THE STUPID OLYMPICS!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #17

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of Tanks.



“RetroFuture Clean”, “Local Forecast – Elevator”, “Meatball Parade”, “The Cannery”, “Hitman”, “Teddy Bear Waltz”, “The Entertainer” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Special Thanks the Top Clippers:
M4real, The_ArmouredArmadillo, chr0m3chaos, mfrog21, alxen78, henny__jr, westside55555


  1. stupid olympics – sounds like a normal day in WoT these days, dont you guys think? 😀

  2. super wholesome dog! :3

  3. They just get better and better

  4. my favourite youtube series fo’ sho

  5. Well done Tanya, the edits are on point

  6. More best bits please! 😆

  7. I’ve bounced several times on ebr , no idea…

  8. 4:44 these are the same exact people that complain for not spotting

  9. So basically QB is saying to be a WOT streamer you need emotional support animals !!!

  10. You know, its funny because just yesterday i was wondering when we were getting another best moments video XD.

  11. Ah just what I needed 😎

  12. QB PLay the Yoh tanks on World of Tanks Blitz, so you get a feel for when they come out to PC!

  13. That command and conquer reference made my day. I still love those games! ❤

  14. Im honna give it a dislike, just to remember how it feels, before they take it from us.

  15. Another amazing edit! These moments are even more enjoyable when you can experience them live on stream. 🙂

  16. Josi Victoria Martin

    The Dynamic Duo strikes again! Love it! Big kudos to Tanya – your editing / sequencing / comedic touches / music choices / etc. get better with each vid. I can see your sense of humour in spades (especially in the music choices). As well, your affection for that guy who is both the protagonist and the donkey in your vids 😆. Well done girl.
    And QB, just keep being QB.
    Miss Ron-a!
    PS – sorry TANYA! I misspelled your name earlier, doh.

  17. “Stupid Olympics” seems like the perfect description of what playing in WOT is like these days.

  18. This is World of Tank…

  19. keep making them QB they never get old and they are fun to watch

  20. Wellcome to WOT in real life

  21. Love these highlights. Thank you.

  22. r/winstupidprizes 😂😂😂

  23. 4:59 That is the greatest reason of why low Tier is nearly never presented in here ! Low Tier Bullies who are killing the fun on purpose !

  24. Your Russian is terrible..🤣🤣🤣

  25. Absolutely love these.

  26. You would think that crap like this wouldn’t shock after playing this for so long.

  27. Nice dog. Put some videos on your dog, new subs will rocket past 1million quickly.

  28. 5:02 i fucking lost it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Lmao bro.

  30. How do you know teemo?!?!

  31. What an excellent video! Even faster paced than the other entries into this series.

    I also love the dice roll sound effects, this game needs that feature implemented.

  32. Seeer GoogleandYouTubecensorfreespeech

    What a great video. Good to see your pets.

  33. I wonder what the offspring of a Luchs and a Hetzer would be.

  34. 12:35 NO FUCK TEEMO

  35. What song called?

  36. Lee Garrard - THE LAMB'S GARDEN

    Quick when will you be doing best premium tanks of 2021?..thanks brother

  37. it been awhile i seen this..

  38. Can’t laugh any longer

  39. 4:55 Cow moo’s are killing me! Hahahahaha!

  40. That whole no one shoots anything i spot”” happens in maybe 9/10 games and is why i hate playing LT and spotting for my team

  41. 2:26 visible pain

  42. Please more frequently!

  43. Really fuck wot

  44. nice “my life is pain” bit at the start

  45. QB fucked up by RNG

  46. Oooooo look my RNG missing round I get all the time

  47. Why i am thinking , like am like watching some troll on qb 😂

  48. The God Pig! Oh god I cant stop laughing! Great vid! XD

  49. Welcome to the “best” skill equalizer in gaming history, the fair and balanced, universally hated by every player with more brain power than a boiled cabbage…

  50. Me wondering how much daily content youtuber can possible make:
    Quickybaby lately: YES

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