The State Of War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

War 's general condition seems to get worse as time goes on. Many are wondering if the game is in its death throes despite all the efforts Gaijin have made to improve it. We'll also be talking about the recent economy changes and the addition of vehicles.

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Armored Crew Voices

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  1. @ThyPeasantSlayer the game is fine lol.

  2. @ThyPeasantSlayer just gotta use your head and plan things out accordingly

  3. S.A.D 1st PVT will

    Not even low BR is fun anymore

  4. Was good, made some good points

  5. @S.A.D 1st PVT will how so?

  6. I have 900 hours on steam. My real play time is probably 1500 hours. I have half of 2 tech trees and like 1/4th of three others unlocked.

  7. Do you think Biden ruined warthunder? Seems likely

  8. Spookston you should do a video about your opinions on every tech tree in the game

  9. started playing WT back in 2017 and the last day I’ve touch the game was on 2021 January 17th and I have 1,367.6 hours in game but I remember not playing the game just thinking about playing it and I uninstalled it right away getting PTSD flashbacks of the R3 T20, Air to ground missiles, and flying against F82’s. The problem of war thunder is not only how unbalanced it is but the how the unbalance goes unchecked be cause the game relies on powercreep make people want to get the next best thing, so gaijen does not care about how unbalanced their game is and then there’s the horrible economy which make playing some vehicles pointless… other wise this game is very addictive, fun and very educational in the end though those pro’s no longer out weight the con’s of the game for me and I don’t see myself coming back to this game, unless they do something of con’s
    Edit: as someone who also usually placed 1st on the team if not in the top 4 I also got really frustrated with how many incompetent players there were in the game especially at top tier, I never understood how someone could spend 1000+ hours in a game or spend the time to get to top tier and not know the fundamental strategy of each map… but then always remembering that people can buy their way in to top tier, I don’t like gate keeping but for a game like this that I had to grind so fucking much to earn to play top tier as a F2P player, people should not be allowed to buy their way in.
    Edit2: ghost shells…
    Edit3: the only solution that I could come up with that would make me comeback would have to be lower the powercreep, make the max br that can be in a match not 1.0 above your vehicle but make it 0.7 that would make the game more balanced… also forgot to mention how bad and unbalance the map design is of most maps, I really wish they just redesign the bad maps, bad maps being that usually one side of the map has a unfair advantage and that they wouldn’t remove good maps like Volokolamsk

  10. Yo I was actually a lot happier I stopped playing for more than 6 months (i stopped when EBR released and almost became half of my deaths)

  11. I’ve played it on and off for a couple of years in total (over the span of the last 4-5 maybe?) and it just came to a point where it wasn’t even worth trying anymore. I feel like it is the PC gaming version of all of those mobile games that are great F2P experiences early on, but as soon as you start making any progress, you just get hit with an absurd amount of either stupidly “balanced” grinds or outright paywalls.

    I’ve also tried to give Enlisted a try, their new “mmo”fps and it’s more of the same in that regard, if not 100x times worse.The pure raw gameplay loop is solid, but literally everything around it is just pure totally unfun grind. But if you pay, that grind magically goes away in an instant.

    Which is a shame because I’m kind of a history/WWII nerd and I love researching it, what happened and learning new things about it and both War Thunder and Enlisted were the perfect opportunity for me in that regard. But this is just ridiculous.

    War Thunder stopped being fun for me years ago. Tried to give it another chance a couple of months ago and it lasted only 24 hours on my pc. Enlisted stopped being fun the moment the tutorial ended and before I could even queue for an actual pvp match I was bombarded with premium stuff.

  12. Still think that War thunder is better than world of tanks

  13. “You see, they may not be very interesting”

    *laughs in BT42*

  14. This is an interesting watch as someone who has only just started the game in the past like… 3 weeks? Even then I only play it a couple days a week. I’ve been having a great time, especially compared to World of Tanks. At least in WT I can see what fucking killed me.

  15. I know I’m gonna get heat for it but to me the most fun I have these days is air arcade. To make it more enjoyable disable player names and titles so you only see the name of the plane, its type and the distance on your screen; and you actually have yourself a game mode where you make more money than you lose and can respawn for as many times as you have planes, making grinding feel less tenuous because you often find yourself using four to five different vehicles in the game. Don’t go in air realistic, repair costs past tier III aren’t worth it. Let go of bombers in arcade unless you plan on using them as your last plane.

