THE SHOOTING RANGE #283: Naval Catapults / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:28 — Metal Beasts: The American Supersonic Bomber
03:57 — Pages of History: The British Competitor for the Sherman and T-34
08:19 — Tactics & Strategy: Naval Recon
12:30 — Hotline



  1. War Thunder. Official channel.

  3. We wish Bruce a speedy recovery!

  4. Bruce please get better💚!! the world needs you and your amazing!!

  5. Q: Would heat seeking missiles not lock onto me if I turn my engine off?

  6. Виталик Полищук

    Парни… можете что то сделать с графикой в вартандере на ps 4? Ато лагает жёстко 20-30 фпс😔 на самолётах играть нереально 🤭🥴 все началось после последнего патча… плиз буду очень благодарен 👍 p.s я такой не один 😁

  7. Hang in Bruce you tough old man!

  8. Recover soon Bruce!

  9. can you shoot you’re own ship?

  10. Dear war thunder quick question how do u make a perfect costom mach braces of a true event? I have tried to make the battle of mid way work but things didn’t turn out

  11. i want T-14 armata in the game

  12. All the best for Bruce and his wellbeeing.

  13. Japanese zeros in ww2 controls would lock up if they were going to fast to where they weren’t able to turn as well. When will you add this so japan isn’t op?

  14. Q: Will you add Tank interiors? So you can like go inside and do stuff like that.

  15. All my best wishes to you Bruce! Get through this!

  16. Question: I have a good account on my desk pc that took me a while to grind but i like to play on my xbox more. Is there a way to play on my pc account on my xbox ?

  17. Get well soon, Bruce. You’re the voice of War Thunder, and no one can replace you.

  18. Another tip is climb higher to see to enemy’s but careful on enemy planes

  19. Henrique dos Santos

    i can’t open the sweden planes her, please fix that.

  20. q: what are the lights next to the cockpit sight that light up in the Israeli A-4E for?

  21. How about Gaijin fixes the Naval battles?
    The ship being uncrewd TOO fast, not to mention that most often the ship hasnt even taken a real damage, thats first thing.
    Second thing, aiming with the main battery can something be even more screwed up than that? Sure the thing measures where to fire on its own but most often on long range its imposible to land a hit with such a moffet that was supposed to make people play naval battles.

  22. I hope you get better soon Bruce

  23. Hope you feel better soon Bruce

  24. What’s the difference of TNT Round and Composition Round?
    Or all HE rounds are same ?

  25. Wish you a quick recovery Bruce. You’re the best game narrator ever

  26. Q:Will they add the B26?Also is the Sturm tiger in the game? Just asking. Also take care and stay safe.

  27. Bruce please recover this game isn’t the same without you

  28. Get well Bruce.

  29. Nooooo m8 I hope you feel better soon 🙏🙏🙏😔😔😔

  30. you guys forgot the Convair F2Y Sea Dart, Hope Bruce gets better soon I got in myself not too long ago.

  31. My the god be with you Burce

  32. Sheesh bruce, get well soon. We love your narration. I pray for you to recover, God bless you

  33. Can you make CV90 family??

  34. Q:can you add like cold war era stealth aircrafts? Like the F-117 or the RAH-66? Cuz those two birds rarely appear as official aircraft that could be select/bought from any flight sim type games and mostly exist and playable as a mod or add-ons for such game

  35. I pray for Bruce!! I hope he will be ok please!

    I play it while watching WARTHUNDER TUTORIALS and VIDEOS because of YOU BRUCE
    Please GET WELL SOOON❤❤❤❤❤

  37. Q: do you have plans to add today’s aircraft like the A-10 warthog. Hope you make it Bruce

  38. Bruce – behave! I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery!!!

  39. Sikiho Gaming 2 CZ. SK

    Good Luck Bruce roove!!

  40. Hi Gijien I love War Thunder and I have a question. If there is a way to connect your ps5 or 4 account with your pc account can you show me? (I recently bought a ps5 and was wondering if there was a way to do that 🥰)

  41. Feel better soon Bruce

  42. How can i get my Hydroplane back on the ship?

  43. I spent an universal back up to have Bruce back as soon as possible !

  44. Where is my Yamato ?

  45. will you ever add the U.S. A-10 Warthog
    in to War Thunder ?

  46. can i understand why when i use my thunderbolt and i try to get into my spitfire mk Vc/trop the game asks for 1300 sp just to bring my spitfire while i can bring the wyvern for 600 sp only

  47. Will we ever see planes like me 262 HG versions or VTOL planes like the XFY 1 pogo

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