The Slowest 30mm In Game FEAT. The Saddest IFV In The Game

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The Slowest In Game FEAT.

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  1. The low firing rate makes the stock ammo so bad

  2. Could phly play the vickers mk1

  3. Is that his main account? Why does it have so few sl and season pass progress?

  4. I was puttering around in a tier 1 BT-26 (I think?) that had a gun that fired just a bit faster than that, and hit just about as hard. There was no ATGM backup as this was a WW1ish vehicle. It was fun to sneak around and try to get some good shots into an opponent before he could spot me. Fun stuff!

  5. I’m using Stethoscope as a headset while watching this…. too much War Thunder for me

    (put headset or headphones speaker directly on the Stethoscope’s bell then you can hear it lol)

  6. Phly: This is a slow fire rate. Can’t engage quickly. Also Phly: This thing is amazing.

    Either way, Great video phly!!!!!

  7. A couple years ago someone suggested the Warrior CSP (warrior 2 with the CTA40) on the war thunder forums which got the open for discussion mark on the page. I had a look for it a month ago to see if it had any updates and found the suggestion had been removed. Im not sure what happened but it seems to me that the devs dont want to add the Warrior CSP to the game. I could be wrong and just cant find the page but i never had trouble finding it in the past. its a shame, i would love to see Warrior CSP in the game as well.

  8. i use the 30mm on the warrior has the primary weapon and the atgm has the secondary. the slow fire rate ive found confuses people on where they are geting shot from.

  9. Glad to see that someone is more broke than me ingame 🙂

  10. Sadder ifv? Well the Marder A1 exists…

  11. Phloppy whoppy

  12. The problem I have with the warrior is the stock belt. It has 3 53mm pening max APIT. That’s worse than the Mk 103 for ww2.

  13. My problem with the Warrior is the exhaust port front right, blocking thermals on your front sectors. That is a no no.

  14. Just another human, or am i?

    sadly this had a bad reputation of getting brrrrt’d irl

  15. Oh please play the 8.0 Bradley now, you gotta after you just played the warrior

  16. Ill never play that tank as i.don’t spend money on this game cause they money hungry devs that don’t give a dam about people that can’t afford premium

  17. GenericWarThunderPlayer31

    Phly, I challenge you to get 5 kills in the duck. The twist? Do it all in vr.

  18. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    I usually bring some of the mixed belts for helis and light targets. The SAP rounds literally 1 shot a lot of light vehicles it’s insane.

    Also @ 17:51 that sad moment you open the scoreboard to see 11 of your teammates have done utterly nothing and most left after a death. High tier in a nut shell 😭

  19. This thing is incredible. People are spoiled by all the other IFV’s.

  20. Day 424: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  21. Honeydicked is now my new favorite word

  22. glad you are back ole phlopy woppy

  23. Day 250: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  24. I wish I could play with this guy it would be fun

  25. Ahaha…ok, sure, 81mm of pen on the 25mm bushmaster, yeah…we’ll go with that. Lol. Just know that is hilarious. I’ll say this, they can and did kill T-72’s at closer ranges in the gulf war, with 25mm auto cannon…that was almost 32 yrs ago…so yeah…lol. But 81mm pen, lol.

  26. Falcon is a better IFV than Warrior. 😉

  27. I LOVE playing the warrior. Its pretty good.
    I even use it alongside my black knight aswell….get a kill with the missile here and there too. Killing 11.0 tanks. Its a fantastic little machine

  28. Maybe a video on the Strf 9040 BILL or a Swedish Bofors ifv?

  29. You have absolutely got to try the x3 torpedo bomber or x3 2klbs bombs strike aircraft in the American tech tree the am 1 against ships would be so sweet

  30. The fire rate was probably employed to preserve accuracy.

  31. You can’t have fun playing war thunder only from phly can you smile and laugh to this game 😂😂❤

  32. Hmmmmm phly ran out of premium, time to panik?

  33. Saddest is 7.7 Marder

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  34. I’ve played on this thing. It’s exhaust always messes it’s thermal sights, it has no stabilization and never in my play I’ve one shot anyone. Every time my round disappears in first crew member…. so GAYjin never tweaks odds for anyone, not even for million blogers who advertise their game, right? =)

  35. Look at chat at 13:54. lol

  36. Phly you havent made a video about new swedish schoolbus with nlaw on top

  37. Day 239 : Phly out the Arsenal VG33 and D520 to show em a little baguette trick you learned ❤👀

    • Dm phlydaily00 on ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ

      Thanks for the comments
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  38. The Saddest IFV? I think you mean the swedish pbv 302 BILL

  39. I was thinking of playing again after getting disappointed with the event tornado jet,
    but after seeing that heli surviving that ATGM hit I think I’ll just watch boss Phly’s videos instead.

  40. I actually have the warrior and the apds round actually isn’t terrible, tbh the vehicle isn’t that bad, has really good mobility from stock, good speed and the only downside is the gun is slow firing

  41. 😶‍🌫I miss your evil salty twin, Philiph J McPhly. Surely he can’t be dead?

  42. Can you play one of the chuchill tanks?

  43. And Gaijin ain’t even gonna give the Gepard actual APDS belt coz its “unhistoric” they said

  44. Why is this thing 8.0 but the Italian VBC is 8.7

  45. A ratel with a 20mm cannon loaded with chewed paper is much sadder ifv

  46. Hey PhlyDad nice to see you hope everything is good at home☺

  47. Can you make a video with the CV9040

  48. With British vehicles you pay for the quality not the quantity

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