The TD that is never played.

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Source: SirCircon


  1. All of my hate for that tier 7 and its tier 8.

  2. I love my SU

  3. No one plays it but my friend has 3 marks on this tank.

    Very nice

  4. Circon probably completed the valedictorian mission going on right now without even trying lol. I hope I complete it, almost half way there.

  5. M4 Easy 8 skilled. he was really trying to kill ya Circon

  6. Its pretty solid tier 7 td, gun depression is the biggest downside compared to most of the other td’s but dpm is awesome with fairly good accuracy.

  7. I play this all this all the time and live the high dmp over the su 152.

  8. It’s rare nowadays see people using Server AIM ! I still remember back on the day we used a command to open that Sight! 🙂

  9. I actually really enjoy the SU 100 M1. I average 3k WN8 in it

  10. is it only me who gets killed every time i go to that position
    i mean wtf circon alwayse make it look so easy

  11. i hate tanks with shit gun depression

  12. I love this tank. It is basically a case where the Russians saw the E25 and said, “right, challenge accepted.” Except instead of a 75 mm gun you get a 100 mm gun.

  13. I just Ace Tankered mine on this same map! Replay is on the replay site. One of my favorite tanks!

  14. Interestingly this was my favourite Tier 7 TD out of the non-prem ones I’ve played.

  15. once more gj dude for playing tanks that almost no one does 😉

  16. Never played? Bitch please, its awesome

  17. wow i playd it in 2013 xD GG

  18. This is a TD that I want to like, but 2.8 degrees gun depression is just not something i can really deal with

  19. Its like playing a tier 7 t62a with stuck- broken turret

  20. geez louise circon why do you think this TD is never played? I mean, usually TDs that are never/rarely played are easy to Ace right? Well, I never got to Ace this thing in like 100+ games and I think I’ve had several 4k+ dmg games but nope, 1st class only for me and I don’t think I’ll be goin’ back to it ’cause it’s rather frustrating and non-rewarding td to play imho…
    gg for an Ace tanker gameplay!!

  21. The funny thing is, this TD is actually really good in some parts. The gun is great, mobility is nice and armor is decent against equal tiers.

  22. Alexander Stoyanov

    No circ, I play it and have over 500 battles in it. It’s quite lovely once you get used to it

  23. It should get buff to 190 pen like t-44 is getting

  24. Ahw man, the Su100M1 is a really fun tank. If you can stand the 2-3 degrees gundep. 😉 Snipey snipey and bouncy buncy against your armor. 😉

  25. Outrageous shooting in that game.

  26. 1488 xp 😀 *ifyouknowwhatimean* btw where is that donation sound from?

  27. Tower Defense?

  28. I liked that TD ok terrible gun depression and arc but the armour was very bouncy and its fast. The SU101 that follows it more of the same but way better gun.

  29. I play this tank and i fucking love it the gun is amazing, its fast as hell and the armour isnt too bad.

  30. The Alternative Hypothesis

    1488 base XP. Circon “pretty good base xp” – Circon confirmed for /ourguy

  31. Next episode, Churchill Gun Carrier. I’ve seen that thing less than logical plot points on South Park

  32. Circon you gotta upload your twitch intro to YouTube. It’s badass. Seeing it once per stream doesn’t satiate my hunger and I need to watch it on repeat.

  33. This td was actually kinda nice to play, but I just cant get through the 101. It’s been collecting digital dust for a while now 🙁

  34. Circon’s really good, but these enemies are also really bad. Still, this is impressive. Especially since he’s not spamming premium ammo.

  35. anyone? what is that mod on aiming circle the 4 corners, that is so cool and useful, gotta get me 1 those 🙂

  36. 1 of my favorite tank, idk why, just like it a lot. The SU-101 made me quit the game tho xD

  37. I have 3k+ dpm on this tank. It’s so good.

  38. Actually I see this TD played a lot on the NA servers. Ok maybe not “alot” but every 3-5 games i’ll see one or two on average.

  39. now i will go play t 57 heavy with only he….

  40. You actually see a lot of these on the NA servers

  41. I hated SU-100M1 with every fiber of my being. I did ridiculously well in it, but eyugh!

  42. Gameplay on these vids is obviously very good, but good god, circon, tell a joke or something. Do you have any sense of humor? Christ, it would be more interesting if you went total douche on these vids and just made fun of people, or anything…anything…entertaining. I’m sorry. I’ll watch some more, maybe I missed something or I just got used to sirfoch ?

  43. Wizzleteat Tanking

    I like how I play this game and he just makes me look like I’m retarded(sorry to offend anyone), but he pulls a ace tanker mastery out of each game he plays, how does he do it. You are the best SirCiron.

  44. When i had this i got sumthing like 9 kills while it was still stock. the dpm of this is awesome.

  45. i have it in my garage just because i like it

  46. Grinding this tank right now, it’s massively underestimated. Rate of fire and trollish armour make it a really good tier 7 machine; I’ve done 3k damage in tier 9 battles with this.

  47. it’s called gun depression because of the emotional depression you feel when you realize that you don’t have enough…

  48. I like this TD, it got fast firing good gun, now I’m grinding tier VIII of this line and it’s even better (with 100 mm)

  49. I really liked this tank. It has good dpm (doesn’t look as good now that the SU-122-44 exists but still)
    Its also a great crash-course in learning to manage gun depression… I never really thought about things like reversing up a slope to point the gun down until I played this and had no choice

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