The Smallest Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The Italian L3/33 CC a pretty infamous gremlin / rat tanks in Thunder. It also carries the title the smallest tank in the game (as far as I know). Does that make it good? I don't think so. I really wish would've given it some kind of solid round.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Smallest Tank In War Thunder


  1. Fun game; down a shot of water every time I say “Oh my god” during this video

  2. Aptly named a “tankette”
    Cute thing it is

  3. That JFK joke was funny
    It still feels too soon though
    Even though its been half a century

  4. “Annihilating his skull”
    I think it was URB who said
    “Recoiless rifles arent”
    Meaning they have recoil
    In some instances enough to kill the user

    Recoilless rifles aren’t. Neutral countries aren’t. Suppressive fires won’t. Friendly fire isn’t.

  5. Joan Teruel Jurado

    you should play the Flakpanzer 341, coelian, flak them all 🙂 (suffer with SPAA’s) Day 22

  6. Imagine a squad filled up by L33’s and Pzkfw II H’s, it would be awesome

  7. try to get good mod plz

  8. Best gremlin tank is the Ke-Ni- highly mobile, super squat profile, and a decent APHE round that means it can one or two shot most vehicles at the BR.

  9. It’s fun to kill pz 4s in this thing. They never expect it.

  10. Edward De La Cruz

    The L3 is Mousley in War Thunder confirmed!

  11. The L3 is a great tank but has its flaws. It can deal against light tanks with paper armor and is useful for taking out tracks…if you’re lucky. The L3’s also a good support vehicle for team repairs, can easily hide anywhere, and go in certain areas no other tank could reach (best when evading an enemy). There are some speculations from other players that the M22 is better because of its armor, traverse speed, and better ammo rounds than the L3. However, it lacks depression, reload speed, and due to the M22’s model (aka the bulging turret), the tank could be easily seen the if bush decor isn’t in the right place or hidden in the wrong spots. That said, it’s a good meme tank that I think surpasses the M22 in some aspect.

    My big brain and four eyes hurt after writing this spooksie wooksie! I don’t know how you do it. I bet you could win any debate battle of the debate club and win the regional championship.

  12. the gun is basically a Solothurn S18-1000 20mm anti tank rifle, the gun is recoiling to re-cock e charge the next round, so it’s not annihilating the skull of the gunner.

  13. Púca Patchworks

    Day 19 of asking you to play the Breda 501

  14. It would be really funny if you killed an ADATS or Tunguska with this lol.

  15. 4:28 – 4:43 are probably the TBLF bois and that’s probably Bo being carried by Sturmling or Stickboy.

  16. ChillingLeviathan

    Ratel 90 / 20 vid when?

  17. No matter how bad your tank is you still get suicide CASed/revenge bombed.

  18. My friend killed you in the t60 bro just herd gg

  19. Hey spookston I killed you at 4:16 you can check my YouTube for my username, had a buddy show me this video fun match playing against you lol

  20. Daimyo Buttlordo

    L3 is a lot of fun. Great for hiding in bushes or just sitting out in the open.

  21. The AMX ZT3? (The bigger brother of the L3)

  22. You should play the sd.kfz.234/1 it is so good for its br

  23. And then there was that time when a group of enemies literally decided to capture me alive…they dragged me back to their base while commenting how small I was …this the closest I ever felt to being kidnnapped

  24. I love how this video just made the amount of L3 players skyrocket. I had a match with 2 other ones today.

  25. Gabrielius Jankunas

    Feel like your crew should of died from the BT driving into you

  26. 4:25 Only in Italy man, only in Italy

  27. Yet another video where I am requesting the stupid gremlin M2A2

  28. F4U corsair is epic


  29. 1:32

    Since it uses an anti-tank rifle, not a conventional cannon, the entire recoil mechanism is in the gun itself, so the gunner is safe :3

  30. Area51UFOGynaecology

    germany had the jagdpanther and italy had the L3

  31. Poison damage lol!

  32. Spookston, if you think the l3 is bad it could kill a top tier armored car

  33. Carro Veloce 33

    Poor L/3

  34. Lmao the only thing it’s good for is taking out panzers from the front.

  35. They found some of these still being used in Iraq and Syria.

    Imagine rolling around in this thing in the 2010’s.

  36. They should add the flamethrower variant in game. Maybe a researchable modification that gives this thing a fuel trailer like the Churchill Crocodile and replaces the 20mm with dragons breath.

  37. J DiBonaventuro

    I once killed a Char B1 with an L 3/33. Proudest moment of my war Thunder career.

  38. Keerati jirananutwinyu

    this game physic is truly impeccable

  39. Getting killed by that thing is the ultimate humiliation

  40. This thing is actually fun compared to the Ha-Go

  41. The little thing is fun to meme in and I actually ammo-detted a Object 120 from the side with this thing when I was trying to kill either a T-55 or T-54 from a side on shot

  42. This feels like bringing a Zip 22 to a naval battle

  43. I bet it has a nice personality

  44. love the commentary and those goofy edits 😀

  45. Back and to the left

  46. I think this gun is the personification of “notice me senpai”.

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