The Tale of Attractive Boy in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today _AttractiveBoy_ is going to show you how to be a great teammate in World of Tanks in this epic tale!



  1. Nice a bourasque is now a borsig

  2. Respect to the tiger 2 on the other team though 1075 base XP on a loss.

  3. Quick question. When will the next masterclass video be?

  4. Kraven Fox Bodies

    A pro – port a john KV 5 user always knows to side scrape backwards.

  5. It happens 1 time in 100 games. Many players dont bother looking at the chat. Many Dont even speak english. So this video is pointless. And KV5 is Trash.

  6. WHY you STILL holding this GAme and Company UP. you are WG OLIGARCH ?? NO MORE $$ for WG ….

  7. Na server players when existence

  8. Gaming since the millenium QB? I’ve been gaming since 1978 sonny 😀

    Where’s my glasses :p

  9. Quickybaby likes attractive boys. I dont think you should admit that on youtube bro.

  10. Beautifulman son

  11. So true with the no speaking in this 3min meta these days. I can have multiple games in a row where people don’t talk at all, not even to bitch out the team for not rushing with them in light tanks against TD gunlines. Then there’s the usual, people blaming team for not being more aggressive, when they were too aggressive. And then there are these few games every so often where ppl actually help eachother, communicate their plans etc. But when noone says anything for the whole game it feels like I’m playing with bots.

  12. I really feel guilty playing my Russian tanks!

  13. Hide? You can’t hide that pretty face!

  14. I started with pong the first video game, I am 73 years old and still playing video games

  15. No more Lady bird attack lol

  16. “you don’t have to play a premium tank to be able to take out a Borsig” as _AttractiveBoy_ kills a *Bourrasque*

  17. Been playing video games for30 years: NOOB!!

  18. chomo?

  19. the problem is that kind of games….exist in 1 out of 100 where you can communicate with another player with the “eyes” and not the “balls” or who has it longer…!!!its like playing 1 vs 29 players each game! because weven your teamates act against you. they block you, they take positions that you should be in they dont support they dont cover thay dont platoon if you ask them in the end to secure victory or a better result.

  20. Nah if u can report bots then all tomatoes are bots

  21. Everybody talks about attractive boy and no1 notices his platoon mate literally has the nickname A Macholl 😀

  22. Ok that was creepy

  23. Wish you had included some of the original commentary from the stream, the way you repeated his name had me rolling when I was watching it live!

  24. I sincerely want his name to be an anonymizer name

  25. Toobin on ZoomChat is a better love story than Twilight…

  26. HolyHandgrenadeOfAntioch

    If only wg wouldn’t keep beating the last bit of life out of the class system with every rework decision and OP premium tank release. Then more people could experience teamplay moments again through natural synergy.

    Instead wg exchanged good game design for microtransaction (more macro than micro) crack money. Pathetic.

  27. i agree

  28. What has been the word from the company on the invasion by their home country and Russia? Have they made a statement?

    • Nope. They fired one dev who was openly pro-Putin like 2 weeks ago, but that’s it. I can’t play this anymore especially now that Belarus is in the war.

    • @Thomas R they’ve been in the war since the beginning. They are as responsible as Russia for what’s happening and that mother f ing dictator needs to be dispatched

    • wargaming donated 1 million dollars to Ukraine

  29. I presume this game is shut down in Belarus and Russia now? If not it should be

  30. It’s not a game anymore.

  31. I want golbal chat back

  32. Random statement for a CC to discuss: If they want people to play some more and use the field mods at lower levels, they should make you able to research field mods after researching all modules but not requiring you to research higher tier tank attached to that tech tree tank. For those grinding tech trees, no one stops to get field mods as it is a waste of time if you are moving up the tech tree. But they would help and worth getting if they would help with the grind. Just a thought.

  33. It’s a lady bug ffs

  34. Man, Ive had to much whiskey to ignore a vid title like that

    Also, yeah, the country with the 1st amendment is definitely more vocal. Blue sky is blue

  35. I have a question, how do you find replays to upload them to WoTReplays?

  36. LewinTheUKGamer Whoopwhoop

    I think you should stop messaging attractive boys before you get in trouble.

  37. Literally WW 3 going on and Quickybaby will be posting jolly good WoT videos! Dude is basically the US postal services.

  38. QB acting high or something LUL

  39. old time, when people communicate with each other,
    now everything feels like bot.

  40. When things like this happens in Online games…it kind of makes the whole day worth it.
    Been playing online games since muds in the 80s myself. 🙂

  41. Borasque is not the same as Borsig !

  42. Why do you ban fans of yours if they mention other content creators in chat?

  43. human from the solar system planet called earth

    This video is making sound qb very sus

  44. Doesn’t work at SEA

  45. U forgot 2 mention the ads befor every match and after.
    The spam in chat.
    The 3/4 games u isolate ur self and die first.
    Comeon qb u can do better

  46. I use the communication system every single game, even if it’s just to thank the snipers and arty for the support

  47. Wot Addict Global

    Hi Quickybaby. Would you liker to see yourself as a crew member? I already have you and other content creators in my army 😛

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