THE SHOOTING RANGE #287: Updated IFV Top / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
01:04 — Metal Beasts: Soviet HE Tree
04:12 — Pages of History: How F-5 Met The MiG-21
08:51 — Triathlon: Updated of Top IFVs
13:32 — Hotline



  1. I love this game and truly love to play it, been playing ever since it came out on ps4. And from a players perspective, you guys really need to put work towards the spawning system and recently added tanks that are way to buffed(AGS). Your making me lose interest in your game because of these simple fixes that could be resolved, there needs to be a penalty for players who kill people in the spawn area, no more of this. It has gone to long for me to not give an honest opinion. Take it or leave it. I’m just asking you guys to fix the spawn camping problem and to work and test a tank before adding it in the game, you guys don’t like to test things out before adding whatever it is you add, and it has shown in previous updates, you girls need to take your time and test things out, yes your game is free and I get it, but tons of people buy golden eagles for a reason…. Because the game is actually fun, until you start getting spawn camped and experience an AGS bouncing your rounds left and right, you start to lose interest real fast.

  2. Happy to see you back bruce


  4. Bruce is back!!!

  5. That dardo its overtiered as usual.

  6. Q:can you add support for Play Station VR?

  7. It feels like they hired David atambrough for the voice acting

  8. Yessssssss he is back welcome back buddy

  9. Welcome back Bruce!!

  10. Q: is it possible to make War Thunder easier to play on low end devices

  11. May I suggest a video on British SPAAs?


  13. HE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!

  14. Could the f2y sea dart be added, I think it would fit nicely at 9.3

  15. q: can you do a pages of history of the Spitfire mk Ia?

  16. The return of the king


  18. Why are the tank sights historically inaccurate

  19. Q: do you have any plans to introduce the Finnish CV90 variant (CV9030) as a premium or possibly as an event vehicle?

  20. MR BRUCE is back
    and he will train us that how to become a FLYING ACE

  21. Q: in the type 93 does locking the target with the optical tracker help the missile to lock the target further away??

  22. Hmm just i ‘m missing the British Warrior? 🙁

  23. Q: Are you planning to add a Bulgarian tech tree.
    ps. Glad you are back

  24. Nice to see that you made a speedy recovery 🙂

  25. What are the binoculars with the circles in the tank damage indicator in the lower left corner for

  26. Didn’t choose the BMP-2M because they knew it’d blow the higher tier tanks out of the water and expose how undertiered it is 🤭🤭🤭

  27. Really glad to have you back Bruce, it wasn’t really the same without you!
    I wish everyone a healthy 2022.

  28. I have a question about the F8U and the other F8. Why is it that you cant deploy both the airbrake and flaps at the same time?
    It’s been bugging me for quite some time

  29. Bruce is back! And his return is beautiful :)))

  30. Welcome back, Bruce!
    Nice to see you speaking the words again!

  31. BMP-2M is the most op IFV. Severely undertiered, 4x 1200m pen tandem missile can be fired on the move and still missing the 30mm apfsds. It could easily go to 10.0 or 10.3 with the APFSDS. Also BMD-4 is superior to BMP-3 in everything.

  32. Q/what do bullpup air to ground missiles do

  33. How come there’s no swastikas aren’t in this “historically accurate” game?

  34. Great to have you back bruce, we missed you, this show is not complete without you, heck this game isn’t complete without you.

  35. Why you were in hospital?

  36. Q: can you look up the battlerating in arcade and realistic battles

  37. q: will you ever add the fw187 to the game

  38. Ayyyy Bruce is back, glad to see.

  39. Your voice just cured my depression

  40. Hey bruce i hope you’re good.
    Q: why the Swordfish Mk.II has been removed from the british tree?

  41. Welcome back Bruce!

  42. Q: Are you guys ever gonna add the ability to move crew slots as a quality of life improvement, so that as I buy more crew slots and have a growing line-up I could maybe organise it into Light/Medium/Heavy Tanks, TDs, SPAA and Aircraft for example without having to start from scratch just to have them in that certain order?


  44. Great to have you back here bruce



  47. yay!! bruce is back, glad you are doing better

  48. He’s back let’s go

    Where FB-111 tho

  49. Q: I won’t stop asking , Can WE have Tusk II and Enigma Armor and stuffs like that for mbt’s ?

  50. welcome back, Bruce

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