THE T95 BATTLE BUNKER – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Right_Glute_of_Exodia will show you why, in World of Tanks, the best BATTLE BUNKER there is!



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  2. First here hi good morning everyone

  3. 1st 🛻💨

  4. thank you mr. quackybabs

  5. I just had a great game yesterday, 5.5 k DMG, 6 kills, 4 k bounced. I love this damn barely mobile bunker

  6. The bunker indeed, no one will forgot this tank…

  7. I have not be playing my t95 because I’m working on marking my t30 now qb is in my t95

  8. Hi, say hi back

  9. Sure hope he’s going for marks with that Loadout

  10. Brawl Krazy HaruHaru OwO

    3:46 enemy T95 do a bump to made T95 shot miss

  11. WTF is that stupid skin??? I wish WG would work on game play instead of stupid ass gimmicks.

  12. Nick Name? How about “Cheeky”.

  13. There should’ve been some mounds of sand on that skin so it looked like it was some sort of a bunker at a beach hahah

  14. I was hoping he would lose after saying “ez carry”

  15. Wot gave up on this T95 and let him have all hits well poor game on wot QB look at all the pulled shot that all others miss why did he hit RSG

  16. I love how you now went back to featuring amazing replays from fellow wot players like back in the day! Thanks a lot! 😁

  17. If the right glute can do that, imagine what it can do with the left glute as well.

  18. Really like the surfer camo! How do you get that?

  19. Is it competitive against the OP new premiums?

  20. That engagement against the TVP was painful to watch

  21. Is it just me or is it really fuming when QB asks for forgiveness about his “terrible” commentary? I mean when your knowledge of the game is more than all your audience combined u r allowed to b proud of it

  22. “ez carry”
    *proceeds to shoot shptk-tvp with HE rounds*

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