The Tank Destroyer Experience in World of Tanks!

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Source: Circonflexes

This is peak TD gameplay i guess!



  2. Yo Circ I agree that average td gameplay kinda sucks, do you think they can change td’s so that they’ll be less ‘dumb’ to play?

    • Thing is, many people enjoy the current bush sniping TD gameplay. If you want something more active to play go for meds or heavies instead.

    • To give my unsolicited opinion, I think they should buff their hitpoints some from the low tiers up to tier 8. Their HP pools encourage this kind of gameplay for most of the game.

    • Believe it or not, but actually playing TD properly is a skill that not many people had learned. It might be boring yes for some person yes, but it is not devoid of skill like clicker.
      This is an opinion of a light tank player that platoon a lot with near unicum TD player

  3. love the pinging…..just dont get it…

  4. OK, it’s either this or being a bobject… I don’t know which is better…

  5. I kind of enjoy this thing but not as much as the wafflepanzer4 I front line brawl with that thing and nobody hits me with HE, only gold

  6. I don’t think tiddies are dumb…oooh, TDs. Yeah, they can be dumb.

  7. Nice game CIrc, even though you don’t like TD’s you still rock at them from time to time.

  8. I wish the teams I faced were full of muppets also.

    • Russbot Apocalypse 2020

      In 7 years and 40,000 matches I rarely seen tier 8 heavies sit on a hill giving their side up to a td that can two shot them lol. Unicum replays are truly baffling.

    • For me it feels like there is skill based mm that puts the good players on the enemy team and the bad ones on my team and very rarely the other way around.

    • lol, every once in a while you get a couple tards on the enemy team. but it always seems like the majority are on your team

  9. This gameplay bores me. I’ve had great games in my skorp like this, but it feels like playing arty. Maybe even less fun.

  10. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    wait till you see SEA server, so many kemp bush that being aggressive too much is asking to get rekt’d back to the garage…

  11. Almost as dirty as clickers

  12. The game would solve most of its problems if they did one simple thing. Extend the maps in all directions without increasing the amount of tanks per battle. This way you can have tanks firing at more appropriate ranges, armor mattering more as it will be far harder to hit the large weak spots, speed will matter more, etc etc.

  13. Since the introduction of the SU-130PM, W.o.T has trolled the gun of the Scorpion G.

  14. I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was a WT-E100, like “Is it back?!” o_O

  15. Camp camp revolution, the newest kraze

  16. TDs aren’t the problem. Retarded bush mechanics are.

  17. SU to B9 – checkmate

  18. That Jedi reaction snap shot oosh!! well played my dude ?

  19. That panterra was a bit of a brown alert moment 😀

    • I would have approached from enemy base angle, surely not frontal. It was a goofy maneuver that costed the team the game.

  20. And people think modern warfare plays slow.

  21. oh well, time to blind fire the shit out of that bush for the next 2 weeks and farm all the plebs going there thinking “circon did good here, I’ll do too.”

    • So u needed this video to know that that is a camping spot?

    • @Márcio Bull Obviously not, but now with this video out, more and more “people” will camp in that exact spot because “that youtuber did well here”.
      It’s just what happens with the wot playerbase when someone posts a good game where they stay in one spot most of the game.
      The most iconic one coming to mind is one video qb posted of a guy in 5a crossing the river on Erlenberg from the north spawn and farming over 10k damage from that hulldown spot next to the river. And as soon as that video was out, I was farming tons and tons of bots rushing down the river to get there.

    • @TheOneAboveAll i was just joking m8. I understood what u meant

  22. Great gameplay by you Sir !!! (and ELC, waiting till endgame)

  23. wish we could see the chat to see what your team is saying

  24. I wanted this tank over the 703 II double barrelled. But wg doesnt Exchange them so im stuck with the double barrel

  25. I swear to God when Circ “deflated”, I felt air coming from my phone speaker… Weird.

  26. Should I sell my t34 B or wait for the exchange thing to come?? I hate seeing that piece of shit in my garage everytime i open the game realising i spent 9.6 mil for that trash…

  27. This episode has been sponsored by letter B and number 9.

  28. So who will pay good money to see you hanging from a roof?

  29. Why does that skin remind me of a can of Arizona? ?

  30. Hi Circon, funtik33 here. I am your fan and it was pleasure to play with you. As we were both anonymised I didn´t even recognize, that it was the game I played. You can imagine my surprise, when you called my name in the end. If you are interested, I have the replay from my point of view.

  31. If you want a tank destroyer experience find a war thunder vid

  32. someone gift the ELC driver a sub to Circons Twitch!!

  33. This tank is very powerfull, however, I find that I really dont like the way it looks.

  34. Syahareen Sha Rani

    What a game Circon always makes it look so easy no wonder why Jingles still hates him <3

  35. So which do you think is better between the SU-130PM and the Skorpion G?

  36. 3:23 If anyone sees a 130mm shell on Paris please return it to circon

  37. the art of camp, by chancellor “I AM THE SENATE” palpatine

  38. 9:48 hello youtube! Pretty judgemental of you… i was raised as a TD. My mother was a TD and my father was an heavy tank. luckily i was born with a turret.

  39. Unfair plane, Circon, shame on you

  40. Like watching a 30 year old man play, while a 12 year old does commentary

  41. why does this gun shoot high and to the right

  42. great video, i have lots of fun in my su130.

  43. 1:22
    I think they made it like that on purpose, otherwise the position would be way too strong.

  44. What’s the name of the MOE percentage mod?

  45. Dammit got click baited by the WT E-100 image

  46. damn horizontal artillery.

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