The SWISS ARMY KNIFE of World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm talking about the popular SU-130 PM a that can do it all! It's practically the Swiss army knife!



  1. Luv the green screen baby

  2. the green screen doesn’t matter to me, I come to your youtube and twitch at times to watch some destruction of mediocre players like me

  3. i miss the cat :p

  4. i was about to teleport into your room but then you said we had no permission

  5. I don’t really mind either way lol the green screen is cool how it somehow only shows you and makes it look like your an actual part of the gameplay or replay lol but I like seeing you in your natural “habitat” so to speak as aswell without it lol and getting to see your background like the cat in the previous video so i like both

  6. happiness_and_weed

    How much ammo should I take and how much ammo I should I have of each type and when do I know when I’m good to buy the premium or if I should even think about buying premium shells

  7. Go with greenscreen, so much better feeling on vids

  8. We finally have wheeled vehicles in console now… Can we get the far superior map geography in the game now too? Or how about the much better equipment or the cool game modes or 3x zoom? Y’all should consider your selves lucky, y’all have SO MUCH MORE than us…

  9. whatever the background is, as long as content is good.

  10. Dear Quickybaby, Please make a video about upcoming Clan War/Global Confrontation Map, How to get T95/FV4201 Chieftain? how much Fame point and bonds will be needed to get the dream Tank… please make a Video about this…

  11. Dear Quickybaby, Please make a video about upcoming Clan War/Global Confrontation Map, How to get T95/FV4201 Chieftain? how much Fame point and bonds will be needed to get the dream Tank… please make a Video about this…

  12. A snapshot of WoT players. From a bot e100 to a cent 7/1 who repairs a damaged but working track rather than his ammorack.

    As to the 130pm, just a shame wg fluffed its mobility compared to the skorp. Otherwise it would be superb.

  13. Chickenbutt McWatson

    what field mods are you all running? the negatives never seem worth the positives

  14. for me personally I like your videos equally good no matter if there is a greenscreen or not 😉

  15. I love this thing, damn near impossible to get spotted and hits like a truck.

  16. Daily intuition check

  17. Qb is out of the dungeon set up

  18. Pobut's Crackerbox

    shoulda brought the washing machine back with u

  19. Tadeusz Korzeniewski

    Intuition is the second most important perk to have, right behind 6th sense.
    No doubt about it.

  20. World of Tanks Warrek

    I recently very much enjoy WZ-120G-FT, got it all decked out with field mods and 3 skill crew, camo is about 47% stationary, 31% on the move, 3,5k dmg per minute and 482 view range with premium consumable and bond rammer, vents on special slot and with optics. Makes a lot of credits and can catch a lot of people by suprise how much damage they get when they peek for a shot with 440 alpha and nice pen!

  21. The green screen is definitely better but I don’t mind that much either way.

  22. No way you were there for this long!! …. hahaha man I watch you no matter where you are, not WC and we all good !!

  23. Creditincome ist based in the base- ep you earned, so If u spot and dmg for your own u’ll earn more credits

  24. Well the scorpions clone is way better than the original

  25. did notice lack of greenscreen. dont care. Looks more pro with, but im here for the tanks, not the vfx

  26. What is the site that quicky is using to get that data?

  27. I prefer the cat in the background

  28. 레온셉티온 | Lee

    Both variants surely have their charm, so both are absolutely fine.

  29. My 5 Skill Crew with acc Equipment still Misses His Shots.
    If this TD works its great but %60 time IT doesnt.

  30. I started watching you when you streamed from the old house/flat. So no green screen is kinda nostalgic in a way.

  31. who the fuck wouldn’t want choc chip tho?

  32. Noticed lack of green screen but it’s not that important.

  33. I have the Skorpion, the SU130PM and the ISU-152K. To make credits the ISU-152K is the best. Skorpion and SU130PM are one shots for ISU, 1 HE can kill them.

  34. yes bring the washingmachine to the UK via Greenscreen pls

  35. Alexandru Grigoriu

    can you do a su-101 video?

  36. I like the green screen option. Although the other option you used for a short while was fine too.

  37. I love you videos. Sory for disagree but is SU-130 PM not Russian?

  38. Without the green screen at least we know when you’ve traveled and have reduced capabilities, call it a minor insight into your life.

  39. Green screen is much better, no doubt!
    Otherwise it takes up too much of the screen

  40. Didn’t really notice that there was no green screen, but with the green screen it’s better.

  41. I love su 130pm. 5k damage is my best game.

  42. Andreas Thörnvall

    Well i miss the cat 🙁

  43. I enjoy your videos a lot and I definitely prefer the cleaner more professional look, so much so that light bouncing from the green screen on the chair, headphones and hair bothers me a bit sometimes.

  44. i prefer greenscreen because your position on screen is different without it an di like it with it

  45. No. does not matter the background to me. In fact is better to see a persons environment it brings it closer to its public. As for the comment i made about the door of the washing machine last time…noted it was just for teasing you. BUT i also saw you did closed it in the end….!!!!! As a comment for the new year. Please make some comments in WG as you did long time ago to change some Personal missions, and fix a bit the spotting on the game. thank you.

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