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Source: PhlyDaily

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MASSIVE Communist Launcher | OBJECT 268 (Red Thunder)



  1. This is one tank that you need to be excited about. Haven’t seen this kinda of protection/mobility in one in quite sometime.

  2. I love how john in his Abrams just shoved that jerk right out of the screen.

  3. I dont mind the strv br of 7.3 at close range all u need is to take out the transmision or one of the engines and that tank is dead . The role of the strv is a long range sniper in my opinion.

  4. Gaijin: Ah yes, the tank-destro-I mean the tank! Yes, the new Swedish STRV 103 Tank is coming out soon! Y-Yes of course…*as they nervously look at the door of their office for incoming angry Swedes.*

  5. And the is3 is still 7.3 :'(

  6. Strv 103 mating process. 17:03

  7. SailyDaly! Kuma please! #6!

  8. Hittin switches bruh…?

  9. Please let’s name this the Swedish cheese wedge because this shit cheesy as fuck


  11. Dude I’ve played with John1213 In custom battles?

  12. It literally craps ammo…

  13. Almost all Swedish tanks look like that

  14. 2:07 YOUR WELCOME

  15. Thats kind of early design in Swedish tank tech tree

  16. In world of tanks we call these cheese wedges

  17. How to kill enemy tank with this thing
    1)get the tank at the lowest front suspension
    2) ram the enemy
    3) lift the enemy tank up
    4) Profit

  18. I wish I still had a ps4 or any console or really anything I could play Wot on that isn’t my cell phone :/ Had to sell my ps4 over a year ago to get groceries n have not n will not for the foreseeable future have any extra cash to get myself a new system. Lol sorry don’t mean to seem like I’m a downer I actually lover ur vids, it just makes me sad I’m more than likely never get to play Wot or any other video game that isnt a “mobile” version for at minimum years if not ever 🙁

  19. I believe there is also a STRV 103 B that has a better gun and a sort of fence on the upper front hull that acts as HEAT armor

  20. BRUH
    15 mins of talk…..

  21. Looks like bullfrogs fighting for a mate.

  22. whats this??? mating ritual or what?? lol

  23. This tank cant be 1 shoted Phly. Is the only tank in the world that can work with only 1 crew member. And ofc the tank is survivable, that was the whole point when the swedes made it

  24. They made nearly 300 of these. Sweden has relatively few vehicles. It’s a really good tank. Why is it a premium?

  25. Really disappointed that there are no supersonics this patch TBH.
    Planes remain 60 years behind tanks….

  26. The Udes Tanks Have the same suspension

  27. 16:35 should have put Still Dre song in it and get copyright claimed lol

  28. Swejoker08 Stockholm


  29. Yo Fly Im From South Africa and The RooiKat is in english redcat because red is rooi in afrikaans(south africa language) and cat is kat

  30. There is more varients of the strv 103 thre is the a, b, c and d modual. Just so you now the strv 103 was swedens main battle tank under The cold war and not a tank destroyer. And I am from sweden

  31. Mcphlee please try the Rooikat next its a south african vehicle produced during the angolan bush war my father remembered them building it during his service
    Had such a laugh when you tried to pronounce it
    Love the content btw keep phlying forward o7

  32. British hesh: Ok we can pen this… (even tho thats not how hesh works)
    WT: No comrade! Balance!

  33. wait until the strv 103-B comes out and the saab viggen 37

  34. OMG best video ???

  35. This is how Ikea would design a tank. It even comes in a flat-pack I’m sure!

  36. Well that vehicle seems fair at 7.3

  37. Phly! Take the fastest tank out of all and use the swedish tank as a ramp lol!

  38. The design is quite good though as it has a huge space armor…. APFSDS should be shattered inside the tank and didnt hurt the crew…. cuz in the realistic way, APFSDS should pen the slope armor and then lose the velocity before it touch the another armor inside of it. Which will also make the APFSDS being useless against that…. Leopard 2A5 is a great example…. or Gaijin just doin Russian Bias and it will goin to pen it anyway

    Okay that is bullshit…. APFSDS should not be pen STRV like that…. Gaijin makes it like APFSDS is a solid shell

  39. I guess hesh will be swede killer

  40. Something you might not be aware of, but that front plate is lined with a feature which encourages deflections. That appears to be modeled in the physics in your video.

  41. What gets hit first on the 103…. engine…. and now you cant do anything realy…..

  42. It looks lika a Asu-57 on steroyds

  43. I don’t recall IKEA selling tanks. Must look at the catalog harder next time.

  44. I’m going to call it but the strv is going to be the best support veichle- Players in squads could one day use the strv as a ramp and shoot over obstacles – video idea too.(meme comment)

  45. DON'T TREAD ON ME 01

    Yes the strv 105


  47. 17:23 Is this how baby meatball tanks are made?

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