THE T-90 IS A MONSTER | Armored Warfare Assault

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Source: Schwalbe


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  1. SenbonHatsune Your Average Mobile Gamer

    Good to know schwobl

  2. Yes the first no because it says No Veiws and only has one like me

  3. Do you have a north west server account in wotb

  4. I have this game

  5. Schwalbe how do I send a wotb replay to you. I got a sweet indien pz mastery

  6. Killereagle On blitz

    When is the next heroes of the weak coming out?

  7. Sometimes this game just becomes a meme

  8. roverboy1105 awsome 5

    I had this game for a while got to the mbt70 idk if ill play it again might just giveaway the account tbh

    • roverboy1105 awsome 5 just play it it needs a bigger playerbase im meeting too much ai right now that is the reason I went back to blitz

    • roverboy1105 awsome 5

      +Latios321 1352 the reason I don’t play it anymore I cause I played blitz first the different play style just throws me off and they need to do some work on the game like the graphs I understand that they my not have enough money to do much but still and tbh I was a was more like war thunder and a little less blitz like I think the diversity could help the game but I might have it a second but idk

  9. *c Y k A b L y A t* to whoever disliked this video

  10. This game is a mess

  11. *Russia Intensifies* oh wait.. I idt this tank is Russian

  12. Love Schwalbe, Love Schwalbe’s insane luck (and cyka blyat komrade)


  14. OH yeah play more time good luck

  15. t 90 – m41 rly :/

  16. can you give us some link to download tgis game on android and icloud?


  18. Wait how can i get this tank 90% of the tanks in my store are * coming soon * after the last update . Even this tank. Any ideas?

  19. +Schwalbe what do you think of the last update of AW i think they kinda messed up but thats just my opinion

  20. You should do videos with iguana gaming on ark

  21. Btw schwalbe u made a mistake that this is a chinese tank not Russian lol

  22. This is *type*-90

  23. What happens to the game my good tanks are not available

  24. Marty Zebra AMX M4 45

    I thought the T90M was a Chinese tank

  25. Wait how do armour mechanics work in this game.

    • Im not 100% sure but tge current models seems to he everything causes damage but shells still bounce but cause significantly less damage than they nornally would

  26. Hey Schwalbe i found out something

  27. For all you kids saying this is Chinese not Russian, your all wrong. This tank is actually Japanese

  28. So uhhhhh turns out this tank is actually Japanese… So uh… Involuntary clickbait?

  29. Lol, why does armored warfare have the russian ufo tank?

  30. *Schwobbl making 2x more damage than other teammates*

  31. Ya i love the ark content love ark content yes yes but do more tank things try ummm minecraft its dead anyway right i never eat chicken any more haha

  32. This new update ruined armoured warfare assault

  33. Schwalbe you said it had to be ffa

  34. Isnt there an update that made most tanks unavailable?

  35. I remember Stalin

  36. Schwalbe i tried AW on Android but MM sucks. It’s impossible to win. Give us tips and tricks pls

  37. Tanks in AWA barely have armor so I just ram with my Sheridan and stuff

  38. shoutout t-90 power at discord? xd

  39. a japanese spy?

  40. Bit late to this. But to be honest, I find it disgusting that anyone covers AW’s new content, purely and simply because it shines a positive light on something which shouldn’t get any. Unless the next update turns out for the better, and I’m honestly not sure if it will at this point…

    But on a more constructive note, nice meme. And the Type 90 II is Chinese. The al Kalaid looks eerily similar it, if you look past the angled ERA on the turret…. Definitely not Russian. Or Japanese. The Type 90 has quite a bit more stature than the Type 90 II.

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