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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today We’re looking at the that everyone forgot in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. when QB finally uploads??I missed ur voice m8

  2. The real tank that nobody played is the t34-1. 175p 250d. Rock hard turret.

  3. I was legitimately getting worried QB.

  4. From the thumbnail I thought it was the Brummbar lol

  5. 1:24 Well at least a certain devil is enjoying the tank.

  6. “666 average xp”

  7. 3:18 there’s a reason why the Fv215(b) 183 is called the Death Star.

  8. How about “The Tank Everyone tried to Forget”, Thanks Quicky….

  9. I really don’t understand the hate for these tanks. looking at the number they look like the isu line of TDs, but slower, better armor, better traverse, and better view range. the accuracy might not be the best, but if you’re not sniping from the backline I don’t see that as too much of a problem.

  10. I thought he had retired? Welcome back QB.

  11. Welcome back quicky!

  12. This video was sponsored by Wargaming

    jkjk good garbage content QB

  13. Oh i think we can let you slode on the slow content.

  14. The lower tiers are so terribad I just gave up on the tree. I expect I’m not alone 🙂

  15. Quicky… the GUNHANDLING is simply NOT WORTH THE EFFORT for the China-TDs… fuck the 90mm PEN at HE… seriously…
    I owned it: The gun trolls HARD… I would not recomment this Tank to anyone…
    China-TDs AINT FORGOTTEN: They are JUNK.. like the british Lights……..

  16. Don’t like the EBR? I hate all wheel cancer

  17. The regular Obj 268 is the worst tier 10 TD in the game ever since WG ruined it.

  18. As an old WOW player who has no interest in getting sucked back into that addiction, I wouldn’t mind seeing some vids

  19. Try to imagine Quickybaby playing PUBG, I’ll be look forward to see him play

  20. It’s the least played tank because it’s ugly and it’s just an off brand Russian tank

  21. The title: the tank everyone forgot
    T22 med: am i a joke to you?

  22. Been playing SCUM myself, probably about 100 hours the last 10 days too

  23. classic for sure . just paid another 90 days prem on WoT … but im not really using it , ive got Zhevra hooves to loot .

  24. = heavy tank + a td gun – a turret

  25. Who would even want to play that ugliest tier 10 tank?

  26. Nice try qb, tank is still garage

  27. The tank is too fat that’s why people don’t really like it?

  28. Haha, what a coincidence I’ve sunk 100 hours into forza motorsport original in the last 2 weeks

  29. I wanna talk about how he put a thumbnail pic of someone else’s tank… why?

  30. How to fight against them. Press 2 key, right click, left click, boom.

  31. Show us some weekend WoW too 🙂

  32. make WoW Classic video pleeeeeease! 🙂

  33. does anyone notice it also has 666 Exp lol. And here I am listening to QB talking about why its not popular 😉

  34. 1:22 u see the devil sign? that thing is under a *curse*

  35. Could you please cover the least popular T10 heavy? The only T10 TD I have is the T110E3. I love it.

  36. Actually Jingl…. ups.. Sorry.. QuickyBaby… 667 is the Neighbor of the Beast (Devil) not the Devil itself. that is 666. 667 The Neighbor of the Beast was the Debut Album from Wig Wam a Glam – Metal Band form Norway…

  37. Could you commentate a console replay?

  38. reloading and crying in my 152 obj , on A1.

  39. I played like 200 hours in last 10 days

  40. 0:52 Why is WT E100 on the list?
    6:30 You played it like a light tank QB. 6,209 Assist.

  41. Those wheeled tanks are pure bullshit…

  42. This is just a reupload

  43. This is pure speculation, but I suspect the tier 10 is unpopular cause the whole line is fairly unpopular because people just perceive it as a copy of the Russians so don’t bother.

  44. I’ve been thinking about playing Chinese tds

  45. Yes please more of the Chinese top tank destroyer

  46. Problem is the painfull grind. I am stil grinding the awefull tier 8 with a 2nd gun of 44k xp and 66,5k for the topfunctie. 28k for the topengine, with a horrible slow tank with no armour. The premium tier 8 is Munch bettter in armour and mobilty.

  47. If its unpopular than why add it in blitz lel

  48. the only good chinese tier10 vehicle is 5a,and it is probably one of the best tier10 heavies u can get from the tank tree. 121 and 113 are basically jokes in front of 430u……

    • LuluPlsUltMyDick nope, 113 r being downrated, and 121 is a bit better than 430u except for armor

    • Jiahao Liang the problem is 121 is much harder to play than 430u,to play 121 requires very high skill and game understanding……but 430u is just much easier to play…

    • Jiahao Liang also the gun handling of 121 is just bad as a tier10……I just feel the aiming time takes forever……whats ur equipment for 121 by the way

    • Tactics of playing 113:
      1. Play like a MT, try not to have a face and face fight with full HP HTs like e100 or is7, cuz u got a smaller gun. Your advantage is fighting against MTs

      2. Shoot more HEAT, cuz your ap shell only got a 244 pen

      3. In flat ground, Hide your side skirt and lower plate, and angle your upper plate

      4. 113 is better for fighting on the hills that don’t have a big angle

      5. More teamwork, less heroic

      Done all this, u will find yourself happy on playing this

    • Jiahao Liang ……or I can just stay with my obj430u xD

  49. Seabring Seventy-seven

    Welcome back. Would really like to see you playing World of Warships more. Keep up the good work.

  50. is the problem the rest of the tanks in the tech tree leading up to it? never really played any of the Chinese TDs so no idea what the rest of the tree is like

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