The Special German Heavy in World of Tanks: The VK 72.01 (K) Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K), 0 German Heavy Tank, Reward Tank. World of Tanks Clan Wars Reward Tank Review. World of Tanks Replays / Best Battles.

First up we have a German back-turreted heavy tank called VK 72.01 (K). This tank can take some beating and deal some damage with its 750 alpha damage, 150mm boomstick.

Let’s have a what it has to offer and let’s play a battle two!

What do you think about this?


  1. Friday, we made it! 🙂
    Hopefully this episode helps out some of you.
    Have a nice weekend, you sexy Beasts!

  2. Nice video dez!!!!
    18:33 it was a blast watching you grilling Grille ?
    Thank you for this video ,i wish you a good weekend ! 🙂

  3. My loadout on this tank is 10-20-5. I often start the battle with HE and then ready to go back to AP again. You know – in case there are naughty little scouting midgets, fapping in the bushes. The HEAT is there in case I’m locked in a drawn out game, but in reality, I rarely use them. And in the rare occasion I ran out of AP due to having to take a lot of shots, I’m already past 4k-5k dmg mark, so I’m still making money with Prem Acc with it 😉
    Unlike the Tier 7-8 Clan Wars reward tanks, the Tier 10s don’t quite suck as badly as their regular counterparts. Maybe the 121B, but even for that tank, there are useful scenarios.

  4. that tank can be easily pen’ed , side scraping does not work with this tank, it sucks, i had both of them, you look at that tank in the garage; spin it around, facing you, or side scrape, on each side if the turret ring is [[[ always , visible ]]]; people don’t waste your time grinding for this tank, tier 9 is way better… good day

  5. There are 2 backturret german heaytanks

    Rip maus

  6. DerSchattenPhoenix

    I want this tank so badly but im just a casual player and i don’t have the time for clan Wars… Is there any other way to get these reward tanks? No right? :/

  7. wtf is that railway lol

  8. I would love this tank considering it does not have the non premium tank weakspot and I can’t have it because I’m also low on time sad times

  9. I always thought this and pz VII were the same tank LMAO


    We have this tank as a premium tier 10 tonk.

  11. I find it funny how console has had 3d models for a long time but you guys still don’t

    • the game engines are completely different and PC has to adapt to a much wider spectrum of computer compatibility and playability than console which has 100% uniform performance across the board

  12. 3:19 dammm that blindshot

  13. That side-scraping weakness on the Pz.VII is probably the only thing stopping me from actually throwing that 6mil creds down the drain. I prefer the Tier 9

    • Tier 9 is much better tier for tier.

    • I don’t know about on PC but on Console you can still skyscrape in this thing you just can’t go too far it’s like a middle ground between straight on and sidescraping and from what I can tell if you do it right it’s super powerful I’ve talked to a ton of people who say they can only pen this tank from the side or the back the lower plate can be penned but it’s not as reliable as it looks like

  14. たいほーしてん

    thats VK’s armor model is not true

  15. Mmm yes such a sexy tank

  16. Great DEZ armor analysis on these German behemoths. I love to see a Battle Master like you DEZ , awesome game play .
    ; b

  17. Great video Dez. Thanks.

  18. Getting this tank next campaign

  19. Is the T-22 medium gonna be in it I’m curious ???

  20. Of course as wargaming keep telling us, only 5% of ammo fired is gold/premium! Hence the need to nerf HE and encourage purchase of more premium ammo…go figure, must be Russian accounting logic!

  21. Dezgamez i’m sry to correct you but the armor model of the vk and panzer 7 is exactly the same i have seen a bunch of youtuber’s committing the same mistake the armor model is wrong on tanks gg if you want a accurate one go to armor inspector. To my knolodge i s the only one with the right armor model of the VK but you can just use the armor model of the panzer 7 on tanks gg np. I know this becuase i know a bunch of people in my clan witch have the tank. Although every one wished it was like on tanks gg with just the mantlet of the panzer 7’s gun unfortunately it’s not . By the way if you want you can make a video testing on a training room the VK armor and the panzer 7 and you will unveil the mystery that surrounds this tank, even some pro players that i know in good clans don’t rly know this. Altought i can’t rly confirm this you would make a good video topic.

    • you are correct, WG themselves confirmed that the armor models are identical except for small details

    • thank you , it rly pisses me of, that youtubers dont realize that even after playing the tank….

    • @staz blood lad Yes especially when it’s an obvious broken model, like the chieftain for example. Wot players eat up false info though, I think it makes them feel better about playing terrible

  22. The last decent german T10 heavy

  23. My dad always wanted that tank but i dont know how to get it and i want obj 907

  24. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    The Pz.Kpfw. VII was awesome till everyone learned to shoot it’s paper cheeks. Side scraping?, nope.

  25. why cant you stream and make videos of highlights of your clanwars? We can learn a thing or two!

  26. Dez, is there any chance you could take a look at the console version and do review of it please? Our devs are seriously bad and we need help.

  27. the model of the vk is wrong…. you did play it you should realize that

  28. I love to watch vk and pz battles.
    beautyful tanks 🙂

  29. why not use armor inspector….

  30. My guess, at least one new reward tank in bond shop or black market

  31. Don’t talk about armor model, even the module model in the left bottom corner is generic. WG is all about premium tank after all.

  32. New mic dez?

  33. After having joined two clans i’m done with masterrace behavior, just having fun with tactics and platooning with friends is enough to fill some hours. Nothing else to wish for, but maybe the AMX30 Pluton?

  34. World of tanks will not be good until all unicums stop spamming non skill ammo that is called premium ammo. For 30-40% more pen= 30-40% more winrate.

  35. Dez, what are your thoughts on players that exclusively use heat, are they noobs that don’t understand the game mechanics? or are just lazy turds?

  36. Dez give us some T22 sr. action. I haven’t seen that tank for a long time, but used to be scared of it as all hell

  37. Be aware of 72.01K heat? Dez you silly, everyone shoots heat exclusively nowadays. ♥

  38. I just wanna see the e100 get -8 gun depression 260 front 160 side turret

  39. Crazy Russian Gamer

    “120 tons of pure metal.”

    Uhh Dez, I think you forgot the extra 2 kg of Shnapps on it.

  40. Dez didnt know about the mantle weakspot of pz7? Correct me if im wrong but thats what disappointing about pz7 and Vk k got an extremely good mantle.

  41. great watching you have fun, laughing, honestly enjoying the game ?

  42. Thank you , Dez

    I don’t play tier 10 Tanks , But i all-ways need to know how to kill them , thanks for the info Dez ,

  43. You stay away from my baby you monster.

  44. im finna be getting this in my garage this campaign :0

  45. Wish I could trade mine in for a T95/Chieftan tbqh. this is just an other meh tank

  46. I wanted to get the VK 72.01 K
    but I’m an average-ish player with no Clan Wars Clan to fight in so 😛

    I also don’t have any tanks that you use in Clan Wars…

  47. Awesome Dez, love you! 😀

  48. ive never seen this train lul

  49. 14:30 this reminds me of your “WOT stereotypes – new players” episode, where you just drove around the battlefield and showed us stuff we never noticed before 🙂

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