THE SHOOTING RANGE #327: Potty Assault

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:27 — Metal Beasts: A That Outlived Its Era
04:01 — Pages of History: The Fastest SPG
07:44 — Tactics & Strategy: New SAM Capabilities
10:57 — Hotline



  1. 😢 a video with the old announcer came on after this one and he just doesn’t do it how the old announcer did

  2. Welp, he needs to eat the brick.

  3. john kevin salvatore sihotang

    Gaijin bring back panther 2 blyad!!

  4. The Chinese having an advanced weapon system?

    That’s rich

  5. Fix the game

  6. Any update on the white rock fortress rework? Are we gonna see any other older maps reworked to help improve match balancing?

  7. well aint that a shitty kil

  8. Can I ask, the brits never used napalm but had masses of biological and chemical weapons during the cold war any chance of these being added to the game as a new game dynamic ie they don’t hurt the tank but limit crew ability increasing re-load time etc? Also any chance of the brits getting their iconic V-bomber fleet like the Avro Vulcan bomber?

  9. Question: Would WW1 Tanks like the British Tank Mark I or French Renault FT or similar to be added in War Thunder?

  10. Q: will war thunder come to Nintendo switch?

  11. Do u think that gaijin can add the xm808 twister

  12. ANormalYouTubeUsername

    Quick question about thunder show:
    If I were to post a video to my channel and then submit the replay of that game to thunder show, would it be fine? If I remember correctly you weren’t allowed to do this before replays were used for thunder show.

  13. Q: Hey Gaijin, can you name all the Hungarian vehicles in the game?

  14. Q: its been a while i’ve been playing high rank ground forces, but it is still a mystery to me to dodge ennemy DCA missile in my A10

  15. How to earn or buy multicolored acrobatic smoke?

  16. Q: Can i skip tiers by buying permium tanks

  17. Can you please add a four engine bomber?

  18. So the newest TOP enemy from airplanes against tanks now is overengineered Bathroom equipment. well this is gonna be some MAJOR Brown alert moments if you see that Ceramic container land next to you.

    In game name is mattias4. i hope you still give 1000 golden eagles for a funny comment and i hope i made your day whoever reads this atleast a little better.

  19. gaijin why cant i just 7.3 or 7.7 without getting up teird its impossible to rank up

  20. *Please for the love of god make a custom kill icon for the toilet bomb: A1-H 🚽 [enemy ground vehicle]*

  21. Australia's Vengeance

    Q: why is there no sale for the Xbox this year for premium packs?

  22. Underworld Guardian

    The Tor-M is RUSSIAN!
    Not Chinese.

  23. 8:48… so what you’re saying is that the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn’t? And by subtracting where it isn’t from where it is, it can determine where it will be?

  24. Castle Laky Homesteading

    I have a question. why does the panther not have its grenade launcher? i know it was for infantry, but it would be nice for those pesky open top tank destroyers too.

  25. Wojciech Stanulewicz

    I have question.I found that medals that you get at the end of each battle like help some one repair are limited . You can only get them so meny times.(at lest medals for killing higher br vehicle)Sorry for bad english and Thx for answer.

  26. Can you guys please make a metal beast over the strv 122 a/b because it is the best tank in the game, i believe
    Or maybe a leo 2a6 verus a strv 122

  27. hey gaijin im having issues with FPS. While in game it will drop from 190+ to 1 but if i tab out it will return to 190+. Is there someway i can fix this that you know of?

  28. since the sturmtiger is here, are we gonna get player-controlled artillery????

  29. ベイダー卿の後ろのクローントルーパー


  30. If you do TRULY read all the comments respond to this and I shall eat an a3 piece of paper

  31. Yet again all I get is crashed game. Please FIX your GAME. Thanks

  32. When are they going to make the game playable?

  33. will the german Roland 2 and 3 missile get also the new targeting mode of AA? I mean, the missile is declared as half active in the stat card and this is basically what half active (witch is mentioned in the stat card of the missile) means

  34. Hi Gaijin, have you thought about adding the Jugoslav tech tree and if so when?

  35. Q: how can i unite 2 accounts to just one ? (sorry my english is not that perfect)

  36. The Day of the Tanks

    Thankyou for adding the BT 42!

  37. I want to know whats up with the guy that had to eat a brick.

  38. give us new mbt… t90m, leo 2a7 please

  39. happy bt42 😀

  40. Question: Will Italy get some romanian top tier tanks to spice it up?

  41. Q: Is It Possible To See The SAM Variant Of The Dutch Fennek In The Game Sometime Soon?

  42. nie mam pomysłu na nazwę

    Q: if in my tank commander has description that he can shoot the main weapon does this mean when I loose the gunner but my commander lives I can still shoot?

    • Aslatabista Alphonso

      Well this is where it is important to have better higher crew skills. To answer your question, yes you still can if your tank allows that.

  43. Can you make pages of history about hnlms abraham crijnssen?

  44. 12:49 Uuno Turhapuro reference

  45. Q: Why is the F-4C better at bombing than the F-105D?

  46. madlad, my guy doin brick asmr after the upload

  47. Q: What are the most efficient ways to counter the F14 for non US mains?

  48. Q: witch vehicles will get the half lead Tracking Option ?

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