The Soviet Jumbo Tank

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Source: Spookston

Soviet KV-1 is already a very tough heavy tank to crack in War Thunder. When you throw some additional armor plating onto it, you get something that is nigh on invincible. That is exactly what the KV-1E is. It's probably the closest thing the tech tree has to the American M4A3E2 Jumbo. All the plate edges combined with volumetric shells basically give you your own Gaijin powered APS.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Search And Destroy, For Peace, In The Field, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Soviet Jumbo Tank


  1. Hey Spookston,
    are these penetrating sounds or gunshot sounds edited or how do you get them

  2. Even though I don’t play anymore, hearing Spookston say that 7 kills isn’t many is a personal attack every time I hear it

  3. Stalin, Your Leader

    play the asu 57 next

  4. Andrew Fitzsimmons-Evans

    Play anything between 9.7-10.0, so you can suffer with me as I play British 10.0 and die to drones every game.

  5. Could you make a video on the 75mm jumbo while using only apcr?

  6. I absolutely loved the editing on this vid

  7. Play the AEC MK II

  8. The added sound you add into the footage of shooting, bouncing shells, aircraft etc. are really cool

  9. the intro killed me.

  10. OscarRailfanning

    Day 24 of asking for a M4A1 76 W video:D

  11. how do you change the sounds?

  12. Fa Mulan: Revengeance

    KV1S is great too. One of the fastest tanks at its’ BR. I constantly fight against the Puma, being the fastest of our teams. Solid armor as well and a solid gun. KV1 L11 not so much imo.

  13. Antonijo Drewski

    Day 3 of telling you to play the T29

  14. 3:29, that couldve been such a smooth manscaped transition.. like koala brain smooth

  15. 6:35

    I just had a goddamn flashback to Jedi knight with that sound effect what the fuck Spook

  16. ever since u put out this video iv been seeing ALOT of these tanks and i enjoy blowing them up with my M4

  17. day (something of asking spookston to play the xm1 gm

  18. Fear me and my lineup of panzer 4

  19. Just subscribe you 🙂 as soon as h said about bush policy
    I agreee as free to play player

  20. is that the fire sound costum or how thats works ?

  21. Just wanna ask…. when u say u used the bt7 in 5.7 was it on Berlin at all? I was in q tiger and say a bt7 on berlin

  22. Please play the churchhill

  23. Love the halo 1 CE sniper sound effect

  24. The GAZ with the dog meme was a good mix. Rabbid Russian enters the battlefield.

  25. Day 2 of asking for you to play the SU-122-54

  26. The Royal Australian

    Side shot, or lower front plate, and the “Russian Jumbo” as you affectionately call it Spookston, goes boom.

  27. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    9:16 you hit the gap, Hetzer upper plate has underneath thickness that have less angle
    Yes, I were take, another RNG

  28. Armor and gun, a great combination. Kinda like armor and mobility, or gun and mobility. The worst combo is no gun, no armor and no mobility, so basically japanese tanks.

  29. what was the movie/show shown at the beginning of the video?

  30. nicolas rouvreau

    I love to troll locusts players, they think you’re an “standard” kv1, an then, surprise !

  31. What always annoyed me was that the americans get the 105 Sherman at the same level and it can pen the kv-1 just about any where. And it’s armour is impregnable on the front to the 76 on the KV so it kinda negates the kv-1’s whole existence.

  32. M22 3.7 bully some people you’d be surprised how much damage it can do to tigers and things and paper IV

  33. This tank has more side armor than a Tiger 2 and it’s at 4.0 . You can’t even penetrate it from the side with a tank that has less than 120mm pen .

  34. Levitate🏳‍🌈⃠

    Me in Panzer IV F2 when I saw KV-1

    Me : Not this again
    “proceed to shoot and doesn’t pen”

  35. Play the SMK!

  36. Why does no one zoom in to hit people when ramming

  37. CT-1902 Captain Madsen

    I swear with the amount of Halo references you put in I want to watch you play Halo at some point. dealers choice on the Halo

  38. “most of their team is gone…I was hoping i could get more kills” spookston said with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes…

  39. 6:30 “there’s no invisible tanks in the game your just bad skill issue”


    One of my best tanks in terms of win rate! The armor on the KV-1E is absolutely insane, it’s very mobile for its size and weight, and the shell packs a massive punch!! This tank just looks sexy and the engine sounds gorgeous. I love the KV-1E, one of my best tanks I have in my garage and also one of my most loved and driven tanks from my garage. I have no regrets about the purchase!!

  41. Lucas Dimitrikopoulos

    i would watch this more if the guy wasn’t such a furry

  42. dude when the tank was flying in air with the alien ring tone you made me spit out my orange slice

  43. The halo 3 teleportation noise got me

  44. Try m3 Lee in Ground AB at 2.3

  45. Gaijin ballistics: an APHEBC that pens 90mm vertically (the BR-350B with MD-8) can pen more sloped armor than does an APCBC with a vertical penetration of over 100mm (the US 75mm APCBC)

  46. What would you say is the best tank for br 2.5-3. Just got back to the game after like 4 years

  47. You hating pumas is not just a you thing

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