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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. Phly can you play the ZUT-37 please.

  2. Nein hier ist Patrick.

    I didnt even know facebook still exists

  3. FacePalmBook

  4. Attempt 49 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  5. Me when I finally get HEATFS on my brand new M56 (literally the intro)

  6. Phly’s hit 100 on the Sneak Skill.

  7. It looks like a flat frog

  8. The jumbo 76 that you killed was really unhappy lol. He called you a few unsavory words when you one tapped him.

  9. Day 7 – Hey Phly, you should play the StuG III A at 2.3 with HEAT and smoke rounds. Just pure entertainment to run around with. You can pair it with the duck for some extra phun!

  10. i think alot of people shy away from the france line because of the early game shitshow that is their tanks. their early tanks are horrid and getting out of them hurts

  11. Ive been waiting for someone to make a video on this lil guy

  12. ty steve

  13. Now it will be going up BR

  14. Day 87 of asking Phly to phly the kfir c7 in Ground RB .

  15. you are so sneaky

  16. just a quick reminder you leaked your full name in the vid

    2:12 your commenting as …

  17. Peter Armstrong

    Lol. Nice vid phly

  18. Messerschmitt Me 410 B-1 / U-2

    Finally! Phly played the tiny AMX ELC bis.

  19. I don’t know but i think Phly is sneaky.

  20. OMG Phly, 19:14 , did you just do a French-Canadian on a French tank 😛 Tabarnack !

  21. Attempt #35: get 8 kills in a single game with the italian 90/53 M41M

  22. 19:13 that Tabarnac made my night

  23. Daytimetundra77

    Why no cammo? Why is the tank naked?

  24. so something that Gaijin gets wrong with this tank is that A it’s designated a TD when it’s a Light Tank and it should get spotting. also when the tank isn’t moving the turret should be capable of rotating completely. the only thing that would be an issue is that the tank would be locked into not moving until the turret reaches back to it’s normal turret rotation range while moving.

  25. That’s one of the cooler sounding guns in game.

  26. the only reason this isn’t gettin the light tank tag is because it’ll have to get artillery and scouting abilities lol

  27. sander Olde Keizer

    Is that badger’s seal?

  28. love to see that badgur seal on a actual wt youtuber 😀

  29. Im sorry, that holds 53 rounds? There’s half the weight of the tank lol

  30. I think he is sneaky guys

  31. Palle Gantzhorn

    oh dude we need a video on that M36B2 tho!

  32. T-60 when (its my birthday btw)

  33. Dihann Van Niekerk

    Stephen Weiss? So that’s your secret alias…

  34. I think hes sneaky

  35. Phly would you like to fly the MB5? pretty please?

  36. I hate this tank

  37. they should introduced fuel mechanics to tanks, cause, the ELC, has only one Fuel Tank, I’m pretty sure, hahaha

  38. 18:40 look mom its me 😀 (I cant play for shit, I know)

  39. I use it. shh ffs.

  40. no one talks about how to use the camera lock to lock the orientation of your main cannon barrel, keeping the barrel at a specific point. all you have to do is press a button and it unlocks and you have control again. but, it only works with tanks with a coaxial gun.

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