobatics smoke.

  35. Q: Say, is there any concrete answer on whether some more Romanian vehicles will be added to the game?

    I’m quite the fan of the IAR-81C, and I know NovA29R is working on the IAR-93 Vultur, but I was wondering if there was any chance to see Romanian ground vehicles like the Mareșal tank destroyer or TR-85/TR-85M1 in the game to support the air vehicles in Ground Realistic Battles.

  36. My experience with guided munitions
    cant get to them due to the insane grind

  37. What if for Air RB you were able to take a line up. And before the match started you could see what your teammates chose. Then you or others could pick your aircraft in order to reach a certain goal. Fighter heavy for pure air superiority, strike/bomber aircraft heavy for objective play, or a mixture of both. That way you don’t blindly enter a battle every time

  38. Q: will the thunderscreech (xf-84h) ever be added to the game?

  39. pls do a best air to air missile triathalon

  40. I haveing issues that A-4E Early did not lock AGM-62A Walleye I bombs on moving target (tanks or ships). Does someone having this thinks?

  41. Q: Is there any way to get the dev server on a Mac client. If not, why can’t it?

  42. Q: will the US ever get the Rheem hunter tank ever come to warthunder? Even as a gift?

  43. Ayo…. The T28 had a BMW engine????

  44. Q: do yall plan to add torpedoes to be visible on the map for Friendly’s to see?

  45. Is there a way to turn off the “ding” sound, when scoring a critical hit, or a kill? I find it quite immersion-breaking sometimes.

  46. Day 2 of requesting a video of how to use the T26e5

  47. Will you ever add the He 111-z because it is a really cool plane.

  48. Barracuda502 Barracuda502

    What aircraft have the “Strange Music” cannons?
    We love you Bruce!!!

  49. Why do the S.O. 8000 Narval have MG 151/20 Cannons? Were´t those Cannons germans ones?

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