The STURMTIGER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Sturmtiger. Biggest gun – check. Biggest alpha – check. Most HP – check – here’s the Sturmtiger!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Testing missiles and rockets for later tanks…

  2. They could probably leave this mod inside the game forever. Just to chill for a while…

  3. Jesus christ

  4. Another idiots idea of WOT

  5. Truly fucked up. The sturmtiger was heavier than the Tiger and used the same engine/chassis so it should be slowwwwww, not running around like a vheedled wehicle! The actual sturmtiger only carried 14 rounds, not 50. Fvck this, why not a Hammers Slammers tank… Just as fake.

  6. I guess its Father’s Day in the UK – Not here in Aust until Sept.

  7. Mario Sturmcart.

  8. In this mode i´ve done 10000 damage to the back of the Sturmtiger.

  9. It used to be the Polish, then the Czechs took over, now its the Germans that are the worst wot players

  10. Very bud mode… 0 credits to win tree sticks…. Great bad aniversary wrgmng

  11. I would want to see the Schwerer Gustav in the game.

  12. Tried it and hated it won’t be playing another game in it

  13. yes i played it i think it super silly

  14. muhammad suzairi

    i saw advetisement

  15. muhammad suzairi

    make a cool desigb

  16. muhammad suzairi

    #100% is super op it

  17. nice idea and cute little mode, but if you wanna survive you somewhat have to camp 😀

    So I stoped after one round. Might need to start again and get 1 kill for the medal at least…

  18. yesterday i got a 8111 damage roll…

  19. 자주포도 이런식으로 만들어라 ㅆ발

  20. too late …this vid bruh

  21. Sevogorsk was fun map to play, but it didn’t fit to WG’s corridor maps so it was removed.

  22. I actually like this mode but the killstealing and the fact that everyone fights against their own team is annoying

  23. I struggles to see your point there, grinds a shitty tank to get it for free and calls it fun. And now bitching about a fun mode with 100 kill. ?????????

  24. the battleship damage on land

    hmm yes

  25. Glen McGillivray

    I suspect a real Sturm tiger gameplay would be this, exactly this just playing at 1/10th the speed. So 6.5 kmh instead of 65

    And a reload measured in minutes.

  26. Do you have a discord for the community?

  27. I hoppe they add horn and this Sturmtiger latter to game permanently. 🙂 200 kill already mission completet on two acounts.

  28. this mode is to fast for me. I did the 10 kills. but did not enjoy it

  29. Benjamin Dishman

    The sad part is that there is a curfew on the NA server so i can only play at a select time window each day. 🙁

  30. Played a few games got a few kills not a mode I am wanting to send much time on but glad they created this and other fun modes. Hope its not the last we see of Sturmtiger

  31. On which server? Asian server crys. ;(

  32. Its throwing depth charges at tanks?


  34. most useless mode …

  35. Clearly HATED it. Can’t understand why this games have to look like bumper cars play : no strategy, no tactic, just bump into the first red-moving-object passing by and go shoot. Avoid rest of the team, mode catch-me-if-you-can. Repeat. Eventually, blow up and go for the next game.
    Annoying. Boring. Lame. Not a single glitch of interest. Rather go play Tier I instead. At least, one could use a bit of strategy to survive long enough to play Tier II after a couple of games.

  36. More balanced than some actual in-game tanks 😉

  37. I’m in favour of more permanent “fun” game modes btw. Why not have several of these crazy modes available always? Racing, football games, all-TOG games, Sturmtiger, EBR only, whatever. Just to be able to take a crazy break from the regular gameplay.

  38. Balc0ra's Gaming

    This mode was…. terrible. Why? Missions were only kills. So I had several matches with mosh pits of players not wanted to fire first, as the 2nd shot kills. Several late matches those with no kills all held their fire vs the last one. And it was a race to get that 2nd shot it. And that alone, made it a rather unfun mode to play. Tho… luckily the 100 kills came fast.

  39. I hope they can give that reverse speed to T95

  40. [FIRM] KINGMIKE3271

    Would you consider the Hellcat to be a bad line to go up?

  41. Should just make it a tank destroyer lmao 😂

  42. MvB - Mathe vom Besten

    SEVEROGORST is one of the interesting maps I miss so much. “Balanced” maps are so boring …

  43. 4:31 that guy really started to cap lmao

  44. Craig and Terri's Adventures

    Here on the US server it is only available for a few hours a day, then it says it is under Curfew.

  45. Reminds me of a Tier X Bert the Avenger (FV304)


  47. I want it permanent as a mode to just relax and chill back

  48. TIP: load heat and literally don’t stop moving

  49. Not bots playing this is apex

  50. Hitman325 was just lucky as hell

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