The ST-II, First Gameplay | Double-Barreled Tier 10 Heavy Tank in World of Tanks: Update 1.7.1 Patch

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks ST-II (СТ-II) Gameplay, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Tank. Double-Barreled Heavy Tech Tree IS-2-II (ИС-2-II), IS-3-II (ИС-3-II) and ST-II (СТ-II). World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 Test Server.

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The long waiting time is over, 1.7.1 test server is up and running with new mini-branch, double-barreled Soviet Russian tanks.
In this episode I am going to show you my first gameplay action and impressions about the tier 10 ST-II.

Double-Barreled tech tree:

Tier 8 – IS-2-II / ИС-2-II
Tier 9 – IS-3-II / ИС-3-II
Tier 10 – ST-II / СТ-II

What do you think?


  1. 2020 double-barreled.
    2030 triple-barreled?
    Enjoy the show and let me know what do you think?

    • I don’t think these doubled barreled tanks will last. 2500 dpm, that ain’t crap!! Not in a tier 10 game. Awesome replay Dez my friend. Take care, Vern…,the oldman flea1951, NA Server

    • in 2060 way in future.. Flying Russian tanks..

    • Username: Ragnarok_Coming_your_way
      Server: SEA (Asia)
      I just love double barrel tanks, something OP which is not premium.

    • 703 double action but with tier 10 armor ?
      Not sure I’m dying to meet them on the battlefield if I may say lol
      Meldonator/ EU server

  2. Nickname: Grimmster_61
    I love new things

  3. I do think that the ST-II is a good tank, and it’s good to see something that actually is alright balanced(in my opinion)

  4. Usename : TankyTang
    Server : Asia
    Well its pretty balanced so.. its okay

  5. Username: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: EU
    So far the tank seems surprisingly balanced. With ST-1 hull (as far as I heard) you need to watch out, when trying to use your armor, but the turret is still great.

  6. Briomi
    Eu Server

    I Kind of like the idea, but the penalty for double Shot should Be a little higher

  7. Nick: Baloo16
    EU server
    ST-II is like the IS-4, with more mobility and flexibility in some situations.

  8. The turret traverse is so sssllloooooowww. I played it on the test server and it’s pretty bad.
    NA server

  9. everybody : ebr is broken remove it !
    But when it’s double barrel russiant tank broken : great, don’t remove it x). I’m joking sure

  10. Finally some change in WoT, I like the new ST-II

    btw the exp needed are:

    IS-2-II 51300Exp
    IS-3-II 165400Exp
    ST-II 217000Exp

  11. Username: Soso03
    Answer: extremly overpowered. Makes E100 and 60TP useless

  12. Username: Seesi
    Server: EU
    Looks like it burns pretty often.^^ I don´t know, like always sometimes the Tank is OP and sometimes not… But it is pretty strong in my opinion.
    You always have situations where you have time to reload more then once, and this tank can simply put 2 shots then and reload easily his barrels.

    In addition this tank is really nasty in platton i think… If they push a side and there is 1 vs 2 or 3 double barreled tanks.. oh god…

  13. username : hulkoris
    server : EU
    I think ST II is extremely good. I think it will be my first russian T10 tank 🙂

  14. Next time say TEST SERVER before you hype up some croud for no shit

  15. I want double barreled light tanks to blast ebr’s into the next map. ?

  16. It looks decent, gonna be a bish to play against like the 703

  17. Name: Babelfisher
    Server: NA
    Double-barrels are perfectly balans, as all things should be.

  18. Username :Tomato_Farmer_89
    Server :Eu
    It is not too overpowered but 8 degrees of gun depression is a little too much

  19. Username: pumex556
    Server: EU
    i think the is2 2 should start from the IS and not from kv 3 .they are supposedly from the same IS series !! i dont understand that logic

  20. Server NA
    Username emuadsp.
    St ll seems cool especially in late when you have low HP tanks around overall I’m glad to see wargaming adding new tank types for us play with

