The TANK You Never Want To Face (War Thunder Rare Tank Gameplay)

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The TANK You Never Want To Face ( Gameplay)


  1. Phlay the goddamn Neubaufahrzaug

  2. Is it me or I love when he talk about armor in every video….

  3. I never seen an excelsior in the game, but i have it in world of tanks

  4. i like how u have snow camo on a grassy map and then u get a snowy map and use default camo oof

  5. Jokes on you Comrade
    Best British tank = Worse Tank xdxdxdxd

  6. Phly makes good content

  7. I actually mistook it for a Valentine

  8. I like this new thing of putting Russian music to overflying Russian planes

  9. It looks more like a TOG bloodline over Churchill to me.

  10. Shaelynn Ahmaquissar

    I was playing against this tank when I play an AB match several months ago on my Pz. IV F2. Sorry that I have no footage of it but I am sure that this is a monster of a tank. In all of my gameplay, that particular month (January or February 2018, if I remember correctly) is the only time I faced this tank.

  11. Tracks probably come from the HMS Tog II* XD only other WW2 era brit tank I can think of with tracks that big

  12. Roundabout, NICE ?

  13. how to get excelcior

  14. kill a tank with schrage musik

  15. dab on life.

  16. I saw it twice in battle…….Once i kill it……..

  17. Hey Phly,can you please play the 29k aka the Russia flak 88,attempent 1

  18. I play this tank

    In World of Tanks ?

  19. Play the 3.3 M4 tank please ?

  20. God Dammit Phly, i saw this video earlier and decided to hop into tank RB, and i encounter this monster…

  21. world warfare gaming

    has anyone ever got that feeling where you want to keep shooting a heavy tank with a machine gun

  22. i seem to get penned by wirblewinds all the time frontally…and its basically a beefed up cromwell, thats assault version of it, side of the turret from what ive heard is wrong as its lacking armor..its supposed to be 90 mm or osmething on the sides of the turret instead of 60 something, they used the WRONG tank to get the info for the a33..tbh this tank isnt that good, i do good with it against most tanks but…german guns just laugh at it…even angled

  23. Hey Phly you probably did this already but can you do a vid on Fields of Normandy were there’s king tigers in the tree lines and some Sherman’s have to push them back to get the objectives? Pls and thx

  24. Man i bought this thing in world of tanks 4 years ago and its amazing for its tier in that game as well.

  25. Her Phly, you should play the iar 81, the best plane from warthunder, totally unbiased.

    #5 or 6, kinda lost count

  26. Felix James Ainsley

    Phly play the Big Thanos tank MAUS at stock config
    And feel the insanity

  27. Redhilex_Defender WoT Blitz

    Yo phly take out the fv4005 to top tier (10.0) and show those ruskies what 183mm hesh looks

    Attempt #6

  28. Loving the unloved… the backwards tank the archer

  29. I wish i could still get this tank lol

  30. Why did I mistake Excelsior with Black Prince?

  31. The weakness of this Tank is *THE FUCKING SIDE ARMOR*

  32. War Thunder Rare tank series
    V.K 4501 (p) (5,3 Tiger)

    Attempt #1

  33. Marder III/H and Pz IV F2 or higher will kill it with KRUPPSTAHL

  34. It would be faster driving up to the enemy, getting out and beating the enemy crew to death than killing something with british solid shot.

  35. Phly please take out the M18 and P47
    (attempt 5)

  36. Please Leopard 1.

  37. СОВЕТСКИЙ СОЮЗ !!! sorry/


    Play the JPz 4-5 with APCR ONLY

  39. I never ever seen that tank before in battle

  40. It’s like a Tog², a Cromwell and a Churchill had a baby. The Baby cloned himself, then fucked the clone to give THIS as a result!

  41. 3:32 *laughs in IS-7*

  42. attempt #1
    Play the t29 please

  43. Play the kpz70 stock with the heat shell attempt 6#

  44. make a mixed with p40 leoncello and p108A or an air battle with p108A hunting bombers

  45. Exhelthior!!!

  46. I have Excelsior so I agree … It is great tank ??

  47. have you even checked the new russian boats?

  48. Oi phly, tbh that is good armor but you never seen a Soviet T-50 kill a B1 bis or survive 20 Tiger shells in a T-34, cuz I did it, it was glorious. Your armor will be no match against me lmao. Good gameplay tho, pls 1v1 me in the Excelsior

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