The Stages of Grinding the US Ground Tree 🇺🇸 | War Thunder

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  1. Low tier best tier anyways, my favourite US ground vehicle was the M3 GMC, which is BR 1.7. It is just straight up a 75mm gun strapped on the back of a truck that explodes as soon as it is hit with anything stronger than an MG, but you can also one-tap most tanks you go up against so it’s some fun low-tier high risk high reward gameplay (or you just set up on a ridgeline and hope you can clear out the map before the enemy figures out where you are shooting from).

  2. Us Italian mains are laughing at your pain

  3. Step 4 (Actual): Die no matter what you do with your Shermans.
    Step 5 (Actual): Realize this entire game is fucking bullshit and wants your money.
    Step 6 (Actual): Uninstall the game and never come back.
    Step 7 (Actual): Live your life, Puss in Boots.

  4. @harleyvanfleet304

    The stage 4 music video goes well with this what is it called

  5. sadly $3500 shorter for me

  6. The real way to play this game is stay under 4.0 and mess around with the locust while playing with buddies

  7. Non of the tanks that were feared are even feared in game. Modern tanks snd smmo nake even a maus seem like its made of wet paper. Tanks and Jets that weren’t in ww2 and wouldn’t face eachother in combat as its a literal suicide mission.

    Only tier thats fun is tier 1 and maybe tier 2 unless matchmaking screws you.

    And theres some tanks and anti air that kill tanks they couldnt even beat in real life. While others that needed buffed are even worse than in real life.

  8. Why I only play aviation:

  9. Most modern thing in warthunder should be the ME262. Anything after should be in its own game. They didnt even have missiles in ww2 like in warthunder.

  10. where can i find the sovet video

  11. The skill issue in the comments is crazy considering how stacked of a nation America is. Imo the only painful tier for them is Br 7.7-9.0

  12. My first game of war thunder was dedicated to the empire of the rising sun and a rammed people with planes in vr

  13. i spent way to much time and $7000

  14. Yeah I hate all the I drag my favorite M4A2 Sherman uptier. Recreating Fury everytime I wanna kill anything is awesome af.

  15. I haven’t even finished stage 3 and I’ve been playing for around 3 years and its the farthest I’ve gone on any country 💀

  16. @donavanaustin2273

    6.7 to 5.7 from 1.0 took me a day or 2

  17. TBF buying that premium saves you so much time that 60$ is nothing compared to the months you need to grind otherwise lmfao we need faster progression tho still

  18. Try $1800 poorer at least

  19. Im 2000 bux poorer 🤐

  20. I have to remind myself that people just suck and can’t enjoy things as much as I do

  21. Bruh you used the Soviet clip for America 😓

  22. Dude, I’ve been at 5.7 for about a year now. Can’t progress without premium. This game has the Russian tanks at an advantage. After all, the game devs are Russian. I’m not the only one who believes this.

  23. i am having fun around 6.3 to 7 just for having t32 and t26e5. just sad with some allies with 1 life per game.

  24. Why is this the exact experience lol

  25. What’s the video from stage 4?

  26. The grind after like 6.7 is so bad and every American tank is just worse than every other country

  27. I already have all American Ground and Air researched.

  28. $60?
    $69.99+tax? 😂

  29. I’m grinding tier 4 tanks and holy shit I just want to use the Abrams

  30. these war thunder ads are getting worse and annoying

  31. @cameronbennett4391

    Been with the sherman so long feels weird playing anything else

  32. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like the American campaign in War Thunder, IT ONLY HAS SHERMAN

  33. @justinkedgetor5949

    After they nerfed every usa premium I bought and made the jumbo like 7.0 I quit

  34. War thunder people r weird

  35. Why ussrs are at stage 4☠️

  36. Abrams is Sherman of toptier

  37. Sherman sucks

  38. dont act like the first stage is the best

    they have just as much struggle especially with the smurfers like YOU

  39. american tank 2 iq play only w ………..

  40. Forgot a few things
    Getting front penned by a Kraut or Commie
    Getting front penned by a Kraut or Commie
    Getting front penned by a Kraut or Commie
    Getting front penned by a Swede!
    Fighting a German version of your tank that gets a better shell than yours
    Fighting a German version of your tank that gets a better shell than yours (yes this happens twice)
    Getting front penned by a Kraut or Commie (you still can’t do jack to then frontally)
    Unlock APFSDS! (It’s unstabilized and a paper tank)
    Use APDS! (It’s ok. Can pen some things from the front more reliably than APCBC)
    Get XM-803 and finally begin to experience the bliss of point and click (I am here)

  41. 7.0 not a dollar spent.

  42. Can someone please help me out with the name of the song on stage 7 please, also very accurate edit.

  43. I bought a 50 euro german premium (Leo1 A1A1 L44), then realised it was utter shit, and so I played Italy as penance. Right now I have all but Ariete AMV and T-72A, F2P the whole way, managed to snag several premiums from events and SP.

    It’s actually fun.

  44. 60$?!??! Pathetic… More like 360$ in total.

  45. @thesqartenprogram

    I’ve wlways lived the sherman so i djdnt mind having it for a year

  46. Hands down best point in the tier is when you have the M3 Lee but haven’t unlocked the M4. You’re still in the low tiers so you’re up against other noobs with paper tanks swinging a 75mm around with a separate 37mm. Best tank in it’s class.

  47. And then getting uptiered in your regular jumbo for half of the matches so you get one shotted by king tigers:

  48. @02suraditpengsaeng41

    missing step 6.5 : realize lvl10 also do exact same thing but worse skill

  49. @TerribleGamer-hf2bg

    that is literally what i did

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