  16. Gaijin made a game that punishes you for simply playing, casually playing british 6.7 is a death sentence to your silverlion account, even if you have Premium, this is something present in other areas of the game.
    There are points where having two kills still means you`re on debt if you die, and that`s beyond insanity for a competitive multiplayer game where dying before acomplishing anything in the match is completely normal.

  17. What gaijin do in the next few months to a year could decide whether the game blows up, or dies, or stay where it is now.

  18. I stoped playing world of tanks, so this is all I have

  19. Cant wait for Spricket to come, tired of f2p grindey fragger games.

  20. If I play warthunder more I will break my sanity

  21. 6 whole years since i started playing, only 2 month since i reached rank IV, i don’t have any SL’s left, i can’t afford anything, i can’t research anything, i can’t do anything, i’m stuck with my stupid fucking AMX13, and i can’t do anything, i played german for a long time, got fed up cuz 5.7 is just not fun, tried americans, the grind was pain with all the vehicules, played russians, got stuck in the grind, got now to the french, got to rank IV, and i just can’t get myself to play, even the event doesn’t look interesting, cuz last time i did an event and participated a lot, it was 2 years ago, i dreamt of getting the object 279, got a shitty british torpedoe boat instead, i keep playing cuz there is nothing else like it, i’m so mad

  22. just a random tank

    Me who never pays money and has a fun time playing

  23. Hello, free player here, sometimes I buy 6 months of subscription but haven’t done that in over a year. I am having a lot of fun with the game. Just started playing jets and I play everything except naval. I get frustrated at times sure, but for me it’s because I’m playing with other people. Sure there’s some bullshit that goes on and it pisses me off. But I find that switching things up (like playing a nation you don’t play much) can easily put you back in the groove. My advice for people who are becoming jaded is to try playing some low tier tanks or planes, whip out a plane you haven’t flown in forever. Etc. There’s plenty to do and when I’m not playing I will often read books about tank and fighter tactics and get ideas of things to do in game. It’s great when those ideas come to life in game. Idk. Play it like it’s an MMO and do a sidequest or just hang out.

  24. I quit and never came back, lol.

  25. think the game just needs worthy competition cuz then they NEED to make the game a overall better experience and remove or at least lower the bs thats in the game otherwise ppl will just swap the game and this would be it. only diehard fans would play the game by then. at least thats how i see it.

  26. I played the game since 2013, and it has grown to be a toxic ass lover; the game looks good and promising from the outside, but is fucking frustrating (especially on the higher tiers) on the inside.

    War Thunder is like a failing marriage that will eventually result in a divorce. I’m fucking glad I left and I’m never coming back. Thanks for 8 years of wasting my fucking time Gaijin, hope they go bankrupt.

  27. personally I think that thanks to war thunders engine and the fact that its playerbase is pretty loyal I think war thunder will have a very long lifespan
    I think sooner or latter gaijin will actually start fixing the game’s economy and similar. the game is their main money maker so they will actually take care of it once it [the community] starts boiling over

  28. Despite wanting to play wt again i noticed that i get angry A LOT less than while playing wt

  29. My attitude towards war thunder will be negative until they give me another chance to research the Panter II

  30. The problem i simple…Gaijin need more competition. I was an ex WoT player. I just leave the game when the MM,the premium stuff,the bad economy,cheaters,bad community,etc start giving me a lot of frustration. I was playing only with a friend,once they unninstaled the game too…bye bye Wargaming and we never come back again!!
    The beta tanks in WT was fresh,looking good,more hard,a new challenge,new air,more FPS and better engine!! Now i feel the same like years a go inside WoT…Gaijin is not fighting against nobody,Wargaming is loosing players all days so Gaijin can do what they want when they want and players should stay and hold or just quit and unninstal because there is no other similar game in the market.

  31. I remember when they added tanks for the first time. I was happy as hell and it was fun. But now it’s like a cigarette, you don’t like it but still smoking because you’re addicted.

