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  1. First?

  2. My dude!! Best streamer on Twitch

  3. Freshwater Spaceman

    Wankurie has been my favourite tank overall, max out HP and gun reloading and then sit in the end cap and activate all of your healing as the circle closes to zero and everyone else starts to lose HP, then win!

  4. Load the Skill rounds

    I wish if you sucked out you’d at least get a few progression points, when you have a bad battle it feels like such a wast of time. For me that is the most frustrating thing

    • Definitely. I remember playing on either the CT server or Sandbox, and you got progression points from something like top 10. That may have made it too easy, but limiting it to where it is now made it too tedious.

    • Isn’t that basically what the “damage” missions do?

    • @Seraph062 Lol the damage missions made it very easy to do, but just play in a platoon and its a lot easier if you are not completely trash at the game

    • I mean I guess they didn’t want people just sitting in the lobbies and failing their way to stuff like in regular game.

  5. WoT hasn’t done any good special gamemodes, ever. I hate them all. Ranked, steel hunter, Frontline etc. all crap.

  6. Every other day uploads? There is hope! thank you Circon🙏

  7. This game mode finishes what brain demounting kit didn’t. No more free Binox swap.

  8. The Raven def needs a rebalance imo

  9. 08:14
    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  10. The American one i felt was so OP for some reason xD idk why but the autoloader Armour build just felt so stronk later on in the game.

    • I always went for full mobility and single shot gun on the american one. I would almost always win when i got the full build

    • @Salocin i always won with my build. I didn’t like the mobility options which is why I didn’t play the French one

  11. Glad to see you’re having fun.

  12. Rememeber to subscribe, hit that like button if you like what you see and don’t forget to turn on notifications OMEGALUL This channel is not professional enough 😀 Nice vid, this mod is dumb.

  13. Best part of steel hunter is that the tank choice does not negatively impact your game. That and either you have a good team or no team.

  14. are you winning son?

  15. circJaws

  16. Ok, so i tried the new steel hunter the first week. Then I quit after realizing that you win by NOT playing the game and hiding. To me that is poorly designed game mode they have ever done.

  17. My only tactic for this mode is, avoid fights and survive until there’s 5 left. And only play the Raven, Walkürie or the French-one-that-I-don’t-remember-the-name-of.
    I’d only need two of those medals to unlock one of the tier IX’s, but so far I haven’t managed more than 3 games of this mode. In a row. I can think of dozens of ways to waste my time in ways that more fun and interesting than this “speshul” mode.
    But now I might just be adding to the salt pile, so I’ll leave it at that 😛

    • Just a thing I notice as well is the “player 3” rule. The person whose the third player to join a brawl between 2 players will be the one to take all the loot from that brawl. Scariest thing to see is when the killfeed shows 2+ people dying one after another. Then you can expect a freaking 3000hp Walkuerie or some other monstrosity while you’re just at tier 3/4

  18. What tonks are you guys going for? I gotta do one more steel hunter for char futur later this month.

  19. I’m just glad I picked up the tokens I needed for the Char, not interested in that frustrating as fudge game mode…Bring back Frontline WG.

  20. only way to win this mode and not get cancer is by not playing…..:))) just hide all game for easy top 3

  21. Only reason I play this mode is to get the Futur. The sudden nerf in progression points in part 2 killed the fun. I was hoping this was a mode where I can play for a few hours and be done for the week in the first part. Now its a pain. I probably have the patience to get 2 points per section. Hopefully uni corresponds to the event so I have time to actually do it

    • That nerf looked scarier than it really was IMO. Did the missions, 6-8 games a day, won few games and by friday it was done!

  22. Bro, ever since I stopped playing WoT I feel like a new man….Just like when I stopped doing heroin

  23. How to make a monday better? Circon memes

  24. [Content Deleted]

    “Why have a Halloween mode when year round the balancing department is scary enough?”


  25. French and US tank are the only two worth playing. German and Russian tanks got ruined after they made them a pure HT build.

  26. I actually enjoyed this mode as soon as I figured out the nice builds, Harbinger with armour and big gun + berserker = ultimate destruction 😀

  27. Doesn’t seem fun

  28. canna break my dude

  29. another well designed thing from WG

  30. I gave up on this mode after everyone went ot just face hug you… and you could just circle them.. sometimes. But mostly face hugs, not worth grinding for some stupid tier 9. lol

  31. My strategy for this mode is to play Raven, go for top speed, both armor upgrades, and the autoloader. Got to Rank 15 in 3 hours of playtime.

    • That’s not actually possible, given the length of the games, even if you win every single one.

    • @Lucid Nonsense it is very possible, you can win in less than the time of a regular match every steel hunter game provided you are aggressive enough. Another popular method is Walkure + top speed and just ram early game then build into hit point hull, armor turret, then loading speed for both guns

  32. hi bro
    i definitely agree with you
    it should be at least 2 mnts of waiting…. maybe 3
    1mnt isn’t enough xd

  33. What if I told you that console has had similar Frankenstein tanks for 2 years. If you want to see some memes look at consoles mercenary tanks.

  34. How the fuck do you play that mode without losing all will

  35. Absolutely hate this mode, Frontlines was 10/10 more fun than this crap. wanted to get one of the other reward tanks but I barely made it past tier 5 this past week, so I won’t be getting the AE or the 777. At least you had better games than I ever will.

  36. This isn’t even fun to watch. Playing it must have sucked balls.

  37. This is exactly how I am any time I play this mode, lol.

  38. Constantly got double teamed the second I even thought about fighting someone.

  39. Stream died lmao

  40. Next up Waffentrager grind please 🙏

  41. In a few days we can have even more salt when the next season starts. 🙂

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