THE SHOOTING RANGE #285: Holiday Fun / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this :

00:00 — Introduction
00:51 — Metal Beasts: The Last Samurai
04:09 — Pages of History: The Engineers' Radial Nightmare
08:32 — : Holiday Fun
14:09 — Hotline



  1. Why the German tech tree has open top tank destroyers & full armoured tank destroyers !

  2. I hope someone makes that cargo port race a thing on war thunder live

  3. Q: The German bombers get the radio controlled Fritz bomb. Could the Japanese get something similar that is representative of the Ohka bomb?

  4. Q: why ME262 have no cannons in wings?

  5. Can you restrict props from entering rank 6 and rank 7 matches. They’re destroying top tier gameplay and turning it into a joke

  6. when is the MIG-25?

  7. What happened to the British bloke

  8. What’s the most powerful nuke in t
    he game

  9. This narrator is also good and sounds like a cool guy as well, but hes not Bruce, hope he gets well soon

  10. best wishes for Bruce…

  11. How about you do a ground only mode

  12. Lets see what this type 10 offers us.. a better round worse everything els. Wauw. What a scam.

  13. May bruce get well soon. I love how you are solid standing and loading up, even though we all know you all are going through hard times. Love you!

  14. Q: are you going to add the a-10 thunderbolt with like sounds and stuff?

  15. so why did you scam players by giving out a code that could be redeemed by everyone and putting people in debt for a mistake you’ve made? Because it sure sounds like fraud to most people.


  17. Give the players their premium/golden Eagles back!

  18. When com the u bouts in GAME

  19. Happy new year can you add break back i wish bruce a quick recovery

  20. make war thunder fun

  21. In ground rb for propeller plane spawn should be 6 km for jet 10 km is ok. In game Too much time taken to travel propeller planes to battle field.

  22. Instead of pratting around making videos of racing war vehicles.. Can you please look into the disappearing aircraft in VR. 300m and the plane goes invisible. The awful looking cockpit reflection also massively reduces visibility in close quarters in VR. It’s like ps1 graphics on the canopy. Can you remove it or improve it? Just so I can see what I’m chasing? Much love Ralgernok x

  23. cant wait to see british commonwealth to deploy indian indigenously designed & manufactured Arjun MK2, Next Generation Main Battle Tank (NGMBT)

    gaijin read this comment

  24. Can we get a “The Shooting Range” soundtrack? Some of the backing tracks are great!

    Get well Bruce!

  25. So… Where is the composite armor in the turret?

  26. fix helicopters

  27. you have added a lot of unnecessary things to your little maps but the optimization is very bad. I can t play after playing this game few years.

  28. Can i hope for the f-16 fighting falcon?

  29. Q: How to use M163 tracking radar (how to lock)

  30. The segment talking about radial engine development was great to listen to as I didn’t even know that was an issue for aircraft designers in Russia back then.

  31. Hey guys, would you make a Climbing with Ranks: US Navy/ War Thunder video, or if you did, could you send a link?

  32. Get well soon bruce! (please)

  33. How does being able to reach 70kmh make it able to reach “key positions” first? Every MBT at that BR can hit 70km/h at the least

  34. 3:01 idk if shooting 14 rounds every 4 seconds is “easy enough”. Have never in my 10000 hours of WT shot 14 rounds in a row in consecutive reloads

  35. Any chance to see a dozer blade added to the challenger 2 like in real life?

  36. Benjamin Bellest landa Watson

    Hey gaijin. Could the next update include that you can shoose what tank you would like to shoot at or what plane you would like to shoot down in test drive. And shoose if you wants the tanks or the aircraft should shoot at you for different types of training

  37. Get well soon Bruce!!!

  38. what is the best way to play japanese tanks?

  39. Genevieve Tremblay


  40. M6A1 Seiran please

  41. R3 in space!

  42. I hope Bruce is alright


  44. Please bring the Maus back in to the game as an researchable vehicle. Pleease Gaijin!!!

  45. just got a crazy idea, you could have whole squads as a vehicle…… some men armed with anti tank, maybe some with anti air in higher tiers. maybe even “jumping into” APC’s, or parachuting in .

  46. How do you get the nuke in Tier 3? It happened to me before.

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