The T28 is Basically Cheating

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Source: LemmingRush

This Episode 2 of Basically cheating, the series where I play live games in the most balanced tanks in the game 😉


  1. Anakin Skycancer

    You suck dude. no wonder why you dont play anymore because you suck

  2. but its huge with no armor but i suppose you do best chai sniping oh the carry

  3. holy hell lemming rush i hate this tank with a passion while i grinded it on eu

  4. The T28E F30 is even more broken, IMO. 160 alpha every 5.-something seconds. 280 on the HE round with 43 pen. Armor that can bounce lower tiers and not get penned by HE. But it needs to be played more like a TD because of the mobility and gun handling.

  5. the _____ (insert tank name) is basically cheating

  6. Got go pad that 3k wn8 in tier 4 ? i remember when i had respect for u overlord and anfield. Relics

  7. when I was playing that in like 2014, everyone said it sucked, but I had some of the best games of my life in it.

    • Since it’s big and has no armor it’s terrible for beginners that don’t know how to play strategically.

  8. Dude, I fucking hate Ghost Town.

  9. Oh i thought he meant the t28 td (i dont play i watch)

  10. Is it the t-28e with the kv-1’s top gun? That t-28 is pretty boss.

  11. I know it’s slow af but have you ever tried the Churchill 3? That thing is a dpm monster. Mine does 70 to 80 damage every 1.8 seconds at tier 5. You just lock on and keep firing and it just melts tanks. I’ve had 3000 damage games in it but I have an unbelievable crew and use a lot of prem rounds lol

  12. I have watch your play and have binocs on alot of your tanks and you play almost every tank as a TD .

  13. Lol the auto-generated English subtitle says “hello guys it’s LEMON GOSH”

  14. Ke-Ho and M5A1 Stuart at tier 4 is OP.

  15. Ack-schuseeee me.
    It’s “T-28”

    btw the premium with the F-30 is way more broken.

  16. “you don’t even need to aim”
    *gets fucked by a one shot panzer because he didn’t aim*

  17. You’re doing the typical error with the KV-220 shooting it in the hull *facepalm* just shoot it in the turret and forget the hull exists, it’s a stock KV-1 turret on a KV-3 hull 😛

  18. where to shoot the KV 220? In the turret every time will pen with standard AP

  19. i kept playing the t28 and get one shot front facing enemies
    no armor:L
    thank god i used the experience to quickly get to the kv1
    but even then i get shot out of the sky
    -_- and i dont even know how much percent my crew is
    since never really knew anything

  20. Ghost Town is alot better than Tundra or Paris

  21. T-28 or T28 F30

    Which is better?

  22. Would love to see a video with the Strv 74, 15 degrees of gun depression seems like it could be exploited quite nicely.

  23. T-28 with 85mm is basically cheating.

  24. I’m sorry Lemming, but I think you’ve gone too far down the “unplayed uncommon tank” road. Yes, this gun is good.

    *…and that’s it.*

    If I’m gonna sealclub in a tier 4, it’ll be in a Hetzer or the P26/40. THAT tank has a great gun.

  25. The T-28 was one of the first tanks I felt i comfortable with, I remember knowing that if I played it right i could wreck people. I was still a scrub, but it helped me understand the quality of my games were entirely on me.

  26. I play blitz but enjoy your videos. Strategy, positioning, map awareness, match making tendencies apply no matter where you go. Thanks, I enjoy your work. Hopefully I can apply an Amazon Prime sub to your Twitch channel, if that’s worth anything.

  27. in before Pz V / IV

  28. My fav seal clubber (after the T82 howitzer turned arty) became the M5 Stuart. It’s hilarious.

    • The american or chinese? Really miss the T82. Corrently love playing the Luchs because of it’s awesome viewrange to spot longrange and scary close range magazine + mobility combo.

  29. lmao. try the F30 variant

  30. your concealment and spotting values are shocking

  31. It drives me crazy that you put binos on then rock back and forth so they never activate.

  32. If you call thins think OP you are either 1. A god with russian meds 2. Totally mad

    Is FUCKING HUGE, it has no armor, no camo and the gun is meh. Only the pen and the DPM are good! Is a rly bad tank! Is the only tank in the 277 line I have no ace/first badge in

  33. Have you tried the tier IV Italian tank that one for me seems to be awsome P26/40

  34. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Another great video LR,
    I think I free EXPed right past the T-28 back in the day.
    I’m mainly a free to play player at the moment, so a T-28 might be a fun place to go.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

    • Ah, this is a very American/british thing. He is being sarcastic, the tank is awful, but he is saying otherwise ?. It is satire at it’s finest.

      For t4 try the hetzer or luchs, for t5 try the m4 or t67.
      Hope that helped,
      Love from the UK 😀

  35. Aleksa Acimovic

    I haven’t watched you in some time since I stopped playing WoT, but I noticed u started swearing much more needlessly. I wonder why.

  36. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Not played it for years. Don’t have too many tier 4’s besides prems. Luchs is the only normal one I have. But I have the T28 F30. Basically 488m with binocs and a KV-1 gun. Tho less DPM, but 160 alpha. So he has no issues vs the stock KV-1 turret on the KV-220. And FYI… blocked maps don’t work on tier 4 and down iirc.

  37. I’ve got a T-28E F30 – doesn’t have the DPM of the ZIS (only around 2k fully pimped out) but the alpha is crippling – especially with HE

  38. I still remember the ye olde days of this having the 85mm. Old WOT was a lawless wasteland. KV at tier 5 with the 152, kv-1s just being a little IS. M5 stuart had the turret and stubby 75mm from the M8. Shit was wild.

  39. Hey lemming! If you want another OP tier 4 from the tech tree, there is the Italian P40. It has 175 dmg and 75 HE pen, decent mobility and armor. The DPM with HE is close to some tier 6 85mm guns.

  40. You can only block maps for Tier 5 or higher.

  41. It also has the T-29 and the T-28E F30 as good crew trainers if you like it and want to develop a good crew. Blocking maps is tier 5+

  42. i would switch rammer for vents this way you would hit more cause i notice alot of unaimed shots and rng

  43. T-28 could be stronger than the T-34 tier for tier however I really like the gun dep, dpm general handling and a bit of armor you get on the T-34

  44. What is next? Pz Ic sealclubbing?
    Geeez. Once i got to T34 and Kv1, I never, ever felt the urge to play this tank like…ever.

  45. Is the T-28 with F-30 any good too? i’ve that prem as i’ve bought it on a whim, but it has pretty lackluster armour
    I’m a tomato player, and i mostly play skycancer and Heavy TD-s so…. i’ve no point of refference.
    I find it really difficult to play with anything after playing with ferdi and jtiger, cos with those i can just bully out almost everything

  46. TheNeiskorisceni

    Finally someone review low tier! I keep my t-28 with 4 skills in garage,and every time when there is some event which you can do in tier 4,I finish that with t-28,because its easy and you can do that in 2-3 games. I finish referral program on new account alone in 2 days with T-28(every game was some medal) That tank is broken as hell,but new players very easy and fast get him,and after few games unlock KV-1 and keep moving,dont play him.

  47. It’s Russian bias, what did you expect lol

  48. Days of thunder

    I’d say the Luchs is even more broken

  49. LemmingRush you should make video about how to win 1v1,or facehugging situations…

  50. I’m wondering Lemmingrush. You should know that the last killshot is mostly not possible if you have several hits in a row. RNG said try it again and again and again and THEN you got it.
    The T-28 is not really a Seal Clubber Tank. More the T-28-F30 as he has the KV1 gun.

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