The Tale Of The Drowned Tiger, And How His Best Friend Gregory Couldn’t Let Go

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The Tale Of The Drowned Tiger, How His Best Friend Gregory Couldn’t Let Go

Marder A1- Gameplay


  1. Pls play am-1 ground pounding with bombs -try8?

  2. Leave no cats behind

  3. Poor Greg he forgot to wear his floating tracks hahahahaha

  4. Just unlocked this the other day, and its a vehicle that really fits my playstyle. Run outside flank, wait for push, dive in from the side, sweep the enemy team

  5. You just have to remember … THIS IS NOT A TANK. This is an IFV … Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Its primary job was to drive grunts around not fight tanks face–to-face. The MILAN ATGW was a nice afterthought that the Germans slapped on.

  6. Wait a minute ground unit with a air to ground missle hmmm something seems off

  7. GREG my man bless your heart!

  8. 6:04 scout in rock ???

  9. There honestly should be rewards for helping your teammates get back on track. Literally.

  10. Man the angry Hitler voice from inside the tiger fucking killed me😂😂

    And then Greg killed more

  11. SteelWolfStudios Production

    Yooo… Hellcat has a scout…

  12. not really
    war th8under is not ballanced
    i play as 5.3 and i saw a dead 6.3 japanese Type 75 SPH

  13. 0:37 I died… 😀


    Rear MG again

  15. This tank is a cap camping beast tho. Camp on an cap and just keep atgms up

  16. M22 at high br

  17. 3_3_24 รณิศ นาวารัตน์

    This a SPAA+ATGM

  18. That tiger in the op, same. I recently killed the new t 70 from the update using nt second favorite tank, the panzer 4 f2

  19. Marder is one of my favorite tanks so far, most of your job is spotting enemy tanks and only engage enemies that are alone by hitting them with the ATGM, just stay behind cover support your team.

  20. Day 5 of asking phly daddy to upload kill montage. <3

  21. Tomorrow’s vid: 6 hours of a baby chimp trying to revive its dead mother

  22. Omg the best intro haha

  23. Tartaglia The Wig Splitter

    they really should give this ifv its apds rounds

  24. Everyone is so focused on Gregory …. No one noticed that the W wind was the reincarnation of Gregory’s dead Tiger friend…..

  25. The tank has a butt gun and Phly didn’t use it? Highly disappointed 🙁

  26. Who knew that Phlee was so wholesome :'(

  27. Iirc the BMP-1 was designed with surviving 23mm shells frontally, soooooo…. Makes sense I suppose.

  28. Poor Gregory. He suffered the survivor guilt.

  29. 13:43
    Suppress, suppress our depression.

    same Phly same

  30. Guys what’s a good way to get rid of food poisoning

  31. day 159: can you do a video with the Archer tank plzzz

  32. Greg… you have to let me go….. you did everything you could….

    The accident wasn’t your fault. Please, let me go…

  33. Hey Phly? Next time you subject yourself to this… vehicle, could you plz put 2 Tigors facing each other on the back turret so at least they can have a fun game of see-saw while you have far less fun getting your poop made into donut shapes and losing matches in this god-awful tank/doorstop/moneypit/travesty of a thing? Please. It has to have something pleasant going for it!

  34. Wait, so you can destroy a bmp1 with a 12mm machine gun, but not a 20mm? What the heck

  35. Plot twist: Gregory is a necrophiliac

  36. Leopard had frend 🙁

  37. I feel like I’m Gregory. Wait, yes. I am. Fuck

  38. the funniest thing happend when he said “this is proof that warthunder(i skipped ahead so i can see the battles then he said)Is not ideal as oddbawz would say”

  39. Trung Kiên Hoàng

    I’m your Fans

  40. There has to be a documentary about Greg’s trauma now

  41. Frends forever

  42. The mounting for the rear turret is so bulky looking. I feel like it should be like a grenade launcher or something instead of just a lttle LMG

  43. Ivan Korobeinikov

    Some one say Gregory come back under this bridge every time he plays on this map

  44. Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim

    Hai phly

  45. Thank you all for the nice comments.I never give up GregoryWolf

  46. It is moments like this that keep me a War Thunder player.


  47. the Marder has 2 Ammotypes in RL. 1st HEI and 2nd APDS. So normally you should have this APDS Rounds.

    Mardergunner in the German Army speaking here.

  48. Little didn’t you know but in France there is a cold case about a little child named « Gregory » who was drowned in the vologne back in the 90’s I believe

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