The Soviet MONSTER Gets Quietly BUFFED! – Obj. 279 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

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279 has not only seen a passive buff, but a very quiet one at that as it's main rivals have not only moved up away from fighting this monstrous vehicle, but its old prey has also moved up to meet it once again!

00:00 – Bomb Proof Highlight
00:31 – How was it “Buffed”?
04:13 – ALL THE 279!
08:24 – Urban chaos
12:13 – Rocky start
15:44 – I just HAD to say it..
17:40 – Just, maybe need a nerf..
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  1. tried the sponsor.. played some stupid game for 2 days, didn’t get jack sh*t!.

  2. Its all fun and games till you get the 9k repair cost

  3. it was a monster in 8.3 its just a little above average in 8.7. it would be useless in 9.0. I wish commentators would STFU with there OP BS. Leave it alone.

  4. William Benedict Alava

    Heck yeah good thing I got that tank 3 years ago (around 2020)

  5. Freccia gets a missile.

  6. That tank is so stupid

  7. Rip T54’s fighting 9.0

  8. So since this Obj 279 was made to take a Nuclear attack then if the enemy drops a nuke and you are in the Obj 279 you won’t be counted as DEAD 🤔…………….😋

  9. I kick myself in the @SS for this one cause I randomly decided to come back from not playing WT for a little bit and caught the very last minutes of this vehicle event. But hey at least I got the IS7 for that one.

  10. My luck is that I started playing WT right after the event for that thing ended. If i knew back then that this thing would end up costing so much i would have bought it but god damn 600$ is half of my monthly income lol

  11. Literally one of the most broken tanks in the game. So hard to kill it. Would still love to own it tho, only playing since 22 sadly.

  12. Or even better, like the Maus sabot, it could fire an 85mm shell at 1,500m/s

  13. BBT Big black tail?

  14. a lot of russian things were buffed, its very noticable with recent br changes, they have radar AA at 7,7 and their 23×4 one stayed the same 8.0br.

    Also this thing is way too good, in reality its turn is horrible as tracks are too close

    • are you dumb? no spaa was moved up. every nations aa was buffed, what are you on about?
      the yenisei radar is the worst in game, it is literally unusable, you should actually concern with the game before making statements.

  15. Happy I grinded for this bad boy. Gotta say the IS-7 was the worst grind imo.

  16. I remember a match where 3 of my teammates and i were trying to destroy this thing for like 3 min of us just shooting at it in random spots

  17. I swear when I see the Object 279 I hear Vordt of the Boreal Valley.

  18. VT1-2 is still 8.7, thank god we dont see more of those

  19. 11:20 That’s probably because there are so many players with the same-ish name lol. We have one in our squadron with almost identical name

  20. Big black tank-BBT

  21. Some guy from Kaunas

    And people say gajin does not have Russian bias

  22. 4:49 5:07 5:16 6:10 the reason why the 279 sucks in a nutshell.

  23. Obj 279 is fine where it is… also it has no thermals while faces vehicles with thermals

  24. This thing is a bealty, I only have played 1 time with this in a friend acount, and, God, is fun, sad this price, I really dont enjoy the way this kind of veiculos are impossible to play now days

  25. I can’t pen it with dm33 or any 105 mm cannon anywhere

  26. One thing to note is that the armor shouldn’t be able to bounce dm23/33, but it does. And it does it incredibly consistently. Ive been grinding out 9.0 italy and just today i saw like 8 of these. Using dm23 i was only able to pen one a single time. And thats not to say i dont know where the weak spots are, this thing just evaporates them.

    • skill issue. This thing can only tank with its turret. It’s really strong. But its hull is cardboard against any HEAT or APFSDS. All you need to do is just shoot at his center of mass and 8/10 times it will be a one shot.

    • @Kotory I’m ranked in the top 25k for realistic so while I’m not incredibly good I know what I’m doing. The armor is just broken and bounces things it shouldn’t be able to on a regular basis. If you don’t wanna believe and keep huffing copium go for it.

    • @Sushiman38 it does not bounce anything if you place your shot in his center of mass. Sometimes “gaijined” happens but this happens all the time regardless of the tank.
      I mean. If you can’t penetrate 200-300mm of armour with darts or heat it’s skill issue.

    • @Kotory I can gather the clips I have assuming Nvidia didn’t delete the temp files if you want. It isn’t skill issue to watch the rounds plink off center mass shots multiple times. It’s bad game design. Quit sucking snail dick and just admit that something that everyone else, even the best of the best, see as broken is broken. You don’t have to be a contrarion for the sake of it.

