The T110E4 Master Class in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The T110E4 is the role breaker of ! The result is brutal /Tank Destroyer combo with some of the ammo in the game; here's how to master it!



  1. Hey QB, Please do a Obj 705A masterclass! Tnx! Love the content mate keep it up!

  2. Quickybaby with Tanya on his mind halfway through lol

  3. Love the video! Please do one for IS-7 as I feel like there’s not many updated videos on it anymore!

  4. Fv4005 masterclass next. The most fun tier 10 tank.

  5. Isnt the HE of the 60tp nearly identical to the one of tje E4?

  6. In my expierence, the armor of the T110E4 is very trollish. I dont have the tank myself but I seem to bounce a lot of shells off it on descent distances… Its not a grille lol

  7. Jonathan Richard

    I have alot of games in that tank but i never managed to get my third mark a came 1or 2 time a 94% but then get bad games and drops it back but i love that tank its my most played t10

  8. Absolutely love this series, I consider myself a good player on the rare occasion I play world of tanks but because I don’t play often there’s a load of tanks I don’t have. with that in mind I still love this series.
    Speaks volumes about the quality of video

  9. Never master class if you need premium ammo to perform at tier 10

  10. The comparison between the 60TP and this tank has one more decisive difference. One is a Heavy, the other is a TD. This factor often is overlooked because it is so obvious, but it means the enemy team will likely get one additional TD/Heavy as well. It is kind of a niche application, but I always find playing TD’s a good way for a higher winrate with lower effort, because a TD on the enemy team is more likely to camp and not participate in the game than an enemy heavy, meaning if I play active I will have even more impact on the outcome since I can effectively make a numerical advantage at the frontline.

  11. is7 master class when lol

  12. The ST ll could be a good masterclass

  13. All Things Korian

    Hey QB. Love the series ! Could you please make a map tactics/ strategy playlist? Some of the advice you offer on little nuances of the map are really helpful.

  14. Where Grille is the sniper, and the E3 the assault tank, the E4 is inbetween these 2. its more a support tank on the 2nd line that can be used to push when you got the opportunity. That cuppola is the downfall of this tank.

  15. Its funny, I actually just got my Ace in mine TODAY. I’m extremely casual player but 1st battle out had 8 kills, 5700 damage, 3k blocked. Ended with 9k 1st battle exp and earned over 125k credits. I left it in the garage the rest of the day, didn’t want to spoil the feeling.

  16. i need to try my E4 with field mods and turbo, seems like it would actually be worthwhile to play

  17. Peter Voytanovsky

    Yeah, except the gun handling on the 60TP absolutely SUCKS

  18. Gerhard Wunderler

    great stuff… very appreciated!

  19. I am really Liking these master class videos QB great job. Just a suggestion but it be very cool to see in IS7 master class video in the future.

  20. Ngl, this master class thing is actually good. The “casual” reviews are rather lackluster imho

  21. legends of hypixel

    hey quickybaby, i would love a masterclass on the leopard 1

  22. VocaloidbyLicenciado

    Wgy WT-E100 is in that list but no Foch 155?

  23. Generic Youtube Account

    I got the E4 in 2020 and I hate it. It is so power crept. Maybe QB will tell me what I am doing wrong.

  24. full ilegal mods yankies cheaters

  25. That second game was an epic throw by the enemy team. They had you guys surrounded and should’ve EASILY won the match, but they failed to commit to a complete push.

  26. fail Krans lolol I’m surprised they’re not in the same platoon

  27. Epic 150mm volley at 24:49

  28. Nice battle for the 3rd mark! Gratz!

  29. “Role playing anakin” “look at all these anakins” LOL teams in a nutshell XD think they are “the best”

    “You underestimate my power!”

    Then they die and blame it on everyone else that is actually still alive and are doing their job like they are supposed to
    Like a 20 IQ player XD I still wonder what is the actual logic behind people’s thinking like what’s wrong with their minds??? Do they actually try to use brain power? What happened to people being smart lol we are making animals look good because most humans are dumber then they are!!! Bruhhhhhh

  30. Please Master Class the tier VII heavy Tiger I

  31. I just watch these vids because in MasterClass, I get 3-4 games that were perfect perfection!

  32. T110E4 my first tier X. It’s a good tank because most of the soviet tank already get ammo rack by me especially the IS7. What I don’t like about this T110E4 is the turret only turn on 180 degree.

  33. Expected another quackybaby recommends little gun coz dpm bs


  35. Lower tiers

  36. Please do the ELC EVEN 90. Love the content

  37. Your team had some real shit eaters in chat on that last mtch.

  38. Extensive usage of gold ammo on tier Xs shows how broken & unbalanced this soviet-made shitty game is.

  39. I’m still not sure if I want this. I have the 3d skin for it but idk. It’s underwhelming in every way and there’s so many other tds that can do the same thing or similar just better.

  40. hoping for a stb-1 masterclass soon

  41. Would u play this the same on console ?

  42. It would be nice if you refreshed some of the top 10 series. I personally would like to watch those as some of the tanks have been nerfed/buffed and the overall dynamics of the game have changed over the past couple years.
    Love your videos!

  43. 24:49 satisfying

  44. I love these type of videos QB. Maybe you can include the weak points/where to aim when you encounter this tank or how to angle etc since its kinda annoying for new/semi new people to figure things out looking at tanks gg

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