THE SHOOTING RANGE #288: Winged Lions Breadcrumbs / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this :

00:00 — Introduction
00:29 — Metal Beasts: Israeli Messerschmitt
03:50 — Pages History: How Soviet Learned to Swim
07:54 — Tactical Briefing: Winged Lions Breadcrumbs
12:15 — Hotline



  1. Ive been having this glitch where smoke grenades dont render. Ie, the smoke is invisible. Anyone else?

  2. Is that possible to add dynamic weather?

  3. Why are the rusian mig 21 more expensiv den the germans

  4. I want vt4 and ztz99a

  5. I would like to have the possiblility to change my shell without firing it. i Would like to have disable in RB fire the gun in Outside view. Shooting in RB in gunnerview and later models also in comanderview

  6. It is might be useless, but there could be an armour damage modell, like for track skirts. So if it got enough damage it would “broke” and would be less effective, or completely ineffective. There were cases during the 2nd world war, where 3 soviet 150mm HE round hit the side of a panter’s turret and it cracked.

  7. Can you guys move the hunter fga9 to 9.3

  8. Having Bruce back on The Shooting Range … sweet sweet music 🙂

  9. When German buzzard get missiles?

  10. Russia has a new plane the su-75

  11. question: is it possible to destroy multiple tanks with one shell?

  12. Yeees, bruce is back.. we love you!!


  14. Nice game.
    Someone knows if this game is coming to nintendo Switch ?

  15. i have a question will the f22 raptor eventually be added to war thunder?

  16. Q. What are some of the positive things that volumetric armor has produced for the older tanks that have been reworked?

  17. Abdullah Khan Mohammed Tarique

    When will be war thunder going mobile.
    Plzz make it asap.

  18. l like if there is sepret control for drop torpedo

  19. Will sweden get helicopters

  20. Why wt website are down
    They can’t even load

  21. plz fix that shitty pt76, its impossible to win against russia on high tier. GG add a laser beam to an already broken techtree

  22. why don’t they add more GDR machines to the German tree because so far there is only the BMP-1?

  23. Question is the 57mm gun on the PT-76-57 the same gun on the T-34-57 and the ASU-57?

  24. Q: Pls Gaijin, nerf these AAA, they are destroying Air RB

  25. Q: Do aircraft bullets fly faster when shot from a moving plane compared to one that is stationary? And does it affect penetration?

  26. Tank guns / barrels as solid objects?

  27. Now you just need to do the propeller sounds

  28. Can you guys put helis in test drive?

  29. LeoA2A5DK or LeoA2A7DK when

  30. Mayby add wind effect on the ballistics of the rounds.

  31. How can i take back my scout_plane on the ship?

  32. Emperor Yeetus Deletus

    Q: What are the best rounds for the Yak-1? I’ve been seeing it destroy everything with Universal and Ground Targets

  33. Marcel Alan Szczot

    Q: When will Poland be added to the game? It would be nice if you added it

  34. Wheres the XP-72 Ultrabolt or Super Thunderbolt?

  35. Why German aircraft don’t have TV bombs

  36. Benjamin Bellest landa Watson

    Q: i see that there are some rockets that are mising at fighter in the german ww2 tectree like the air to air misile ruhrstahl x-4 or torpedo that bf109 and fw190 could cary

  37. Will you add new historical camouflages especially from WWII??

  38. good video and good update, thank you snail 🙂

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