  27. I’ve never shot at a T-series with a cassette magazine, hit the cassette and not had it die instantly. If there is any bias its WW2 RU rounds being suspiciously better than anything else at angle pen even better than things with twice as much raw pen. Again at WW2 BR’s they have aspects of their tank that are clearly coded to be invulnerable when otherwise wouldn’t. And currently as of the BR changes their IS-3,4,7, T-10’s and any iteration of them are permabouncing certain APDS even in spots where they wouldn’t. Then of course RU getting vehicles that upset the balance but Gaijin avoiding giving other nations a contemporary or similar vehicle (this is mostly and almost only at BR10+) But RU isn’t the only nation with vehicles that have special rules applied where others wouldn’t get the same treatment.

  28. Justin’s beard is so perfectly groomed that it almost looks fake lol

  29. Soviet Union had a lot of crazy prototypes that were never built. Man, I’d love to see Object 490 in War Thunder, that thing looks monstrous.

  30. i have had a somewhat similar experience surviving bombs in the chieftain mk10 at least as long as the bomb is in front of me

  31. I miss when the black camos had a unique effect on decals, where they would basically turn everything into a gray silhouette. Looked so good with the fire decals.

  32. Saludos justin veo tus videos con subtitulos y me gustan

  33. As an xbox player no hate please just enjoy the game on a different platform. But I’m more than stoked that I did the grind for this vehicle has been an amazing combo with the Shaturm. Also love the content keep it up 👍🏻

  34. Market is strange….how is this 600 Gaijin Bucks and a Surblinde is over 800?

    I’m only salty because I’d REALLY like a Surblinde. LOL

  35. Peak russian engineering.

  36. this tank should be an off meta choice not something that is basically unobtainable and ruins 7.7-8.7 matches. its like kv1E but high br and even more broken, but gaijin wont nerf it becasue “it performs bad” as they say with the kv1E too which is just most likely a lie.

  37. 279 totally countered by 103 series and most mbts, especially if their concept is armor, chieftain have better armor and bullets, 279 can only pen lower plate and small area of same br armored tanks, only small area of lower plate of 72m1 pennable and longer range means abysmal without laser rangefinder

  38. Yeah it will be moved up. In what ? 6 months at best? They moved up british tanks with crap gun and crap armor but did not move that thing. Just a reminder the Chieftain is at the same BR. But guess what? It is a russian vehicle so that makes absolutly sense, I guess that it should even be 8.3 and it would not even surprise me if they did.

  39. 9:03 humm yes?
    also you SLAUTERED enemy team in this video!

  40. The Object 279 never makes sound in my game along with many others. Usually I get sound from only my own teammates and most enemies are silent.

  41. Completely unplayable and miserable trash mobile of a Tank, it does not belong on 9.7 where it gets uptiered to almost always now. Cannot kill a Merkava or T-55 (Finland) fronatlly, faces german Leopard 2k’s and T-72’s, speed does not matter either with the Centauros, R3’s and Type 16. Unplayable, needs more BR decompression.

    No skill issue, it sucks and is overtiered.

    Edit: Moving it to 9.0, are you dumb? It already suffers at 8.7 with all the 9.7 uptiers!


    I have the 279, and when it fist came out, holy shit was I dominating. After a while, it got a few indirect nerfs with the addition of more stabilized APFSDS and HEATFS slingers, not to mention people with thermals at its BR, it felt mediocre at times. If you got full up-tiered, you were fucked. Now, with it’s pen buffed, and its worst nemesis brought up in BR, it dominated like no other. The other match, I was bouncing APFSDS and APDS left and right while I was one shotting everything! With this update, I am just getting double ace games often, its bonkers lmao.


      Type 16 prototype is still a pain to face though. Laser rangefinder, APDSDS, and thermals at 9.0… all of that on a very fast wheeled chassis.

  43. I can’t express how much I hate playing against these

  44. JubJub Doowalawala

    Keep quiet with the good tanks next time faggot ruining it for the rest of us while Germany always have op vehicles 239 pen from tier 3….. let us have our fun

  45. Random Clips Military

    Ah yes promote a fkin scam that ge thingy is fake asf.

  46. I see people perform terribly at 9.7 with me being a troll using t34-85 topping the scoreboard lmao

  47. Damn i wish we could still get it cause I started playing way after this tank came out

  48. people kept telling me it was a skill issue that this thing was nigh impossible to kill: i thought i was alone in thinking this thing is op. seems i’m not the only one.

  49. Big black tank?

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