  21. Mango1971 EU
    interresting way wg has gone introducing double barreled tanks… time will tell if its good or bad.

  22. Name: Andor96
    Server: EU
    It looks unique. I can’t wait to play with them.

  23. user: cruisespeed
    server: eu
    double the fun

  24. Isn't that a cute fucking cat

    Joseph_Visarionovich Eu
    I am new to the game and am about to get the st1 wich i believe is preety good t9 tank and this new double barrel feature looks so cool and i would love to grind the line for an upgraded version of the st1

  25. Username: D0dg3
    Server: NA
    Makes worth grinding 100k xp on the KV-3 beforehand worth it

  26. Alexandre Montcuit

    Red_BoXx from EU server : I think accuracy on the move should be nerfed because you don’t even feel the bad aiming time

  27. Username:NO1TANKHUNTER
    I really like doubel barrels becease, the unique way of playing and i was almost done with rusian tech tree… ive allways liked the ST-I

  28. Username: D4RTHJARJAR
    Server: EU
    What I think: Even if the viehicle would be weak the double shots will always be fun!

  29. Seems quite nice, i’m looking forward to seeing it in game. I tried it out on the test server and i like it. I guess i need to see more of it to determine if it’s balanced or not but this far, thumbs up 🙂

    Username: Ace_With_The_Mace
    Server: Asia

  30. User: Rikoshetas
    Server: EU
    Would like to see other tanks balanced, like Ebr nerf (HE pen or armored wheels should be removed), but this tank gives flexibility to players. Good players will love it, bad players will complain about everything ? like always

  31. User SLUG79
    Server EU
    interesting idea, I’m ready for the grind

  32. double barrel tank is interesting , it fits into the game because theirs not enough Russian heavy’s…. lol deanwooddean0 eu

  33. So far I have not played on the test server, but from your gameplay it looks good. On the other hand, I feel like it needs worse gun handling on the move, since you are almost all the time fully aimed. Also I would use optics instead of GLD or stabilizer.

    Nickname: GoldNoobMaster_
    Server: EU

  34. Ign: Arma_steele
    Server: na
    Answer: my body is ready, st-II

  35. Alexander Atanasov

    Username: Sashi2006
    Server: EU
    I think the double barreled tanks are not op and i am going to grind them for the juicy double shots. Thank you Dez for the giveaway

  36. Answer: It seems balanced and it has it’s place in certain circumstances, like punishing a rush
    Username: KamikazeBourloten
    Server: EU

  37. Well after i see those battles i think is ok this line,i’m waiting to see it on live server.

  38. The problem here is again that they deal so much damage that you can only survive 3 shots. One Fv4005 and a double barrel tank and your game is over :/

  39. This tank seems fun. And you actully have to think about when to fire with both guns.
    Foresz32, EU Server

  40. Username : zo0lykas
    Server : eu
    I would like to try it, but sadly can’t for a moment my gpu is dead ?

  41. Nightcore/Anime Lover

    Doesn’t AMX 50 B have 5 shells? Because even if he didn’t set you on fire you would still be dead.

  42. are you the same dez cause you crasy

  43. username: niomo2 SERVER: EU
    double barreled is a mistake theres new poepol in game you know and it will make the game fun for does who spent like 7 years in game not for does starters

  44. well it looks wery good, not op but simply good
    EU server

  45. I think you mean STii with ST2? ?

  46. Thoughts on the double barrel tanks: I don’t think the game needs the high burst damage they bring, as it seems to cause the same problem they are allegedly trying to fix at low tiers with high burst damage tanks up to the high tiers. I still think clown cars are worse for the game overall, but it still doesn’t make sense (if we take them at their word).
    Username: OSBTrebek

    Server> EU

  47. IGN: anthadon
    Server: EU
    Curious to try the mechanic, but wish they would rebalance pen and armor globally instead of this stuff…

  48. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Next branch st3

    A tank with 3 barrels
    2 on its face
    And one sticking up its ass

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