The Stupidest War Thunder Video

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Source: PhlyDaily


  1. TatersGonnaTate

    I almost went blind when you switched nvg on

  2. Love the content Phly, keep it up!
    Combo time, non premium p61 black widow and m4a2.
    Attempt 199

  3. Steve Martegani

    This is the worst video in the history of… The World


  4. Could you plz subject yourself to playing the T32 non-e1 and having to make do with that machine gun weak spot in the front plate? Thank you for reading this comment.

  5. Day 45 use chat GPT and ask it to pick a vehicle or lineup and see if it’s viable, if you do give credit to ELYAplays for the original idea!

  6. ‘Tis so green, that I thought I was drinking too many Ghost sour green apple energy drinks

  7. I am not convinced phly can stare directly into the sun for multiple hours on end without blinking once.
    also day 10 of asking for a combo video showing off YOUR fav lineup

  8. If you’re tired and angry at WT, get the USSR T-34 premium. 1.3BR. Spend the GE and max out your crews reloading/targeting/driving etc. I’m dookie at this game but I’m getting like 6-10 kill games in this thing and just having blast.

  9. I started the video, kept it playing but scrolled down to read comments and listen to Phly voice and game sounds lol.

  10. Why don’t you play the Panther II at top tier so you can actually use the night vision.

  11. lost my eye sight at arround 2:03, i am literally typing thimjs blind

  12. Hm, and I always thought masturbation would’ve been cause for my blindness

  13. Attempt 46 – Please play the SAu 40 tank destroyer. It’s one of the strangest looking TDs in the game and I love watching your french-tank videos!

  14. This video make me sick feeling. Anyways, day one of asking for the ZTZ1001

  15. NotSoRacistRaspberry

    Man I wish I could get a Panther 2. Looks so fun to have a more responsive Panther with a reverse gear and a long 88 so pretty

  16. EdwardVonHorseteeth

    I would have enjoyed this video if my eyes weren’t hurting the entire time lol

  17. I think this is what all German mains see at low BR

  18. I had a visceral Fight-or-Flight response when he activated the night vision.

  19. German main simulator

  20. Ahh this explains why German players are blind

  21. The best part is, that’s not even how most night vision works. Almost all military night vision has an “Automatic Brightness Control” feature that will automatically shut down the goggles or camera when the system detects too much light entering the sensor. All you would see during the day in a black tube.

  22. So, you’re roleplaying a German main?

  23. Pure. Eye. AIDS.

  24. Day 34- please play UBOAT again, you made a video on it 3 years ago, its so much better now.

  25. Can you play M1128 wolfpack

  26. Pelosi’s Hammer

    The NVGs are a tad bright. LOL!!

  27. Me: Can’t play because of fear of instant death
    Phly: plays hoth like it’s meant to be played

  28. Day 84 of asking phly to phly the kfir c7

  29. Counter strike flashbang simulator

  30. I cant even use this thing in the night cos flares and phly is using it during the day, wow

  31. How are you playing war thunder while some of us geting bluescreened every time we try to lounch the game.

  32. my eyes hurt

  33. imagine watching this and realizing the phly killed you goofing around with 3rd person night vision XD

  34. Joshua Stiteler

    Day 37 requesting the Ju-188 for the first time on the channel!

  35. Phly should be forced to use this all time, so all other players have at least a chance.

  36. Delirious Gaming

    attempt #44 use the M134 turrets on the huey and roleplay as a gunship

  37. The fact that a blind phly does better than the rest of the team says as much about the phly as it does about the rest of them.

  38. Stämmiger Berg

    this man is more efective in the panther 2 using night vision than i am normally

  39. WarthunderWivias

    Day 4: play with Pz.W.42

  40. Omg phly plays the objective for the first time

  41. Natakorn Santhong

    I feel like my eyeballs hurt

  42. I’d love to watch this but physically my eyes just can’t do it for that long.

  43. Note to self. Do not watch phlys videos in the dark lol

  44. There was a time when driving, the snow on the ground and the sky was the same value and color.. we couldn’t see what was what and where was where.

  45. best panthers are the vk 30.02 amd panther 2 the rest is not nearly as good

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