The T-55 Becomes Untouchable – T-55AMD-1 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The T-55A Gets a HARD KILL APS, at 8.3?!

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  1. 8.3 is fine for it. I would not see it perform well vs. 9.7 tanks and the APS while it can save you it doesnt help against APFSDS.

  2. I really like T-55AM1 and AMD. The only thing I hate is the reload speed. 8.5s with an ace crew while everything else has 6.7 or less is just deadly. As is the turret rotation. It feels like a turret from a battleship… Unfortunately 9 out of 10 games are full uptier or an uptier to 9.0 and all games are infested by Pumas so I stopped playing them.
    P.S. That shot at 20:58 is unfortunately a typical one for me. That ammo is really bad. You were extremely lucky with those oneshots.
    P.P.S. Have you noticed that it has a base repair time over 57s while AM1 and T-62 have 40s?

  3. Do aim for the gun on the Puma, the unmanned turret isnt an advantage, its a disadvantage, no armor = easy kill on ammo = useless tank

    • Not to mention right now the belt is scuffed so if a Puma only carries 1 type of ammo they will lose all of them even the ones below the hull and not connected to the gun, for some reason gaijin modeled the ammo belt as 1 continuous belt instead of 4 separate belts

  4. Without APFSDS or APDS shooting the gun is prob the safest thing to shoot from the front. No other choice.

  5. Green vs Red

  6. Général Leclerc 2.0

    Wow, stab + good shell this is what is missing in french tech-tree at this BR

  7. The option to help teammates with repairs with any vehicle is one of the best additions of this update imo.

  8. STGGC Sub Commander Seb

    Not a fan of T55s because of the really good composite armor at 8.3 They are pretty hard to kill with HEAT-FS

  9. Funny how the system is good in game. It was pretty poor IRL, in Afghanistan it only had an 80% success rate against RPGs, let alone anything tougher. Not to mention how it caused large collateral damage to any infantry nearby

    • Many vehicles that generally performs poorly irl became good to extremely good in game, take the T-34 for example, it is a mediocre at best and slightly too expensive for its class while having poor built quality somehow performs too good half the time
      Look for Lazerpig on YT for more info on how overrated the T-34 is

  10. Distraught Cruiser Owner

    ah yes. I need to get this thing and bully puma players

  11. 17:17 then you are playing the right game

  12. Thanks for the amd joke lol, literally the first thing I thought of when I saw this tank

  13. Marders are going to hate this thing.

  14. Seems to me like the tech tree t55amd is already better than the premium one… So now it’s just a waste of money…. Change my mind

  15. Funny watching one of the first youtubers to make a “Puma OP” video dunk on Puma’s in his next video

  16. minute 6:30 thanks for the tips justin

  17. Intel bad (written by AMD supremacy club)

  18. I am pretty sure the APS at 16:38 didnt work because your tank wasnt flat, your front was lifted so it hink it was outside of the detection range, because when you look carefully the missile went very low, basically udner your frontal armor

  19. damn justin 26min video awsome !!!

  20. sad part….cheecks will be divided before that thing gets proper balancing….

  21. 8.3 – 9.3 is terrible because of all the prems

  22. Okay this was a pretty strange video….I mean There was a let’s bully Germany day in WarThunder? In the most of the battles there was everyone againts Germany….so strange, or did I miss an event or I just didnt heard the information about this in the video? The other thing was that a huge amount of the German vehicles in the battle were Begleit, Puma, and maybe TAMs mostly TAM2IPs. There wasn’t as many Leopards as usually. Interesting…However the video was great and Interesting. The T55AMD-1 is really interesting in itself, to be honest I’m not the huge fan of the Soviet/Russian vehicles in the game and in the real life as well but the T-55 and its variant that I really love. Also I was always corious how the armies modernize their old equipment and how they doing in a battle. Fortunately they can’t test them in a real battle (till now), and to be honest I don’t want them to test it. But the WarThunder purposeful. Anyway thanks for the great video Justin you videos so cool and…how the english says that, educational yes I think this is the right word. I’ve learned so much from them. Keep it up

  23. Soo lazer range finder, APS, stabilizer, and dart round, all at 8.3… man must be nice. Russian mains should try playing USA.

  24. This tank Will shit on missile ifv even adats?

  25. AMD are known for running hot. I uses to have a laptop using first or second gen turion 64 x2 (it was one of the first amd 64 bit processors on a laptop is all I remember). It one time hit 130 C according to internal sensors.

  26. I like these random players that helps repair… im one myself.. 2 Guns is always better then 1

  27. If its Russian it doesn’t work, just sayin’

  28. My god, i can’t wait for T-80UM-1 with Arena-m APS. This thing is gonna be litteraly unkillable. Oh, and also the more modern T-80 or T-72 variants with Drozd 2

  29. There are aps that can stop apfsds

  30. 18:20 a showcase of players who complain about the PUMA
    absolute braindead insufferable fastidious fetuses

  31. APS only for 10.0 above with ATGM spams
    Lower than that is just an absolute bully for anyone who unlocked their first ATGM/Rocket vehicle

  32. AMD is good 🙂

  33. Of course the russian APS reacts better than a NATO country’s APS

  34. 8.3 you get this and i get a leopard 1 thats stabilised and has a dart round of 350mm at 8.7??? Also no laser rangefinder. This game is bullshit.

  35. The APS didn’t work that time because you were going quickly forward and drove over a bump so there was no way it could track the missile quickly enough

  36. When the sabot non pen at 21:00 , this is bulcrap like gaijin shells can not become dust just by hitting oxygen or what else and this append a lot to me when I’m fighting leo’s but to be honest I’m still playing this game bc it’s great and fun (sometimes not x))

  37. funny moment in intro

  38. usualy when i play t-55a i take 14 dart, 2 heat and 2 aphe. you are insane to take that much ammo

  39. Irl this tank never actually got APS

  40. AMD cpu crashes from a .1 ghz overclock

  41. i dont want to get political or anything buuuuuuuuuut cats are better than dogs

  42. APS Modification soon. Just you wait ahaa 😭

  43. APS is a very cool addition! The amount of times my Iron Fist has saved me from Helis on the Black Night is crazy! (Shame majority of the games are all Challies so my Win rate is in the dirt 😂)

  44. the armatas aps can counter apfsds

  45. Can you do a vid on the titan 4s been enjoying that thing lately with its 105

  46. This explains why amd raised cpu prices..

  47. Orgasm at 12:01 xDD

  48. I love the Russian 100 mm Aphe, apds, heat, apfsds. A truly brilliant gun

  49. Robert Nitor Jr.

    Cheesy AMD joke made. Hope you guys are happy xD

  50. the 20:55 and 21:45 clips show very well how ridicolous this game is, mainly focusing the bias for the german tree tanks. those marders bounce 300mm pen rounds like nothing else. same thing happened to me with high penetration apds more than twice. what a toxic enemy to fight at 7.3

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