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Source: Circonflexes

Check out the Super Hellcat, that you can get for now if your account is old enough!
Do note that its not a premium tank, just a reward, so no extra credits!

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  1. First

  2. Enjoy your weekend! <3

  3. Ah the classic shitshow on Tundra hill.
    Love it

  4. Hi. Stop engaging with that type of crap and do something usefull for mankind circ – i know u are bright enough.

  5. needs more super hellcats

  6. Man, why the fuck did this tank get no APCR pen and so little ammo capacity?

  7. I thought you will kill`em all lol
    gg tnx4share

  8. youre the best, son! keep the spicy memes coming.

  9. Always fun when a brand new tank shows up.

  10. 2:50 as he proceeds to park directly in front of a 130 pm

  11. Look at that mm. If ever there was a time to go full HE lol

  12. Meanwhile that Lowe managed to do 927 dmg while being top tier without any arta to shit on him. Those tomatoes with prem T8 are incredible…

  13. One time i out maneuvered a type 64 in my mt-25, i circled him and he couldnt turn fast enough.

  14. This is exactly why I’m going to wait for a while to drive my Hell Cat, this battle was saturated with them!
    I think you were the only one who knew how to actually drive the damn thing!

  15. It’s a very good tank for tier 7/8 ! Tier 9 just run or spam premium ammo that costs almost 5K each one, ans even then it’s no guaranteed to pen!

  16. So, what? Is this the old, OLD, pre-nerf Hellcat? Or is there more to it?

  17. watch us get the Super defender next

  18. I’ve never had more fun playing my KV-2 than now with all the paper Hellcats running around

  19. Not enough ammo to carry, good shit.

  20. Couple of years back they nerf a perfectly super Hellcat to SHIT, and then they bring it back as a super hellcat. WHAT THE FUCK??  WOT are rich idiots

  21. How do you get that percentage thingy right above the damage counter?
    What is it BTW?

  22. My experience in that tank in a nutshell. Always poll position in a loss.

  23. The top speed on this thing is ERB like. Feels awesome to get it there.

  24. When you try to carry hard but your team manage to suck so hard that this map needed to be removed ….

    (I dealt 3.4k damage in my Jackson got 5 kills and the result was so bad almost half of my team did 0 damage 4/15)

    It was on Tundra somehow my team dies within 2:40 minutes and I didn’t get a my Ace Tanker badge ….

  25. Feels good to have a Hellcat which can reach its top speed and somewhat turn

  26. Still….Fun like hell …!!

  27. This tank is good.

  28. I have 23 games in the super hellcat, an average of 2300 dmg and 1100 spotting…
    But a 17% winrate.

  29. Actually ran out of ammo on my SH today. Almost 4K dmg and 1400assist. Took the 2 HE shells I was carrying off because of that. Still won because I spotted for our other tanks and arty.

  30. Just couldn’t carry the stupids.

  31. The hill runs red with the blood of tomatoes.

  32. Man i hate that when you have a good match you lose but what pisses me off is that you end up top in damage , xp and having more xp earn then the winning team like wtf is this a thing and it happens to me like half the time

  33. Too many players with “the me first” attitude in WoT, who don’t care about what other players are doing, as long as they can do damage to enemy tanks and then turn around and blame others when they die or lose the battle.

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