The T100LT is the Most Fun LT I’ve played in Years

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  1. It doesn’t have the highest view range, but it doesn’t need that position. This tank is like a mobile bush _and_ has enough armor to handle many HE shells.

  2. Great video LR!

  3. Jonathan Larkby

    Where did you find the three midget amputees to crew this tank and why does a crewmember not die every time you hit a bump and smash one of them against the gun breach or turn the turret? How does the smallest tier 10 LT have the best gun, turret, armor, and camo and drive the best? Does not compute.

  4. T100LT is the beast,my favorite light…just drive and shoot! 😉

  5. Hey Lemming, Mr Rush; You helped me with oyur videos to increase my WN8 from 1600 to a consistent 2100. Now my problem is as follows: with many tanks i improved my winrate with the better judgements i make thanks to your educational videos. But with some i still am stuck on 50-51% winrate. Now is this because of the different playstyle of the tank (which is my guess) or is it due to my decisionmaking not being on the level it needs to be for the individual tank. (i hope i didnt pose the question too broadly and also greetings from germany :))

    • This is likely your play style. Perhaps the reason for your high WN8 is that you’re able to make the most of a shitty or good situation for yourself, however this doesn’t necessarily mean making game changing plays, which is probably why your win rate isn’t as high as you’d want. Hope this makes sense

    • The Nozar so it is the farsight that lacks if i understood correctly. pictureing how the game developes and acting accordingly

  6. are you planning on getting BC?

  7. This game can actually be fun, but the clickers ruin it completely. Those cancerous fucktards tapping from the corner of the map man, I seriously hate them with a passion. Imagine a separate game mode where we don’t have clickers and the clickers have their own game, 15v15 all in the corner of the map, pinging the map for spots with vaseline on their foreheads. The people who play arty are a disgrace to humanity.

  8. We’ve seen two replays where u play as a top tier vs tier 8 , why not showing us some replays with just tier 10’s and maybe where u get to fight one ,two Ebr’s 105 … how much fun will be then !?..??

  9. jack whitesloth

    Play this more I really enjoyed this

  10. Hey Lemming, out of curiosity, can I ask you which nation’s tanks you prefer to play with, and why ?

  11. Dear Lemming Rush, as a D-Day member, could you please explain to me why so many MAHOU players are so salty about our clan being featured? I just don’t understand as to why they are so upset about it.

  12. Well it’s russian after all…

  13. Love the work with top tier LT! I think the best tier X LT is Russian and French and I got my French and I will grind this one too

  14. I just ran out of credits on my account lol

  15. Louschiii / Lukas

    You should try the EBR 105 🙂

  16. Nice job Mr. Rush ; P

  17. Nice work lemming!

  18. “I just lost a lot of my HP. That’s what happens when you play aggressively.” No. When I play aggressively I die. Lol

  19. LT432 is similar to the T100LT. It’s pretty fun to play.

  20. A top gun win is a shitty game for you. Jesus what does your epic game look like…

  21. “It’s not a PTA it’s just a leopard…”

  22. you do things that with anyone else would be bad and I cant watch you anymore when you start showing things that will help the average player maybe ill watch all you are doing now is showing off no help at all

  23. ” it is not a pta it is just a leopard” he just pitied tier 10 leo for not being hte tier9.

    he finished video by saying yeah xd

    btw it is good that u stopped using that x3 for elite tanks.

  24. Lemming, considering your previous upload of you playing a stock KV-1, I figured it would be hilarious to challenge you to play another shit tank. Make a video playing the T-34-1 with the 100mm gun 🙂

  25. Michigan Skinny

    Hmmmmmm………two conspicuous edits at the end of the first game, and then he doesn’t show the end plates………something fun happened.

  26. Naw I prefer WZ 131, 132, or 432

  27. Who care about your tier 10 Unicom gameplay. Ass-wipes like you are what’s ruining the game .
    Do you ever actually go outside, or just sit in your parents basement slurping Mt. Dew & playing tanks??
    If you ever do happen to venture out, that BIG bright thing in the sky is the SUN !!! How Pathetic ?

  28. Lemming the person who says beach players aren’t the brightest goes beach just like how he says IS4 players are the brightest too

  29. T100LT, a “light tank” with an E100 turret.

  30. I love the 430u that yolod of the cliff onto the e100 in the first game?

  31. Wow. I thought the T-100 LT was pretty meh?! Happy to be wrong about that 🙂

  32. Years into a youtube career and you still struggle to finish your commentaries lol <3

  33. Liberty Dankmeme

    lemming i got a question – how many genders are there in WOT??

  34. My E25 has a 67% camo rating and laughs at your tier 10 47% camo rating!! ha ha ha! (Hell, it has over 30% when moving!)

  35. LR says ‘go beach’. Skilled players everywhere respond ‘go fuck yourself, stop suggesting noobs go beach… dick’. I think LR intentionally makes these videos so that just that many more noobs go beach and make winning easier for him…

  36. Lemming rush says ‘go beach’, then says ‘it really sucks that our e100 went beach’…

  37. The gun handling on that tank is absolute trash though

  38. Watch the IS=7, he did LR job as a scout…

  39. Fuck these are the worst replays. He starts off going beach, does nothing. Meanwhile his team is killing it, then he ‘survives’ at the end and plays clean up. How about a scout video with some actual scouting? Anyone can sit at back and wait for their team kills it THEN play clean up..

    • Just out of curiosity, is your account the one featured on your channel, with like 5000 games played in tier 3s?

  40. Team that wins hill on second battle wins battle 90% of the time.

  41. second battle, maybe the scout can spot the camping td from hill….

  42. Second battle actually ok. Help take the important flank first. Then flex and needed and as opportunity allows…

    • Why did you post 9 comments on my video man, they’re gunna get you marked for spam.

    • @LemmingRush 9 comments because you are slipping. Your early videos were much better. More informative, better gameplay. Lately, you’ve been posting a lot of battles like the first battle here. Where your team does most of the work and you seem to just drive around talking about what you think should happen, then do a little clean up at the end. I want the old LR back, more informative, more entertaining, better quality battles. You know, because I like watching your channel when you are ‘on form’.

  43. Lemming out here driving a carpet

  44. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This vehicle is quite fun and exceptionally good to play. Should you try the german counterpart… lol

  45. The first thing you say… The D-100…. Yes Lemmingrush you’ve done it again

  46. Nice 2nd game ?

  47. Nightmare151188

    Its fun because its op. XD

  48. You played a game on glacier aswell while recording. I was on the enemy team in that game

  49. Ugh beach yes you triggered me. Now other people will say ” but I saw LM go beach I can do it too in my slow heavy”

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