The Soviet Wedge You Need To Play…Sometimes

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. 9:45 dude. you just did a drive by and you didn’t realize it. so cool dude xd

  2. we’ll never know.

  3. Phly you definitely need to do naval and Air V. Naval combat…..

  4. Hey Phly, what about potentially redoing a battle of midway type thing again? especially with the addition of many new playable ships since the last one came out paired with the updated carrier graphics could make for a cool and immersive video!

  5. And yet, every time I shot this thing with my apds from lekpz 41 at close range it gives me “non penetration” .
    No, it’s not a skill issue.

  6. Why do you only bring one tank and one plane? Just to showcase the subject matter? I get that but I’m new to the game and I’m just curious.

    • Content creators do that because they generally have to play 10+ games that you don’t get to see, so that they can get the footage they want to use in their video.

      If you leave the match without having spawned when you still have points to spawn another vehicle you get crew locked, so only bringing one vehicle means less time having to either play the other vehicles or wait out the crew lock before going to the next match to try get more footage.

    • @Keith Rogers thank you for the explanation, sir.

  7. Mr Phly would you be able to do a video about single player campaign

  8. “Nice maneuver”
    enemy: flying in a straight line

  9. object 906 has the same gun I believe

  10. please play the he-100 day 6

  11. Day 526 of asking you to play the P.108.A Serie 2 on tanks again

  12. You’re a bomber that’s pretending to be AWACS

  13. man i played warthunder for one year then computer broke really want to play these days great video by the way

  14. When Phly is using the bombing site, the plane doesn’t auto level out. Everytime I use the sight, its levels out making the bombing target point not accurate.
    Is there a bind or setting to change?

  15. Just some dude chillin

    Hey phly can you play the ru 251

  16. This is a trick so he can farm SL on germany at 6.3

  17. as always thanks Steve

  18. Fire_Drake12 .Arc.

    BTW, slight mistake alot of people seem to make, there is a difference between “Rangefinder” and “Laser Rangefinder”. This tank has a normal Rangefinder, not a Laser Rangefinder. Which is why it doesnt auto-set the gun and also why it takes more than 1 second to get the range.

    Most tanks that dont have laser rangefinders use a coincidence rangefinder (the long bar with two optics, one on each end). I dont see that on here physically so unless it uses a different method or irl has a laser rangefinder Gaijin hasnt given it, it doesnt auto=set the gun.

    Rangefinder and Laser Rangefinder are NOT the same.

  19. This is the vehicle which has a really powerful gun but somehow still manages to drive people insane.

  20. this is basically a jpz but better

  21. these tiers/BR are the best no doubt

  22. Honestly the 6.3 Soviet is such a good lineup, 6.7 is great as well

  23. Can you play the Panther F with the Me 162

  24. There is a reason you don’t see this vehicle a lot.
    The tech tree it sits in has a lot of way better vehicles.

    Put it in a different tech tree where nothing has armour and it would be amazing lol.

  25. low tier? real true gamers know 7.0 is top tier. whatever is above that doesn’t exist.

  26. Thank you PhlippityPhloopity for doing what you do.
    Your videos bring me much entertainment and joy ^^

  27. Must be nice having everything unlocked

  28. hi phly it is nice how your channel is growing and how you are making more funny content in your vid keep it up phly

  29. Ikv 103 has 400mm of pen at 4.7, beat that

  30. It’s a rangefinder, not a laser rangefinder

  31. uh no, just dont play this awful thing because you do not have it spaded and yoi will have a rough time

  32. Ah yes, and then I take this vehicle and miss every single shot because I am null to long range xD

  33. How do u have fun on this game

  34. विनीत कुमार

    I can’t hold back my tears, tu 2 and asu 85 gameplay. He’ll yeah.

  35. Phly I got my first nuke just by using the ASU 85. Lot of people somehow didn’t see me in the round so I somehow managed to pull it off and win

  36. Casualy flying rarest plane in the game 😀

  37. No Serpents Allowed

    he no use APHE, SINNER

  38. How do you change the distance when you’re scoped in like that?

  39. I only hate the game… 9.2h playtime and uninstalled it 9 times… But I love the videos!

  40. One of the best tanks in the game IMO. Amazing APHE that can pen most of what it faces. And if it cant you have a HEATFS shell.

  41. 1:38 wtf are you talking about that clearly doesnt say laser rangefinder.

  42. Youre surprised an 85mm high velocity gun performs similarly to an 88mm high velocity gun?

  43. Man, i need a new computer so i can start playing warthunder again. My old rig can’t play it anymore. I used to play this tank. It’s hard to play but it ain’t bad

  44. Can strongly recommend returning to sprocket! The experimental branch on steam has a massive amount of improvements, and the game’s come such a long way!

  45. No face came anymoire ?

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