  32. I had 1180 hours playing the game before deleting it , reached tier 6 mainly playing Germany without paying a penny , I would have spent money and bought some vehicles if not for the game company toxic practices , the game is unbalanced , the maps are pure utter sh*t , they dont listen to anything you say in the forums , as you said of one of your previous videos , the make you pay through frustration not , not for you really having fun and enjoying the game

  33. I quit after I couldn’t make money no matter what. I just gave up, uninstalled, and started playing other games. It actually has been pretty good, I’m glad i quit tbh

  34. If anyone dares to challenge War Thunder’s monopoly, I am very well sure that a sizable chunk of War Thunder’s community will attempt to back it up through its introduction

  35. I think this is an excellent analysis. I already held a similar understanding of the situation based on the same factors, just with a much more negative outlook. I think that the already existing stagnation, the inevitable exhaustion of interesting new vehicles to add, and the eventual end of the pandemic is a recipe for the beginning of a gradual decline, that if unchecked would lead to an eventual shutdown of servers when the money finally stops trickling in.

    The only way to stop this decline at that point would be to improve the actual game itself rather than continuing to add new content. However, Gaijin has proven in the last 8 years I have played to not be capable of doing so. If they did it would restore my hope and faith and I would start spending money again after 4 years but I don’t see it happening.

    That is also why I hope the game dies sooner. Many people want this just out of spite or whatever, and that’s partially the case for me, but I believe that the sooner the game goes ahead and dies like I think it eventually, inevitably will do, the sooner a real replacement can arise without as much risk of being drowned out by War Thunder’s market dominance.

  36. I’ve picked up the game like 4 times. from back when it was just planes with no jets to about a year ago. My issue is always the grind. I had premium for a couple months last time I played and that was the best time, but grind sucked as soon as that ended. I typically just try to spade everything rank 3 and below for every nation (ground only) because after that the grind sucks. I think my highest nation is rank 5 Sweden after hundreds of hours.

  37. Might as well ask here…
    Am I going to have that much of a bad time if I buy a high tier account? I’ve heard bad things about WT grind and after playing ww2 games for the last decade I find myself incapable of giving a fuck about the period anymore – I mostly interested in early to late cold war and modern vehicles. I realize that I will suck at first and am willing to get map awareness on lower BRs, but hope to completely remove myself from those later. Is that possible with recent repair cost increase? There just aren’t any games like this around

  38. have been a player for 5 years now, haven’t spent $$ on the game for about 1 1/2 years. Used to spend $150 a year or so. I feel they don’t deserve my money anymore. I am a gamer for life and there is nothing like WarThunder, that is the ONLY reason I still play. Happy or Sad it generates an emotional response and takes me away from everyday life. Really that’s all you can ask for from a video game.

  39. so here is the the set up….I put $100 in my Gajin account and go purchase a premium vehicle. Then I pay to get all the upgrades. Boom, I’m freakin excited and now have an awesome vehicle to blow up peeps. 3 weeks later Gajin BUFFS all the numbers and my vehicle now SUCKS…….. great example was the M-551…..TOTAL waste of my money.

  40. *”Nothing is free in war thunder”* – A smart guy

  41. I mean, Gaijin=Money war thunder= Money. I was going low on silver lions, and I wanted this one vehicle . I had worked so hard after a good match I finally got enough sl to get the training cost. But , guess what? I had gotten some modifications and before it said: You wanna but for example FPE? I said no to spare money, in the last update there came an option come: Auto purchase modifications, and I didn’t know and I bought hundreds of useless modifications! So didn’t get my tank…

  42. 1:24 it’s because there is a lot ppl who just enjoy AIR RB , War Thunder was always game about planes (some games about heli) dagor engine was engine for fuckin planes. That’s how it end if you gonna make tank game on engine made first for plane game 😀

  43. ive never spend a dollar for war thunder :V

  44. get shot by a panzer 4 cheater all the way from enemy spawn to our spawn after everyone spawn in that broken boring map with all of my teammates, INSTANT UNINSTALL.

  45. I haven’t played this game in a week and I’m uninstalling it in case I have the desire to come back.

  46. if they would remove repair cost, and take away half of the rp and sl needed for a vehicle the game would be much better.

  47. One I know don’t spend maney in game becouse before you maybee regret it.

  48. had one match with 12 kills on top tier with the leo2a6, pretty lucky to get a position where i could kill everyone of the enemy team -> [2k rp]
    had another in the same day in which i got only 2 kills then killed by an ka50/2 -> [5k rp] (also with leo2a6)
    -the first match with 12 kills -> survived the whole match and won the game and even captured a point
    -the other match with 2 kills -> just died after the second kill to a camping mountain ka50/2


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