THE SHOOTING RANGE #284: 2021 Review / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:53 — The Landmark Metal Beasts
04:46 — Technologies and Mechanics
0:51 — A Tour Around New Locations
12:52 — Hotline



  1. All the best for Bruce 🙂

  2. Does Isreal tech tree have tanks?

  3. Bruce get well soon COMRADE

  4. plz stop uptiers and downtiers

  5. Get well soon Bruce

  6. make night maps optional.

  7. bruce get well soon or TSR will we very different without your rich voice

  8. Glad to hear things are looking up, Bruce. We look forward to getting you back.

  9. Best wishes to Bruce

  10. I have a question what is the speed that you want to be at to land a float planes like the F1M2 because I keep on crashing due to the “gear breaking off”

  11. Can anyone tell me how can i play war thunder on mobile phone?

  12. Hope you get well Bruce. We all from War Thunder Community are with you. Miss your awsome gifted voice already.

  13. Hope for Bruce. 😔

  14. Get well Bruce♥️
    why there is not a Finnish tech tree. It has More original viechles than Israel. (Bt42 tank, pyörremyrsky in swedish tech tree and that anti Air Sisu ITO 90M

  15. Q: is there any way to “combine” two accounts. One has absolutely nothing except 2 premium vehicles and the other has all my actual progress

  16. Hopefully bruce gets well soon

  17. Get well soon Bruce

  18. Best wishes Bruce,fingers crossed!

  19. Abdullah Abdulrahman

    You forgot to talk about helicopters.

  20. I hope you will get better soon, Bruce!

  21. Get well soon Bruce! May the force be with you!

  22. Bruce we love you don’t leave us with this please!!

  23. Hope Bruce gets well as well will war thunder ever come to nintendo switch?

  24. We love ya Bruce, cant wait to have you back. Thank you Andrew for stepping in, you did an awesome job!!!!. Love all the new vehicles and updates, I look forward to the MIg29 hehe… please!?

  25. get well soon Bruce

  26. The biggest Star Wars Fan

    Q: how do you move around on the inside of your aircraft? In some of your videos, the camera is showing the inside (i.e. midsection) of a bomber


  28. Get well soon Bruce!!

  29. mig 23s were tomcats food during iran iraq war…

  30. get well Bruce!

  31. 1:52
    yes, TAIWAN is a COUNTRY! (im not a taiwanese, but i know it right!)

  32. I havent even played bresslau, or the space map. Didnt even know they were in the game lol

  33. Ya, get well soon Mr. Bruce! Glad to hear you’re on the mend.

  34. Could the mig 25 foxbat be added as a Soviet counterpart to the f4 phantom?

  35. I cannot thank you enough to say how important for me is this Breslau=Wrocław map. It was a pleasure to see old city even in the ruins. Sincerely your Wrocław citizen player.

  36. get well bruce

  37. Why is the mig 21 bis and the mig 21 smt so expensif dey ar not even a litelbit betrer den the german mig 21 bis or mf

  38. Get well soon Bruce! We love you.

  39. Can you make a metal beasts about the RU251

  40. Im trying to get the Ho 229 with bv 238. Why the “max vehicle research efficiency” is only in 1-3 rank vehicles in bv 238. Its so slow to grind rank 4 and above vehicles with bv 238.

  41. hope his fast recovery

  42. “Update Idea: for war thunder give all tanks their historical gunner sights”
    I Hope this enters the game! 😉

  43. Can you do a full on Guide for Xbox?

  44. Wish Bruce a good recovery. Take the time you need to heal up. This year for warhunder felt amazing I love it. Still had my issues but thanks for the hard work

  45. My question is why or how do the missile pod on the Bradley move up or down

  46. Godspeed Bruce. Get well soon.

    Also, Happy new year all and thank you narrator Andrew 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆

  47. Q: For some time jet music is very quiet for me, I can barely hear it, music setting is set to 100. How can i fix it?

  48. Stay safe Bruce get better

  49. bruce get well man

  50. Hi can you add the TU22 in the game

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