The T-34 Family / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The T-34 is a legendary Soviet medium tank… or, rather, a whole of tanks. They are known for their powerful guns, excellent mobility and, in many cases, decent armour as well. There are fourteen different T-34 variants in War Thunder, from the most conventional of models to experimental vehicles or tanks that only saw limited production. The latest variant could hold its ground against early MBTs…



  1. I like the t-34-85e

  2. The 57 is god tier. Best tank in game. Got 11 air kills and every match is an ace

  3. So when are we getting proper ground attack jets like tornados, warthogs (or thunderbolts), and frogfoots. Or other jets such as f16s and f22s

  4. Duangsavanh Phimmasone

    T-34 1942 is my favorite T-34 (just saying)

  5. Богдан Новиков

    Давайте Шерман!!!

  6. One way to kill the T-34 is to shoot its machine gunner thing on the hull

  7. Hello… Can anyone tell me where the painting of the gate 1 car is downloaded on the official website?

  8. Μιχάλης Καϊμασιδης

    Tank family on pz4 plz

  9. I have come to hate t34s as I am currently using Churchill mk3 and Cromwell’s which hardly ever kill them

  10. Do the entire m4 family including the ones from different tech trees

  11. Remember it isn’t Russian bias. It’s historical accuracy

  12. t-34/t-100 when

  13. Man if only if I could play the game now instead of it crashing and not responding at startup

  14. Best Armor ingame: T-34 fuel tanks

  15. Every time I use the first t-34 in the tree I get up tiered and absolutely demolished, I’ve only had one match where anything said about it applied

  16. I love the T-34-100, something about slapping an postwar tanks with a ww2 tank make me feel happy

  17. Do one about the Sherman family

  18. What bout the td’s like su85, su100 etc?

  19. type 58 t-34 with flak 37 t-34-88 t-34-85m czech t-34 type 65 hmm

  20. I love the t44

  21. If youre facing any T-34 before the T-34-57, aim for the sides of the gun or below it. almost always a guarnteed penetration, if not a kill.

  22. Alfred Conqueror

    The T 34-100 is my most played tank. That thing grinded most of my Russian tanks but also gave headaches

  23. Europhixlinx 451

    Thank you, I really needed this as I have just started to use the Russian tech tree

  24. Did you mentioned how much effective is that radiator type of armor in saving crew members??

  25. 0:10
    Just gonna let this here, see it if u wanna see the truth…

  26. “New cannon with a longer fused APHE shell”

    Too bad your ballistics code completely destroyed the differences between such variables, making two completely different cannons with different shells perform identically.

    Just sayin.


  28. Quick tip: an 85 can penetrate the upper front plate of a Tiger 1 at the right angle, so don’t be too afraid of them


    Yeah we are family…
    We are Brothers…
    We are not to be defeated…
    We are made to bias

  30. 내구독자수 이사람탄핵 동의한사람수

    I need korean

  31. nathan robert lloyd

    3:28 now that would be scary to see in combat 4 t-34

  32. It would be interesting to see a T-34 with the S-54 76mm gun

  33. I hate the m4 with a 76 mm gun that killed me I had the t34/85

  34. And I killed a m4a2 with an flak panzer ostwind

  35. Ah the Russian bias family

  36. Do the pz III or IV(or both) family. Please

  37. tjalling vd bosch

    Where is the type 65

  38. Bruce Grant! <3

  39. No subs with no vids

    T-34s blessed with Staliniom

  40. Leonardo Goulart

    According to battlefield 1942(2002), the t-34-85 is a medium tank with short barrel and the t-34-76 is a heavy tank with long barrel.

    P.S. No, i STILL can’t get over with it.

  41. I like to see all t34 when not using tiger, but when using tiger I hate t34 85,always one shot me even I had angled the tank

  42. JakeTheTankmaster

    M4 family next please 🙂

  43. ___smile___ warrior


  44. I thought the wire mesh didn’t do anything worth mentioning as far as tests showed

  45. Do the kv family or this is family



  47. Yeah, the APCR is sooo nasty…. for the user

  48. Soviet Gaming/Strigon1

    I like the T-34-85’s and T-34 (1942) the most for the T-34 Line

  49. Forgot to mention the absolutely ridiculous angled pen modifier the “A” shell on the 85 gun gets.

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